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That koala Mario mutated into a triceratops 👀

Mario: a pumpkin head

What did you think this was all about? Pumpkins!?
Bazooka Mario
You have forgotten the purpose of this thread it's for ugly Mario renders
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I also agree Mario Kart DS Mario is just utterly *rancid*. Years ago I refused to use him because his face is so sickly to look at and I stuck with Toad. I don't like how they did the textures for the stache; it looks too thick on him because it's stretched too much on his face. When he's getting hit, his face also looks really off.

I've seen more appealing Marios from N64 games, yes! N64 games. And other DS games too.

And look at this goddamn hamburger substituted as Mario's map sprite. What are these dull colors?

But anyhow, Mario isn't the only casualty of Mario Kart DS's horrible art style. Nearly everyone looks ugly in this game. DK is a prime offender, and his stupid model is shared so many times in this thread (as well as kicking off this legendary thread), I lost count, but it never ceases to shock and disgust me. Bowser also looks really terrible and his armbands look more like sorry tattoos than threatening accessories.
Just because the OP says that doesn't really mean much, this thread's long evolved into the 'post cursed Mario stuff' thread basically.

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What is exactly so amazing about this product that the people/person responsible for this image wants to censor everything else? What's going on on the back of this thing?