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Back in July 2021, I started a little 'Shroom section in Palette Swap known as Shmaluigi, Private Investigator, continuing the adventures of the titular detective after his appearances as a roleplay in Rogues in Rogueport Mafia and Sheep Mafia. While these stories are meant to be standalone, they frequently make use of content related to several years' worth of community events, games, 'Shroom sections, and in-jokes. Since these can understandably be a bit daunting and not easily accessible to newer readers, I've decided to make this thread to have all the information condensed in one place. For those of you who are already up to speed, I'll also be putting behind the scenes content including scrapped ideas in this thread, if you're into that sort of thing.

I will try to keep this thread as spoiler-light as possible. There may at times be mentions of certain plot details when I deem it necessary, so if you're not caught up, tread with caution.

If there's anything not covered here that you would find interesting or have questions about, please feel free to let me know!

AuburnPolly Geist (197)
ClawgripFan9001ClawgripFan9001 (193)
Cosmic CowboyDetective Luigi (187; 200)
Yuri (187; 200)
GoombuigiWright Forde 'Shroom (180)
Hooded PitohuiMorris (179-180; 191; 200-201)
Ema Skye (187)
W. P. Hoodington (191)
Lana Skye (193-195; 207)
Fern Greenwood (198)
Virovirokun (200)
Co-author (193-195)
LakituthequickLakituthequick (180)
Luigi 64DDThe Erudite Goose (174)
Magolor04726Dryvint (175)
Magolor04726 (175)
Walter (200)
Co-author (176-178)
MightyMarioCayde (200)
Zerris (200)
Ninja SquidThe Sticky Warrior (183-184; 201; 203)
Ms. Mowz (202)
Co-author (201-203)
Reverse InputDetective Fulbright (173)
Fordley (196)
RoseradeShmue Toad (173; 190; 200)
ShoeyPhineas J. Shoe (173; 181-182; 189)
Roserade (181-182; 189)

  • Characters - bios including backstories and a list of their appearances in the section​
  • Lore - brief explanations of content from outside the section (such as forum games) that I consider important​
  • Behind the Scenes - development stuff, scrapped ideas, and other fun trivia​
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Species: Bob-omb

One of Montgomery Morris' most trusted associates. Surly and to the point, he possesses an off-putting thug-like demeanor as he fulfills the duties given to him by his employer.

  • Diamond in the Rough
Species: Hooski

Montgomery Morris' maid. She can be a bit absent-minded at times, and tends to inappropriately dust mid-conversation. She hosts her own book club and enjoys watching reruns of The Andy Goomba Show.

  • Diamond in the Rough
Charles "Chuck" Charger
Species: Chargin' Chuck
Known aliases: "Chuckgor"

Waluigi Time's security expert, serving as the head of security for both Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown and Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated. He's a fairly quiet, easy-going guy, who doesn't have much to say and usually just goes with the flow when it comes to his boss' bizarre antics.

  • Hidden Mansion (cameo)
  • Crunch Time
  • Cereal Killer
Claude Boomer
Species: Boom Boom

A gruff Koopa with a lengthy criminal past. Although he's just a lackey, he's better off being avoided at all costs.

  • Sticky Situation
Dryvint Bonep
Species: Dry Bones
Written by: Magolor04726

The battle-worn head of security (and handyman) of M-corporated. At some point before being employed, he was a general in an unidentified country during a revolution, and was exiled following the loss of his side.

  • Parabnormal Activity
Gwen Coolidge
Species: Cooligan

Former owner of a cereal startup. After going under in the harsh conditions of the industry, she was able to secure a spot on Waluigi Time Cereal's board of directors.

  • Crunch Time
Model: IG-series assassin droid

A deadly assassin droid working as an enforcer for Monty Brando's mafia. In addition to his mafia work, he continues to offer his services as an assassin for additional profits.

