Your favourite examples of Rare Sentences on the wiki?


Jump at every opportunity, Live for the moment!
I really love their Wario segment, that was truly mind blowing, even if Nintendo didn't intend it.

Doc von Schmeltwick

Perhaps AYE could be of assistance?!
Kruncha's wiki page said:
Official profiles
Nintendo Power issue 79 trading cards
  • Height: 6'2
  • Weight: 400 lbs.
  • Turn Ons: Barbells, washboard abs, feeling the burn.
  • Turn Offs: Yogurt, quiche, people who hog the mirror at the gym.
  • Favorite Quote: I'll be back.
  • Favorite Video: Anything with Schwarzenegger in it.
  • Favorite Song: Macho Man
  • Tips and Secrets: Kruncha is invulnerable to Diddy's and Dixie's attacks. Hitting him only makes him mad, and if he turns red, a mere touch will make you lose a life. Use barrels or chests to send him packing.
OK, I really was not looking for what "turns on" an enemy Kremling, Mr. Card. Still, wonder if KAOS was his idea?

Ray Trace

You have entered the comedy area.
In fact, Rosie would rather jeopardize someone else's life than give up one of her possessions that add to her beauty in order to help save that person. This actually happens during the events of Paper Mario.
the editor who wrote this is just as shocked as the reader to how much this character sucks


Dry Bowser
I counter you with the infamous "Got Milk?" commercial (though I don't think I'll be finding anything as weird as that):

Mario then leaves the refrigerator and jumps all the way back into the game, where he is much larger thanks to the calcium-filled milk helping his bones grow and is shown to be able to easily climb the set of blocks like stairs.


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