Are you afraid of anything in a Mario game?


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I am afraid of the Angry sun from SMB3 and king boo from super Mario sunshine. What about you guys?

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When I was little, I was so scared of the Bowser paintings and the Lethal Lava Land painting in SM64. I don't mind them anymore, though.


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As a kid, I was afraid of Big Boo's Haunt.


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When I played Mario games as a kid, Big Boo's Haunt was very creepy. It isn't now, though. The only thing that scares me now is drowning in Super Mario 64.


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Big fish.

Mainly due to certain levels in smb3 and that big fish in one of the places where you change the size of the world in sm64.

Also the big nasty eel in sms always frightened me.


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Gardevoir said:
When i was little i was scared of King Boo's laugh in 64 DS.
Mario4Ever said:
As a kid, I was afraid of Big Boo's Haunt.
Gardevoir said:
YoshiGo99 said:
*bleep*ing Mad Piano, never got that last Red Coin when I was younger like 3 or 4.

I should stop quoting people... Basically everything in bigboos haunt.
Drilbur said:
Bootler and Chauncey both creep me out.


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The two things in Mario that i'm most scared of is Bookends from Super Mario 64 and the Cursed Jar from Mario Party DS.


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The only thing that startled me was the mad piano.