Prior to becoming part of Brando's organization, he was a member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild who traveled to Pop-Up Prairie Town to collect a bounty on Wingo. Rather than collecting the bounty, he instead allied with Wingo's minions in exchange for a larger payment. His allegiance was uncovered by the merchant Anna, resulting in the droid being salvaged for parts and being thrown into the fires of Pyropuff Peaks. What remained of him was recovered and repaired by Brando's associates, leaving the droid with a scorched and mismatched appearance.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • Termination Notice
  • Through the Groucho Glass
Jonathan Morris
Species: Beanish

The owner of Jonathan's House of Weights, a fitness center in New Wikisburg. In terms of personality, he's a bit like a hip surfer.

  • Diamond in the Rough
  • Uneasy Alliance
Species: Koopa Troopa

Montgomery Morris' personal butler.

  • Diamond in the Rough
Species: Lakitu
Written by: Lakituthequick

An expert at technology who is fittingly the Website Manager and Programming Manager for The 'Shroom. He really likes coffee, though unfortunately for him, he has to work a bit harder to get it at work following budget cuts.

  • Termination Notice
Species: Human
Written by: Magolor04726

CEO of M-corporated, journalist, and author, among other distinctions.

Shmaluigi first met Magolor during an ill-fated investigation at Fred Pasture.

  • Parabnormal Activity
Montgomery Morris
Species: Beanish

An affluent Beanish fellow who owns a chain of jewelery stores in New Wikisburg and the surrounding areas. His well-kept residence is filled with expensive jewelery on display.

  • Diamond in the Rough
Monty Brando
Species: Monty Mole

The head of a powerful mafia and Shmaluigi's true arch-nemesis. Working from the shadows, he excels at pulling strings and has eyes and ears just about everywhere. He was in some way responsible for a devastating loss for Shmaluigi, which set him down the path to becoming a private investigator. Shmaluigi leaves his past closely guarded, so the exact details remain a mystery.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • Cruise Control
Species: Human
Written by: Hooded Pitohui

The Joja Corporation's regional manager for the New Wikisburg area, who also happens to be one of Shmaluigi's least favorite people in the known universe.

Shmaluigi first encountered Morris during an investigation at Fred Pasture. Unbeknownst to Shmaluigi until it was already too late, Morris was actually leading the charge, seeking to acquire the pasture for the Joja Corporation's purposes, allowing JojaMart to achieve practically uncontested dominance in the New Wikisburg market.

  • Termination Notice
  • Brains and Brawn
  • Uneasy Alliance
Ms. Broxy
Species: Magikoopa

Shmaluigi's gruff landlord with a booming voice. She gets very unhappy when her tenants fail to pay their rent on time, something that Shmaluigi knows a bit too well.

  • Diamond in the Rough
Murda Crowe
Species: Crowber

The chief financial officer of Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated. She often ends up frazzled thanks to her employer's blatant disregard for budgets and the concept of reasonable spending.

  • Crunch Time
Penny Pincher
Species: Sidestepper

An outspoken member of Waluigi Time Cereal's board of directors. She's rather hotheaded and has no reservations against telling Waluigi Time everything he's doing wrong, not that it makes much of a difference.

  • Crunch Time
Phineas J. Shoe
Species: Shoe Goomba
Known aliases: "Commodore Felipe Del Shoe", "Michelanshoego"
Written by: Shoey

A mad doctor whose list of crimes is as colorful as it is long. Despite help from his assistant Rose, his incompetence and hubris usually keep him from being much of a serious threat. When he isn't wrangling fighters in an attempt to finally get a winner for Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown, he's usually working on a new invention of dubious utility to sell to the other villains of the kingdom.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • If The Shoe Fits
  • Mr. White Christmas
Species: Pokey

A shifty Pokey who always seems to know a guy (or at least, a guy who knows a guy) with knowledge about what's going on in the criminal underworld. He spends a lot of time at a seedy establishment in New Wikisburg known as the Despair Pub. His most notable feature is that he always wears a trenchcoat despite not having any arms to fit into the sleeves.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • If The Shoe Fits
Species: Birdo

Waluigi Time's personal secretary. No one's getting in or out of his office doors without her knowledge.

