What Movies Have You Seen Recently?


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Meet the Robinsons

I am inspired to watch this because not only is it a movie that I was interested in, but @Bowler Hat Guy indirectly reminded me to check it out because that was his theme. After watching it, I felt good about it. It's a fantastic Disney film with a really nice message.

I admit that as soon as I've seen what one of the characters is in the beginning, I knew who the bad guy is based on. The Robinsons are also quite a great bunch overall, and while the film is graphically simpler compared to future 3D animated films, I think it still looks great.

Thank you for reading.

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Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This was actually really good. Definitely more of a comedic take on various "kid show" elements of Dora the Explorer. Dora is the same socially awkward girl you remember, but ten years older and making a fool of herself in high school. Diego is now that guy who feels embarrassed by her and is just trying to make it through life. As for the new characters, Randy is that nerdy guy who is fully convinced everything works just like in the movies, while Sammy is so much of a Chloé Bourgeois clone that it's not even funny. You have some cracks about how Dora likes to talk to nothing, the return of Swiper the extremely talented thief whose only weakness is the words "Swiper, no swiping", one scene where everything becomes animated and the return of Talking Map and Zipper Mouth Backpack (plus Grumpy Old Troll cameo), and of course it's not complete without the cliche plot twist where an ally is actually a bad guy.

There was romance too...er, poor attempts at it. I really could have done without any of those Diego/Sammy moments.

Anyway. If you like laughing at characters in kids shows who ask you a question and wait for a response, or laughing at thieves who will stop stealing stuff as soon as you tell them no, or laughing at...pretty much anything, this is for you.


a friend showed me City of Ember, it's really good for what I assume a movie for older kids/young teens.

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Frozen II

As someone who disliked the first movie for its cheesy plot and hit-or-miss soundtrack, this was actually pretty dang amazing. It surprised me. And believe me, it's very rare when I call a sequel movie better than the original.

Also...Kristoff got a solo!!!!