Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


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So, I got him. He's not nearly as OP as I thought he was, which is good. After four games I got one critical hit, so his powerful moves have a low low chance of happening. His side-B weirds me out though. Probably because every character I play as has a ranged side-B, while he has this spin attack of lightning. Still weird for me to try to get used to though.

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Tried him, and he's pretty fun to use. I really dig the MP mechanism, and it's not as confusing as I thought it'd be, but I'm having trouble using the down b, simply because of the fact that you need to stand still for a few seconds to choose a move and then hit the enemy with it.

I think he's a good character, and the kind of one I'd like to get good at.

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I love Stage Morph.

Even when it does kill me occasionally.


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I could not get into Spirits mode, just wasn't my thing. I also rushed World of Light into 3 days so Spirits did probably leave a bad taste in my mouth.

At least I got to change the menu music. Plus I typically don't dabble much in singleplayer anyways.

Spore Knight

"Down here, there's no room for you!"

Apparently you can get this spirit if you play Dragon Quest 11 DX or its demo.

I actually downloaded the demo just for this spirit. Cause everytime there's a new spirit, I need to get it asap.


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Someday I should go back to this game and unlock Victini's spirit, where I failed the shooting minigame because my second shot hit the tiny barrier left...

Thank you for reading.


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Whenever there's a new Smash direct for each new character, I'm always more interested to see what new features are added to the game besides the new character. I wonder what will be added in the upcoming Banjo direct.

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I just want to play in Banjo's stage. It'll have the sweet Grant Kirkthrope music I know and love. Hell, even if they didn't cover it, the original N64 sound is still pretty damn great.


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Honestly sometimes I prefer they just keep the original version of some music.

Still bummed that all GBA FE songs that they got had to be remixed. (And that out of three games they got only 4 songs. Advance from Sacred Stones is nice but many other songs from that game deserve more love.)

This is a rather minor nitpick, now, but I would actually really have liked I you could pick any music for any stage. Just make sure that the randomizer always picks somgs from that series by default and that you can choose on the spot which one from any series you want. That way you keep things intact by still building onto the feature.