  • Crunch Time
  • Cereal Killer
Species: Roserade
Written by: Shoey

The 'Shroom's Fun Stuff Director who also moonlights as the beleaguered assistant of the mad doctor Phineas J. Shoe, a connection that no one seems to have made, somehow. Despite his attempts to point out Phineas' mistakes, he is usually ignored until it is already too late.

  • Hidden Mansion (cameo)
  • If The Shoe Fits
  • Mr. White Christmas
Shbig Changes
Classification: Unknown

An artificial intelligence unit built to serve as the president of Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated. He is almost always frustrated with Waluigi Time's wild ideas and apparent inability to properly run a business. Many who encounter him feel oddly unsettled by his presence.

  • Crunch Time
  • Uneasy Alliance
Rocco "Spanner" Moles
Species: Rocky Wrench

The chief mechanic responsible for maintaining the machinery at the Waluigi Time Cereal Factory, as well as repairs for Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown.

  • Crunch Time
Species: Koopa

An up-and-coming mafia boss. He's not so much into it for the criminal lifestyle as he is for the glitz and glamor.

  • Sticky Situation
  • Uneasy Alliance
Waluigi Time
Species: Human

The infamous CEO of Waluigi Time Cereal Incorporated, owner of the Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown tournament, and Sub-Director of The 'Shroom, among various other roles. Best described as a man with too much ambition and not enough competence, he's frequently running all kinds of schemes that he's definitely not qualified for.

  • Crunch Time
  • Cruise Control
  • Cereal Killer
  • Uneasy Alliance
Wright Forde 'Shroom
Species: Toad
Written by: Goombuigi

A notorious shill with one goal... Get people to write for The 'Shroom! Anyone who strikes up a conversation with this Toad can expect to be encouraged to write 'Shroom sections basically the entire time.

  • Termination Notice
  • Brains and Brawn (cameo)
Emperor Zurg
An unstable, deluded toy who fully believes that he is the "real" Emperor Zurg. Currently stranded in the Mushroom Kingdom, he is desperate to return to space and take his "rightful place" on the throne of his empire. He assigns his own nicknames to everyone he meets rather than using their real names.

His journey started when he was delivered to the Comet Observatory by Al's Toy Barn for unknown reasons. Breaking free from his packaging, he enlisted the help of a group of so-called minions, only to be launched from the space station and ending up stranded.

  • If The Shoe Fits
  • Uneasy Alliance
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Things are still getting sorted out here too - pardon the mess (again)! (okay to be honest i'm just really itching to write behind the scenes content)


Rogues in Rogueport Mafia
Having made no progress on busting mafias with the New Wikisburg Police Department, Shmaluigi ran off to the port town of Rogueport on a whim after hearing of increased mafia activity. He found himself in the middle of an investigation with several investigators, including seasoned detective Bobby Fulbright, the Erudite Goose, the mysterious Sticky Warrior, and Ema Skye. The case ended in the successful elimination of the mafia, and emboldened Shmaluigi to set out on his own as a private investigator.

Sheep Mafia
After his successful case at Rogueport, Shmaluigi's next outing at Fred Pasture went much worse. Morris, sent by his superiors at the Joja Corporation, led the charge in a takeover of the pasture that Shmaluigi was unable to stop, finding himself dead before the end of the investigation, albeit temporarily.

Toad Brigade Mafia

Lost in Space: Galactic Mafia

Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia

What was supposed to be the first tour of the Waluigi Time Cereal Factory went awry when saboteurs entered the factory, prompting an investigation that spanned over a week and quickly devolved into chaos when poorly vented cereal fumes caused hallucinations and hysteria. No one's quite sure what happened here...

Living Game
A series of mysterious events on the distant Mre Atoll brought about the revival of a motley crew of 18 individuals, pulled back from death from across multiple timelines and realities.

