The official name change log


My cursor has blood on it.
Banned User
From this point forward, I shall be known as SeproDep. (Wait, does the time until you can change your name reset when you get unbanned?)


Prince of LOUD.
The Mafia Boss, please. Everything you've ever owned belongs to me now.


Prince of LOUD.
sorry for double post but you forgot to change my name

or maybe you didn't

sorry for assuming



Fairy of Ripple Star
Poll Committee
Was originally going to be King Dedede, but I changed my mind and decided I'll just be boring this month.

Back to YoshiFlutterJump, please.


Enjoying dinners at 9:00 PM
That settles it.

Dr. Baby Luigi please.

Edit: Thanks mods.

Princess Mario

✨Mushroom Kingdom's fabulously glittery plumber✨
Time to revisit an old theme.

I'll be Princess Mario again at some point :P

Dr. Mario

Bernadetta von Varley

Bluebird; Even If Happiness Is Close By...
I feel bad about doing this right after turb signed me up for an award and now someone's going to have to fix it but, since 1. I realized the other day gba changed his name a while 2. gamefreak said he would on friday and 3. I'm already in forum fad hell anyway and everyone else except marty left imas, Bernadetta von Varley.