Games in which Mario speaks?

Do you guys know any games where Mario has a significant amount of dialogue? Y´know, just to know more of his personality.


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The Fortune Street series is a good example.

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Dr. Mario

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spoilers for your scrollbars. IF QUOTING, EXCLUDE THE VIDEOS PLEASE.

Fortune Street

Itadaki Street DS
(4m14s, in Japanese)

Mario's Fundamentals

Mario Teaches Typing 2

Mario has short bits in Luigi's Mansion

Of course, there's the shitty Hotel Mario and Mario's Time Machine/Mario is Missing, but no one remembers those.

Mario Sports Mix Press Conference

Various Mario chatting videos

Charles Martinet's Vine.

Story narrated by Charles Martinet

SiFi said:
Mario's Picross, and maybe the other two?
Really? Examples?


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Well I was more thinking in Odyssey where he says stuff like "Aw cmon." Or when he calls out Peach's name.

Or in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon where he's all like "you save-a Mario! Number one!" or "That's my bro!"

Dr. Mario

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Dark Moon gets half-credit.

Mario & Luigi is maybe 1/3 credit.

Odyssey is probably 1/8 credit.

Paper Mario is no credit.

And Mario Baseball, Mario Tennis, Mario & Sonic, and Mario Golf games are negative credits.

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I define "dialogue" as "coherent". Mario in Odyssey didn't come off as coherent, and in Dark Moon, Mario does talk a little more than normal (and that's saying a lot because he's brain-damaged).
I said a significant amount of dialogue, not only dialogue.

Kind of like in Paper Mario where many characters (obviously not Mario) talk a lot.

Also please try to mention first party games if possible, rather than those crappy CDi/Edutainment games.

Dr. Mario

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Mario Teaches Typing 2 and Mario's FUNDamentals should be considered exceptions, though, since they use Mario's official voice actor to talk, and no one knows Mario better than Charles Martinet (and a person good with voice direction).

Oh, also, there's that Pac-Man game where Mario is an announcer, and there's also Mario Tennis: 64 where Mario's an announcer, and there's Mario Kart 64, where Mario's announcer.


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Mario vs. Donkey Kong also had a few short ones like "Hey it's okay, don't cry. Here's-a Mini Mario, you like?"
Wilfre said:
Mario vs. Donkey Kong also had a few short ones like "Hey it's okay, don't cry. Here's-a Mini Mario, you like?"
The best ones:
"Come back here, you big monkey!"
"Well, that was sure fun! I had a great time, hee hee!"
"You know, I gotta say, it's nice to have a little Mini-Mario!"
(whispering) "Oh yeah, don't forget to thank Mr. Miyamoto!"
"Ah, that Charles Martinet! Nice Italian boy."
"And thanks to all the artists, the music, people, everybody!"


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Wilfre said:
Mario vs. Donkey Kong also had a few short ones like "Hey it's okay, don't cry. Here's-a Mini Mario, you like?"
How did I forget about that game? I'm currently working on articles for it asjdashdahsnkdjxasjxhna

Paper Mario

Mario's body speaks in Thousand Year Door. It's not really him but it's amusing to see his sprite doing the talk animation for full text boxes. In fact SPM has an unused animation for Mario speaking a text box.

As for Mario himself speaking, he has unused dialogue in Sunshine (and some in the JP version) and of course his Hotel Mario dialogue (which I disagree that nobody remembers it, it's remembered because of how bad it is)

Mario vs. Donkey Kong is one of the best instances of Mario having more voice acting. "Hey Donkey Kong, are you okay?" "NO! Not again!" I wish we could get a follow-up to that game with more of its gameplay and more of that kind of voice acting.


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I loved how Mario talks a lot in Mario's Game Gallery or FUNdamentals, but I am referring it to Game Gallery because that's how Mario call this game.

Also, there's a game called Game & Watch Gallery 4 where Mario (and Mr. Game & Watch) talks to the player when there are some announcements, such as over here (can't find a shorter video):

Thank you for reading.