Awards Killing Game: Odyssey
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Behind the Scenes (2021-2022)
This post covers stories from Issue 172 to 189.
Part 1
  • This arc was originally intended to serve as a prologue to Shmaluigi in Awards Killing Game 5, which ended up not happening (I'll get back to that later). The game would have been a rehost of AKG1 which was based on Luigi's Mansion, so the title comes from the Hidden Mansion mode in that game.
  • I went with this arc to kick off the section because I felt like having something specifically tied to strategy games was a good idea, since that was pretty much the core of Shmaluigi as a character at the time. Rogues in Rogueport and Sheep Mafia are both referenced pretty heavily here to kick off Shmaluigi's motivations.
  • So something that may have been obvious get-go is that despite Shmaluigi speaking in third person most of the time, his inner monologue is entirely first person. I mainly did this because I felt like having the entire section be narrated in third person would get annoying really fast, but there's also lore reasons to back this up.
  • There's a pretty obvious reference to News Flush, a recurring volunteer Fake News section, as Shmaluigi wanders the streets of New Wikisburg.
  • The name of Sipping Time Cafe was suggested by Pitohui. When I asked for suggestions, LTQ also suggested the Club Sandwich Shop, which I ended up not going with but I still wanted to use in some way, so Shmaluigi mentions it in response to Sipping Time's rising prices.
  • Case LT-5 references a post made by Rose in my RP ask thread, where the case file was given to him by Shmue Toad. He ends up appearing in the section proper in the second part of this arc.
Part 2
  • In the opening monologue, Shmaluigi talks about the previous Killing Games, specifically mentioning the existence of 'Shroom Killing Game. He also talks about "a rabbit hole of conspiracy theories" involving bad futures and alternate timelines, in reference to how Awards Killing Game 3 and 4 were retconned through time travel. And yes, the use of "rabbit hole" was an intentional nod to Big Changes.
  • Shmaluigi's bad intel leads him to Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown instead of a Killing Game. It's not just a vague appearance of Smackdown though, this one ties directly into the one I had written two issues earlier, in Issue 173. All of the fighters mentioned by the people waiting in line were actual nominations from that cycle! To add to that, Shmaluigi bumps into Phineas J. Shoe in his Michelanshoego disguise, who appeared in that issue to throw a wrench into the match.
  • Speaking of Phineas J. Shoe, he's the first character in the history of the section to have his dialogue written by someone else. Although, ironically, of the three guest characters in this issue, he was the last one I ended up adding. Pretty early on (as in, before the section was even public knowledge), I decided that for authenticity, I wanted to bring other users on board to write the dialogue for their characters and to provide input on how they were portrayed.
  • Chief Palmer is introduced in this issue! Since the first mention of "the chief" was in the post that introduced Shmue Toad, I talked a little bit about him with Rose beforehand, who said that he envisioned the chief as being either a Pianta or a Noki. I went with him being a Pianta, and ended up using the idea of a Noki character much, much later, when I introduced Deputy Chief Cici Shell in issue 181. Since the character was a blank slate otherwise, I came up with the rest of the details and wrote his dialogue myself.
  • The name of Despair Pub is also a nod to the four original Awards Killing Games, since despair was a common theme throughout those.
  • Shmaluigi replying to Chief Palmer with "true, true" is a reference to an emote used in various community Discord servers with the same name.
Part 3
  • So, I mentioned earlier that AKG5 ended up not happening, and this is where that comes into play. Luckily, I had a backup plan to salvage the arc, and I have to credit that to Pitohui for giving me a nudge to come up with something else in case things didn't pan out, based on how development was going at the time. Part 2 remained relatively unchanged, but Part 3 would've gone in one of two directions. The original plan was that the progression of the story would lead Shmaluigi to the actual Killing Game, where he would possibly end up meeting up with some other RPs from the game on the way there. The backup ending was obviously what ended up in the section. The backup ending ended up being way more interesting than what would originally have happened in my opinion, and, among several other reasons, I think it's a good thing that AKG5 didn't happen.
