What Movies Have You Seen Recently?

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Wreck-It Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet

I find it somewhat hard to believe that on this day, six years ago, I watched the original movie for the first time. I never thought any other movie could ever be that good. But I was wrong; this sequel, which fittingly takes place six years after the original, manages to be just as good. If not for the somewhat dissatisfying ending, I'd say it's even better. I'll wait until the recency bias to wear off before I decide which is better, but overall it was pretty good!


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Poochy said:
Goose will definitely take down Thanos, as he's basically a god
Top 10 characters who can defeat Thanos under 5 seconds.

Really cool movie. Danvers might as well be my favorite female in Marvel now. Not there there is that mych competition to begin with...


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A Madea Family Funeral

You could tell the main cast had fun making it.

Happily N'Ever After

The evil stepmother was the best character. Not that she had any competition.

Happily N'Ever After 2: Snow White—Another Bite @ the Apple


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Captain Marvel

sorry to say that it was the most boring mavel movie i've seen yet. cute cat though

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Captain America said:
Thor: The Dark World and The Incredible Hulk would like a word.
i saw thor 2 when it first came out i think- i was like 10 or 11 but i remember this one scene where some young lads are goofing about with a floating car

given that that's my only recollection of it i guess it was probably pretty boring but cpt marvel was like, offensively so. at least thor 2 had some cool stuff going on, like thor himself

to be fair i couldnt get past the first 15 minutes of the hulk movie so that one probably sucks

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Captain Marvel.
A good movie. They tried to take away her powers when she became traitorous, but failed.


Same here. Saw Captain Marvel last week and was definitely a good movie, in my opinion. If you ask me, it's almost at the same level as Thor: Ragnarok, and definitely better than the first two Thor movies.


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The Lego Movie 2 and Captain Marvel. They were both really great and I recommend going to see them.

I saw a lot of people decrying the latter as being "in-your-face feminist propaganda" but there's maybe like 1 line in the actual movie that could possibly point that way.

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Snakes on a Plane.

I love this movie it has the scary thing nailed down and that certain memorable line.


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Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Road Chip

I wasn't expecting much, and I still ended up disappointed.

Us (2019)

It lived up to its hype.

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Rogue One

Prior to this rewatch, I hadn't seen it since release date, but I still enjoyed it just as much as I did back then. Probably my favorite Star Wars movie

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Avengers: Endgame

i know i throw around the word 'epic' a lot. one could even define it as my gimmick. but the last 20 minutes was pretty baller

rest of the movie was cool too. pacing felt a bit strange in the first half hour. tony gets rescued from space in like 10 seconds and they kind of just rush through a lot of 'tha emotions'. did tony and rogers even make up for civil war? probably not i dont remember

uhhh i counted at least 4 shitty callbacks to things people said in other films. the last interaction between barnes and rogers was the same conversation they had in the first movie ages ago. i think i was supposed to cry at that bit

mantis really got nerfed in this one huh

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Avengers: Endgame

Ok so first I need to say that this movie is just amazing.

So I'll start with the things I didn't like all that much in the movie.

-Captain Marvel appears a lot less than she should. She has a pretty important role in the finale, but other than that she isn't very important. This problem also applies to some of the other characters, but that's pretty much because they're the ones who got snapped by Thanos in Infinity War.
-Captain Marvel also doesn't interact with Nick Fury at all. You just see him behind her at the end of the movie and that's the only time we see him.
-Black Widow's death bothered me quite a bit. I never was a big fan of her, but she's the first original Avenger to die. Iron Man does die at the end, and Captain America becomes old, but Black Widow's death was pretty anticlimactic in my opinion. That means now everytime I see someone going to Vormir I just start freaking out.
-Speaking of deaths, Iron Man's death really pissed me off, as he was one of my favourite characters in the MCU.
-There's no mid/after credit scene.

There was nothing particularly bad about the movie......aside from that moment in Thor's house when there was Fortnite on TV, because Fortnite is trash.

Now let's jump to my favourite parts:

-Banner was finally able to turn into the Hulk. Good for him.
-Thor grew his hair back, and also his beard, which makes him look like Jesus tbh.
-The back in time concept was really good and led to some funny and nostalgic moments.
-Seeing Thanos' army getting desintegrated was oddly satisfying.
-But the best part has to be the ending, which was truly emotional and it's a fairly happy ending.

Now the movie kinda got me thinking about Thanos. I both wanted him to die and didn't want him to die. I wanted him to die because not just did he erase 50% of the universe, but he also blew Theorist's minds for a whole year. But he was such a good villain that I didn't want him to die that much.

For a moment, "Endgame" made me think this was the final Marvel movie, but then I remembered Spiderman Far from Home and Guardians 3. Sadly, we won't be getting Iron Man 4 because he's dead. We might get another Captain America with Sam as the main character.

Overall, really good movie and the best movie in years.