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I beat the first Super Mario Land at work today. It was pretty good: retrospectives of the game point to the different environements and enemies to lament how safe the NSMB series is, but beyond just providing a thematic shakeup, stuff like bill blasters coming out of pipes and the exploding koopas make for some pretty interesting new challenges. The superball is a great powerup and while I wouldn't buy the shmup sections as a standalone game, they work as a fleeting burst of carnage.

It's not as tight as the NES games though. Mario has bad midair control and doesn't build up momentum as quickly as you'd like so I had some pretty frustrating deaths. You have some janky stuff like coliding with a boulder that just spawned midair during your jump. And you can tell they were running fumes near the end with how midway through World 3, all underground bonus rooms start having the same layout.


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I do like land but I have had several annoying deaths where I accidentally walked off a ledge. Something that generally doesn't happen for me in these types of games.

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Space Junk Road is the absolute bomb oh my lawd. I love this song.
Oh yeah and Melty Molten and Buoy Base.
What I love about it is that it fits the theming extremely well (though not perfectly as in space usually invites open-endedness but Galaxy is the opposite of space by railroading you everywhere). Space is full of debris and is often desolate and dark (though I really liked how they put the bright orange in part of the skybox that contrasts really well with the other parts of the level). The piano tune, however, puts a really serene spin on something that has a rather industrial name. It's even melancholic as it's covered in spiderwebs and you see the tattered Hocotate floating around. I enjoyed the part with the floating bits coalescing into bridges for you to walk on but also with those black holes everywhere and the tense music that contrasts with the rest of the level.

But yeah, overall, Space Junk is great, it really does capture the essence of being outer space, something that Gusty Garden and a painful amount of galaxies later on failed to deliver (especially in Galaxy 2), and Galaxy 2 brought back space junk but in a really cheap fashion (in Cloudy Court Galaxy) that left a bad taste making me miss Galaxy 1 rather than enjoy Galaxy 2.


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Space Junk is easily one of my top five favorite galaxies across both Galaxy 1 and Galaxy 2. The level is extremely atmospheric and the music really helps that feel.

I cannot stress it enough on how much good soundtracks are extremely important to game design.

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I like the music of Bowser's Galaxy Generator.

Gusty Garden is perfectly fine and I like it, it's just that a lot of the other songs do what it does better.

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Honestly, I don't remember anything from Bowser's Galaxy Generator but maybe because Galaxy 2 for me was just such a unimpressive "look at what we did in Galaxy 1" sort of game.


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She's described as spunky and sassy in Mario Party DS, so I guess Fortune Street just amplified that. Not sure about the Birdo bit, though I do like the idea of them being good friends, along with Toadette.
She also goes full squee at the Slimes and Baby Yoshis, which I relate to.


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the ruined dragon is implied to have made crumbleden a bunch of, well, crumbly ruins, but is he really as evil as he appears
did something else destroy the kingdom and not him? maybe this bowser crown thing(i mean it must hurt to have swords/nails/stakes embedded right into your face) made him go mad and try to kill mario but after the fight he just lets mario walk all over his face and talk to him and the dragon goes "bruh i just wanna sleep lmao"
perhaps he was evil but hes gone more docile since for whatever reason
so like what happened there im confused. someone could make a concrete theory with this
also uhhh expand ruined kingdom in odyssey 2 please and thanks. the lore is interesting as hell


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Something I realised about Geno is that, outside of Smash, he's not exactly a character that's in high demand in anything else. What I mean is that yes, whenever there is a potential for a new fighter to get into Smash, Geno is undoubtedly going to be one of the most popular characters in demand, but hardly anybody will consider Geno for anything else in the Mario series, not even Mario & Luigi or even Mario Kart (or Fortune Street I guess). I need to point out that there are very good underlying reasons for Geno appearing virtually once, since he was (1) created for a Nintendo and SquareSoft collaboration so Geno isn't immediately available for use and (2) his story is complete meaning he doesn't have any reason to keep appearing. Still, it's really amazing that a character that only appears in one game and never again gets a higher quantity of support and agreement compared to many other Mario characters.

Thank you for reading.


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What if there was a 2v2 or duel minigame that involved batting a beach ball back and forth using boogie boards? It all takes place on docks.
I call it... Pier Pong!