  • Aside from the original ending, this is the first issue where I get to talk about scrapped content. At one point, one of the characters that Shmaluigi would've met was a Shaman named Mertle, who would've used her fortune telling abilities to "help". I ended up deciding not to use her, but I kept the character in the back of my head, and ended up using her for an Awards presentation in 2022.
  • Shmaluigi being woken up specifically at 2:01 am is a little easter egg as a reference to the date he first appeared on the forums, February 1st.
  • The mysterious voice telling Shmaluigi to be in Boo Woods on Tuesday at 9:00 pm is also a reference. Had things panned out with the game, sign-ups would've opened at 9:00 am in my timezone on Tuesday, July 6th. The day of the week was kept as-is, but I changed the time from am to pm because it needed to be at night!
  • Shmaluigi's archnemesis, Monty Brando, is introduced here. His name is of course a reference to actor Marlon Brando from The Godfather. Monty Brando was conceptualized quite a bit earlier, as one of many contingencies I came up with in the event that I ended up rolling mafia while RPing as Shmaluigi (two ideas involving him would've been Brando creating a Shmaluigi clone, and him blackmailing Shmaluigi in some way). IG-11 is also shown working for him here for the first time, which I set up in a post following the end of Toad Brigade Mafia.
  • The barista at the Sipping Time Cafe telling Shmaluigi he should write about his escapades is a nod to this being a 'Shroom section, that should be pretty obvious.
  • The name's not a typo, it's a pun on "paranormal activity" and "abnormal".
  • This was the first time where the logo was swapped out, changing it to Shmaluigi, Paranormal Investigator! This was an idea that Magolor suggested and it sounded fun.
  • This issue marks the first mention of Shmwario in the section, although it was quite a while before he ended up making an actual appearance.
  • Shmaluigi also mentions Frankentime's Monster Cereal, a Halloween-themed WT Cereal product that was at the time not very utilized otherwise. I didn't even have a recipe in mind for it when I wrote this.
  • The idea to go with a Scooby-Doo type story (criminals posing as spooks and taking over) was set from the start, but I went through a few different ideas of what location Shmaluigi might be investigating here. My initial idea was that Shmaluigi would be investigating some sort of warehouse owned by The 'Shroom, but it didn't seem likely that anyone would be able to pull a stunt like that when Perch is around. I also wasn't sure if it would make sense for The 'Shroom to have a warehouse at all, and I probably would've asked Pitohui, but I never got that far with it. Other ideas included JojaMart or something completely original, but I liked the idea of using M-corporated better, so it's what I went with.
  • M-corporated actually had a similar problem as The 'Shroom though, with its head of security being a Dry Bones. Magolor was actually the one who solved that problem by suggesting that Dryvint would go to explore the warehouse and then disappear.
Part 1
  • This was actually the first story arc of the section that started development! Magolor started writing this in April 2021 as a section demo of sorts after suggesting the idea of a Shmaluigi 'Shroom section to me. I liked where he was going with it, and at first I planned to incorporate it into Hidden Mansion, but it ended up spinning off into its own thing pretty early on to make sure both stories had enough room to breathe. At the time, we were referring to this arc tentatively as "Shmaluigi Needs To Pay His Rent" just to have something to call it.
  • Also, this arc was pretty much 90% Magolor. I helped with aspects of the lore and did some rewrites and other edits of my own where I felt appropriate, but for the most part, he came up with the story and wrote it himself.
  • Shmaluigi's landlord Ms. Broxy was originally written as a human, but ended up being changed to be a Magikoopa in the final story. I did this because I wanted to use humans sparingly like they are in the Mario franchise, and it felt like she would fit better into the world as a Mario species. For the most part, humans in the section are limited to pre-existing characters, though that's not completely set in stone. I also had the idea of making her a Whomp instead, because the idea of a Whomp wearing lipstick popped in my head and I thought it was funny, but her being a Magikoopa seemed like a good fit.
