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🚛Practicing soccer in a sewage treatment plant
Said this before but I'll say it again, I'd be much more willing to take my chances with the gacha system if we had separate characters like Hammer Bro. or Kamek or E. Gadd than if we keep getting things like Detective Baby Rosalina. Yes, it would still suck we have to deal with the gacha system to get these characters, I know. But it's the lesser of two evils.
they could give us every character in the world and promote my roleplay characters to official mario characters, and i still would be as enthusiastic as getting a damp rag as a present


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Ugh, I'm sick of the head profile emblems. And you know they only did that for easy recoloring between the Bros. The Mario Party 8 one was way better and had more character.



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I always thought the other Bros would have their own projectiles as character emblems, too. Examples of what they could have used below.

Striker Mario

🚛Practicing soccer in a sewage treatment plant
There's nothing better for them. How cool would it be if you had fire like that for an emblem? Sigh.


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this tour is a big bruh moment for me. Saving my rubies and all since i got everything i wanted from last tour, i was very lucky

Baby Rosalina pipe best pipe.


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So I managed to hit Wario twice in a row yesterday while playing as Baby Luigi. No prizes for guessing who I immediately thought of. :babyluigi:


Kat is adorable. End of story.
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Ugh, I'm sick of the head profile emblems. And you know they only did that for easy recoloring between the Bros.
It's funny that a lot of Mario enemies had their head profile or their face or their face feature as their emblems.
Head profile: Kamek, Dry Bones, Spike, Chain Chomp, Piranha Plant
Face: Wiggler, Goomba, Shy Guy
Face feature: Boo (its mouth), Blooper (its eyes)

Other: Koopa Troopa (its shell), Paratroopa (its wing), Lakitu (its cloud), Boom Boom (his arm)

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Wiggler's old emblem was just a flower, in Mario Power Tennis. I kinda wish they just kept it that.


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To be fair, Daisy's emblem is also a flower so I can see why they would change that one.


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Head profile: Kamek, Spike
Kamek's emblem should have been his tri-color shapes (as I call them) from his spells, and Spike's should have been this:

They're not in Mario Kart (yet) so I wasn't going to talk about these two unless someone else mentioned them.