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Baby Waluigi
That would have been amazing, especially if Baby Wario languished in Yoshi's Island DS forever (similar to how Waluigi is playable in Mario Tennis Power Tour while Wario isn't).

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Koops, King of Cowards.
I wouldn't expect them to use anything but Toads if they wanna show a bunch of generic people from the same species.


Kat is adorable. End of story.
*MK Tour ad*
Now this is what I would want Switch ads to be
I remembered those similar kind of ads in the early 3DS era, specifically Super Mario 3D Land.

I'm expecting another MK Tour ad, set in New York and Paris.


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Toads are nice.


Koops, King of Cowards.
Overrated honestly. Just like the kingdom they come from.

What's so special about our species


Kat is adorable. End of story.
Toad: "What have I done?"


Ray Trace

Hаppy бirтhдаy то...wаiт...iт's noт мy бirтhдаy?
why don't they just reuse his bloody classic design already

Dr. Peach

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I like the way Peach looks. It's good to see more art of her with a ponytail. I dig it.