  • Since Sheep Mafia was ongoing when the demo was written, it originally took place concurrent with those events, which Shmaluigi would've mentioned. This was changed for the final story, mainly because it didn't seem likely to me that Shmaluigi would leave Fred Pasture during the case, but also because Chief Palmer ended up appearing later on in the story, and leaving the timeline as-is would've contradicted dialogue between them from Hidden Mansion. I don't think there's much that indicates when it takes place in the final story, but I envision it as being some time after Parabnormal Activity for simplicity.
  • Along with a timeline shift, the reason that Shmaluigi was behind on his rent was also changed. Originally, he was just going to be low on funds due to not being able to get much work, but as Shmaluigi became more of a "celebrity" character, that didn't seem to work as well anymore. So instead, he ended up wasting a ton of money on the fictional gacha game Rose Garden Heroes, a reference to NS' Awards presentation for Worst Game Mechanic in 2021. Presumably, he was trying to unlock himself.
  • While Shmaluigi is being taken to his destination, he sees a masked Inkling freaking out in an empty lot. This is a little reference to a Mindless Junk thread by Rose called Just Another User Fanfic where NS goes to work at The 'Shroom HQ but the building is just gone. That doesn't necessarily mean Just Another User Fanfic is "canon", but you can interpret it however you want. Originally the monologue just referred to the Inkling as a "squid thing", but I figured Shmaluigi would probably know what Inklings are from exposure to the Sticky Warrior/NS. If nothing else, Inklings have some Mushroom Kingdom presence confirmed by Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.
  • A scrapped idea was that the corridor leading to Montgomery's office would have portraits of past 'Shroom directors (specifically mentioned were a "small blue alien thing", a multicolored Yoshi, and Meta). This was dropped and replaced with various jewelry pieces pretty early on since Montgomery doesn't actually have any association with The 'Shroom.
  • Since Montgomery's last name is Morris, Shmaluigi initially referred to him as "Mr. Morris", but this was changed in rewrites because that name has too many associated bad vibes for Shmaluigi to throw around like that! It's a rare case of Shmaluigi referring to someone by their first name when their last name is known, or at least when it's someone he's not well-acquainted with.
Part 2
  • Montgomery's driver, Heavy, was originally named Sledge, but I changed it to avoid any confusion with Sledge Shades, an NPC from AKG4. His new name was inspired a little bit by Hevy, a character from Star Wars: The Clone Wars.
  • The Club Sandwich Shop pops up again here! The restaurant that Shmaluigi mentioned stopping at was originally McDiddy's, but I wanted to sneak a little reference in there.
  • Before looking at the crossword, Shmaluigi was going to read a few news stories, including another reference to Just Another User Fanfic, a water tower catching fire, and the Wikisburg Newsletters winning a regional basketball tournament. I ended up cutting the basketball one because naming a basketball team for New Wikisburg wasn't something I really wanted to commit to for a throwaway thing (I can be a stickler for continuity sometimes) and there wasn't much left after I took that out, so I just skipped ahead.
  • Originally, Shmaluigi was going to take his car back to Jonathan's House of Weights at the end, but between the time of that part being written and it going to The 'Shroom, it ended up being established that Shmaluigi didn't really have anywhere to park it outside of his office, so I added the bit about it being in a parking garage and he runs off on foot in his rush instead.
Part 3
  • The end of this story features a very brief epilogue with Jonathan and Kyle, which is the first scene in the section not from Shmaluigi's point of view. These are pretty rare, but every now and then there's a good reason to break off. Some future arcs use these on a much larger scale.
Part 1
  • The title has a double meaning, referencing Morris being in the corporate world and IG-11 terminating things.
  • This was an idea I had for quite a while, going back to before the section was even accepted. Originally, this arc was just going to be the IG-11 chase, with the first part being the conversation between Shmaluigi and Morris, and the second part being the chase scene, and it would just end with Shmaluigi defeating IG-11. As I got closer to working on it though, I felt like this squandered too much potential for the story and the dynamic between Shmaluigi and Morris, so those two ended up being combined into one part (based on the length, probably a good thing!) and the second part became an investigation into who hired IG-11.
