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(she/her) actual spore creature
theyre still sisters but dixie is too short for whatever ape species she is and tiny is (ironically) too tall for whatever ape species she is. so theres the ridiculous height difference between them! (also fun fact apparently even in dk64 tiny was always slightly taller than diddy, and dixie too by extension)
i am simply thinking about donky kong a lot lately


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More headcanons.
  • While Daisy and Peach are definitely friends who care a lot about each other, they do share a bit of a competitive rivalry with each other and they sometimes get into petty fights over the stupidest shit.
  • Peach lost both of her parents at an young age and grew up very lonely, because of this, she heavily relates to Rosalina.
  • Due to being away for such a long time, Rosalina tends to be quite overwhelmed by modern day society and early on, had a bit of trouble adjusting to certain things. That said, she also has a childlike sense of wonder and curiosity towards certain things and is constantly wowed and interested in things that likely wouldn’t faze someone now, such as cars, TVs, the internet and instant TV dinners.
  • The reason why we never see Wario’s friends in Mario spin-offs is simply because Mario isn’t really aware of them, because Wario never talks about them at any point (when he talks ahout his WarioWare endeavors, he tends to make it out like he did it all himself, never mentioning his friends at any point) and never takes them with him to stuff, simply because he doesn’t want any of them to potentially steal his glory.
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Wow, that's really selfish of Wario. I'm going to have to beat him up more in Smash and ban him from being on my team in Mario Kart because he's the reason why I can't play as Penny Crygor and Mona in the spinoffs.

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That's actually a really good explanation for why we never see the WarioWare characters anywhere else, I like it. You could also reverse that to explain why Waluigi never appears in WarioWare since he interacts with Mario and co. on a regular basis, which would make it a lot harder for Wario to take all the credit if he was involved and around.