What Movies Have You Seen Recently?


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Meet the Robinsons

I am inspired to watch this because not only is it a movie that I was interested in, but @Bowler Hat Guy indirectly reminded me to check it out because that was his theme. After watching it, I felt good about it. It's a fantastic Disney film with a really nice message.

I admit that as soon as I've seen what one of the characters is in the beginning, I knew who the bad guy is based on. The Robinsons are also quite a great bunch overall, and while the film is graphically simpler compared to future 3D animated films, I think it still looks great.

Thank you for reading.

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I have seen MA today, Its fucking good!!!


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Dora and the Lost City of Gold

This was actually really good. Definitely more of a comedic take on various "kid show" elements of Dora the Explorer. Dora is the same socially awkward girl you remember, but ten years older and making a fool of herself in high school. Diego is now that guy who feels embarrassed by her and is just trying to make it through life. As for the new characters, Randy is that nerdy guy who is fully convinced everything works just like in the movies, while Sammy is so much of a Chloé Bourgeois clone that it's not even funny. You have some cracks about how Dora likes to talk to nothing, the return of Swiper the extremely talented thief whose only weakness is the words "Swiper, no swiping", one scene where everything becomes animated and the return of Talking Map and Zipper Mouth Backpack (plus Grumpy Old Troll cameo), and of course it's not complete without the cliche plot twist where an ally is actually a bad guy.

There was romance too...er, poor attempts at it. I really could have done without any of those Diego/Sammy moments.

Anyway. If you like laughing at characters in kids shows who ask you a question and wait for a response, or laughing at thieves who will stop stealing stuff as soon as you tell them no, or laughing at...pretty much anything, this is for you.


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a friend showed me City of Ember, it's really good for what I assume a movie for older kids/young teens.


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Frozen II

As someone who disliked the first movie for its cheesy plot and hit-or-miss soundtrack, this was actually pretty dang amazing. It surprised me. And believe me, it's very rare when I call a sequel movie better than the original.

Also...Kristoff got a solo!!!!


The Invention of Lying

This was actually pretty cool and got some chuckles out of me.

What I really liked though was that Mark was literally the only liar in the world yet he's the kindest of all characters.

Super Mario Bros.

Oh boy! Haha!
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I saw Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker after a marathon of all the movies.

I really like the Machete Order (watching the movies in the particular order of IV, V, (I), II, III, VI, VII, VIII, IX). I include Episode I even though Machete technically calls to drop it because I don't particularly like skipping anything. :yoshi:

That being said,

I liked a lot of the ideas present in Episode IX but felt they were too superficially explored, which resulted in the movie being extremely choppy. I've read online that 40 whole minutes were cut in post-production that would have otherwise resolved plot holes and pacing issues, so it would be cool to see a director's cut one day. I wonder if Disney/Lucasfilm would ever allow that, though...


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Central Intelligence.

It is a solid movie that is rare in the modern era of film.


The Sonic Movie.

That was pretty cool, and definitely waaay better than what anyone expected at first. Not surprised in the least of what it's accomplished so far.

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Sonic the Hedgehog

Was fun, Jim Carrey is golden as usual and Sonic's interactions with the human cast are great. I unfortunately didn't see the beginning, as I walked in a few minutes after the film started.

Tom talking to a donut. Sonic is already on Earth, and shortly after he goes to the baseball field.

I doubt there's a video online of what I missed, even if I'm pretty sure it was only the first few minutes of the film. But if so, hopefully I'll find it.


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I'm going back and revisiting lots of Disney movies I used to like when I was younger. In the last four days I've revisited The Little Mermaid, Tangled, and Toy Story 3.


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Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties
I actually like this film. There was nothing on, so I watched that on Starz Encore Family.


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Frozen II

Finally got to watch it, I was waiting for the DVD.

Though I don't like the film quite as much as its predecessor, I'm pretty satisfied with it overall.


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Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

It is a great movie if you ask me.


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imma give a personal score of 8/10, i watched it once before and i remember liking it, so it was decent nostalgia to remember how the plot worked with everything, as i could only remember a little bit of it and i didnt even remember
the whole tv thing, at least i didnt remember at first, so for the first few minutes i genuinely thought bolt was super and then when they started removing the props i was like "oh yeah thats how this film works"

i did remember the fire scene which was pretty emotional, and it was cool to see mittens and bolt slowly understanding each other and becoming friends over the course of the film, and eventually getting adopted along with rhino by penny

overall it was nostalgic and pretty fun, but i mean nothing about it totally blew me away, and i was particularly dissappointed by the fact that there were only two songs, neither of which i really liked (i guess the credits one was decent though, but songs like lost in the woods or under the sea were more than decent, and i wish it had had a song like that.)


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Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker

Finally got to see this, and...unpopular opinion but I really loved it. Not quite on par with the originals but still pretty much everything I could ever want to tie up the saga.

My favorite part was when Rey started hearing the voices of all the past Jedi. Man, that was a truly epic way to end the final battle.


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right i had pretty mixed feelings about this one so imma do personal pros and cons.

  • nostalgia - i watched this film when young and i had faint memories of it which came flooding back to me, but the only part of the actual plot i remembered was that
bambi's mother killed by a human hunter, whilst bambi survives
  • bambi and thumper are genuinely fun characters
  • it has a genuine and emotional plot, particularly the plot point behind the spoiler tag - it touched me even though i was expecting it.
  • theme of life going full circle and
the end is basically the beginning but he's had kids with the deer he met as a child

  • this isn't to do with the design of the film itself, so in a way it's unfair for me to count this, but it did affect my experience personally: i experienced severe lag trying to watch this. it kept stuttering and saying "trying to read media" and i was praying it wouldn't crash or anything. and i own a re-release of this on a dvd so no it's not from 1942 (though i don't know exactly when that was from). maybe my copy is damaged or sth
  • i feel the amount of plot points the film had was not enough for my tastes
  • i guess i could say the graphics, but i honestly didn't mind them all that much
  • the voice acting felt kinda outdated, like you can tell when someone has a 1940's accent and i definitely felt that way watching this, and i'm not a fan.
  • no memorable music
  • the intro to this film took WAY too long
  • it kinda felt off to me once bambi became an adult since i'd always associated him with youth and innocence

overall i give it a personal score of 6/10. without nostalgia that would be 5/10. without the lag that would be 7/10. but as it is, 6/10.


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Memories of murder 7.5/10
Korean murder mystery crime story. Really good film this. Good performances all round, good story, keeps you watching all the way through. Highly recommended.