  • I also had an idea for a separate story that would have had IG-11 coming for Shmaluigi himself, but I ended up scrapping it completely because it just seemed like a less interesting version of this story, and it wasn't really needed anymore since IG-11 ended up being introduced to the section in the final part of Hidden Mansion.
  • At the beginning of the story, Shmaluigi rattles off some of the things he needed to buy at the store - "bread, eggs, milk, Waluigi Time Cereal". This is a little nod to the "Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick" trope, which is basically when a list starts out mundane and then ends with something bad/disturbing/gross. Not quite a use of the trope per se, but your mileage may vary.
  • Up to this point, Pitohui was probably the guest writer that I worked the closest with, since the story revolved so much around Morris. There's a bit of extra backstory to the Jojanana Bites promotional event that he came up with that wasn't actually mentioned in the section (but as far as I'm concerned it's still canon). The idea behind these was that Joja was concerned that Tesco (from Rose's first Mario Boards Investigations game) would try to break into the New Wikisburg market with bananas as their flagship product, so to undermine them, they wanted to flood the market with cheaper banana-flavored candies. Also not mentioned in the story is Joja's new vtuber, Joja Aje.
  • Morris brings up the possibility of Shmaluigi working for Joja in the future, causing Shmaluigi to envision himself as a cashier and CoCo's Detective Luigi showing up to make fun of him. This is a reference to my final scribble from 2021's Scribble Deathmatch, which featured a confused Luigi at the checkout counter being assisted by a very miserable Shmaluigi.
  • Towards the end of the section, there's a very blatant reference to Yoshi876's Obituaries section. I just like mentioning these.
Part 2
  • Oh boy... So, in hindsight, I probably should've split this one up, but I had already scheduled most of the year at this point, so no turning back now. As of the time of writing this (October 11, 2022) by filesize this is not only the longest Shmaluigi, Private Investigator section, but also my longest 'Shroom section to date.
  • The layout of The 'Shroom HQ comes from the map that we were working on for 'Shroom Mafia 4 at the time, which was based on the original map from 'Shroom KG. This is why the elevator doesn't go all the way up to the third floor!
  • Pitohui was unaware at the time, but the ominous statement from Morris regarding Wright Forde 'Shroom in the elevator was actually meant to foreshadow 'Shroom Mafia 4, since we used Morris as the character for the Godfather role in that game. Canonically speaking, this doesn't go anywhere, since we booted 'Shroom Mafia 4 off into its own timeline.
  • I originally wanted to have NS make a cameo appearance, either sneaking into the Sub-Director's Office with Draq posters, or sneaking out of it and stealing WT's Super Arrow posters (I don't remember exactly which one). This was mainly because issue 180 was NS' 50th issue as Statistics Manager, as well as LTQ's 50th issue as Website Manager, so I thought it would be cool to feature both of them. Unfortunately, I had to cut this because the layout of the headquarters meant it would've been impossible for Shmaluigi to actually see NS outside of the Sub-Director's Office.
  • Shmaluigi notes that there's no coffee in The 'Shroom's vending machines, referring back to the Warm Beverages vs. Cold Beverages 'Shroomfest which resulted in a victory for Team Cold Beverages. The story that followed resulted in only cold beverages being offered in The 'Shroom HQ.
  • During the scene in Shmaluigi's office, Morris notes the dartboard with a picture of his face on it, and a picture of Shmaluigi with Fulbright and the Goose from Rogueport. Both of these decorations first appeared in my Awards presentation for Favorite Modern Game in 2021.
  • While the exact motivations for producing Jojanana Bites aren't mentioned in the section, Morris does specifically name drop Tesco here in private conversation with Shmaluigi, as well as Mr. White.
  • One of my favorite parts in this arc is the climax of the story, where Shmaluigi finds the Wiggler family in a cheap, run-down house and finds out that they have children. I really wanted to drive home that, although Morris isn't really the "villain" of this story, he's not morally in the right here by any means. Basically, I wanted to avoid there being any sympathy for Morris while being able to preserve sympathy for the Wigglers instead, who got their lives ruined by Joja's actions in more ways than one.
Part 1
  • Even before the section was accepted, I knew that at some point I wanted to do a story featuring Phineas J. Shoe as the main villain, but I didn't come up with the idea for this story until August 2021.
