Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
It's situational. Attack speed like with Ness's Up Smash makes it a reliable punishing out of shield option and I find that extremely useful to set up juggling as well.


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It seems that having sava data from the Let's Go games gets you two special spirits

Paper Mario

So... Pikachu has a spirit that isn't a fighter spirit or some variation.

Guess we finally can put that idea that every single spirit character is deconfirmed as DLC to rest then right? :p
I don't honestly believe that spirits deconfirm fighters, it seems like an asinine decision to lock themselves out of so many options because you hit ctrl+v on an old piece of art and added it to the game, presumably before dlc was decided on.
Dangit I was gonna do that.

Also, I guess this marks when I leave to avoid spoilers. Usually I love spoilers, but I make exceptions now and then. See you on the 26th.


Huh. Do you will get Ultimate on Christmas. Just like me and Koops!

But anyway, see ya after Christmas, Moldo!