What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

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Mary Poppins Returns

A good sequel to the original 1964 Disney classic. Though, I have to admit that for the scene inside the bowl, I thought they were going to use CGI instead of 2D animation for the non-live action characters! Still, very entertaining and enjoyable!


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Endgame, what else would I have watched anyways.

I'm not going to say my thoughts, they have been said better before anyways.

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Roy Mustang said:
YoshiFlutterJump said:
The Kid Who Would Be King

Man...haven't seen a movie this good in years.
Are you being sarcastic or is it actually good? If the latter I might have to see it
No, it's actually good. Not my favorite of all time, but it's up there. Better than watching yet another Disney cringe musical, that's for sure.


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Really? I might have to go see it if it's actually good but seeing as I am a huge fan of the original Aladdin film I might not be able to enjoy it.


Ah It's okay you probably will like I did. It's the Disney movie live action remake that's the most similar to its counterpart.

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King of cowards.
It does have some pretty specific details that are similar to the original, actually.

I liked that. Although I do prefer animated over live action, but I guess the sultan looks better that way. And a handful of other characters too, probably.