Look at it! Look at it! LOOK AT IT!

Striker Mario

You're gonna need a pair of balls AND ovaries
Bazooka Mario

Okay, there's a quite bit of dismemberment going on in this one.

What more can you ask for? Mario who is nearly the same height as Luigi, Peach who is shorter than the two and looks as if she inhaled a warp pipe and it got lodged in her lungs, a pink star whose eyes are in a really confusing spot, and of course Bowser, who looks like he smacked right into the packaging trying to escape the other three, who are ALL bigger than him. Also, that logo really has to be shown TWICE and that E is colored purple... why? And what is a "large" figure collection? Is the collection large? Are the figures large? Buy and find out! Or not! But don't you want to collect them all?

SUper smaSh

If Mario were a lobster... how many shoes?
new nintendogs when