  • I originally toyed around the idea of having the introduction with Phineas J. Shoe be a cold open, and have the Shmaluigi, Private Investigator logo and story title come afterwards, but I ended up deciding not to do that.
  • In addition to Phineas J. Shoe being the first character in the section to be written by a guest when he first appeared in Hidden Mansion, he's also the first guest character to return in a second arc!
  • Whenever Phineas J. Shoe is involved, Shoey writes Rose's dialogue, making him the first (and only, as of now) user OC to be written by someone else.
  • Phineas takes the reins here, having several scenes throughout the arc that are written in third-person narration.
  • The 2022 Favorite 'Shroom Writer powered ray gun is a modification of one made for the previous year, which was seen in Shoey's Awards presentation for Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer in 2021.
  • Originally, Rose was going to be suffering from allergies and would keep sneezing out poison dust, which would be how Shmaluigi linked the two of them to their crimes. This would've been foreshadowed in the opening by Rose sneezing into Phineas' tea, causing him to get mad at Rose and throw the tea away. This got dropped as I worked with Shoey, and Rose just ended up... whatever the plant equivalent for shedding is.
  • Phineas J. Shoe is of course a fan of Etemon, who was Shoey's RP in Lost in Space Mafia, and was a rival of Zurg as a fellow emperor.
  • Zurg's letter mentions that he commissioned a spacecraft from the Joja Corporation, which refers to an interaction between Zurg and Morris in Pitohui's RP ask thread.
  • I briefly mentioned her in the notes for Hidden Mansion, but Deputy Chief Cici Shell makes her debut here. When I talked with Rose before coming up with the character of Chief Palmer, he said he envisioned him as either a Pianta or a Noki. Since Chief Palmer ended up being a Pianta, I thought it would be fun to have a Noki character too.
  • Johnson, the cop that interrupts the meeting, is named in reference to the running gag in the Paper Mario series of random background characters named Johnson.
Part 2
  • In the opening monologue, Shmaluigi mentions a few of Phineas' past crimes. Trespassing on protected grounds and conducting ethically questionable science experiments refer to Shoey's Mushroom Kingdom Smackdown nominations for Angry Watermelon and Goomerang Brother, respectively, while waking up a neighborhood with a helicopter intercom refers to Shoey's Awards presentation in Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer in 2021.
  • Phineas also pins his 2021 Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer bronze medal to his coat, which appeared in the same Awards presentation.
  • Despite Phineas' outrage at being paid in Monopoly money, Zurg wasn't actually trying to rip him off. He just doesn't realize that he's a toy, and can't quite distinguish board game money from the real thing. Of course, he's not well acquainted with "FOOLISH EARTH CURRENCY" anyway.
Part 1
  • This arc was done kind of spontaneously, I had a gap in the schedule for the year and I knew I wanted to bring in the Sticky Warrior at some point. By now I knew NS was planning to retire, so it was basically now or never.
  • Something we had to work out pretty early was whether Shmaluigi would get involved in the Sticky Warrior's active case, or vice versa, or whether they were initially working on the same case separately. We went with the last one, kind of - NS suggested the idea of making it look like they were working on separate things that would actually end up leading both of them to the same villain by the end.
  • NS and I talked quite a bit about what the Sticky Warrior's combat style would look like. Some of his combat moves are inspired by Impa and the Yiga Clan from Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity.
  • Ever mysterious, the Sticky Warrior pulls some Batman moves throughout the arc - first you see him, now you don't! (Or the other way around.)
Part 2
  • With the idea that Terrakingpin was newly moving operations into New Wikisburg, I thought it would make sense if some of his goons came from out of town as well. Claude Boomer hails from Neo Bowser City, most notable in the Mario Wiki lore for eventually absorbing New Wikisburg and being the setting of AKG4 in a bad timeline.
  • Shmaluigi mentions "How To Be A Detective For Dummies", a book that he previously mentioned in Rogues in Rogueport. Before working under Fulbright, pretty much everything he knew came from there.
  • It's a blink and you'll miss it moment, but the Sticky Warrior's sudden re-appearance in Shmaluigi's apartment briefly scares him out of third person.
  • Turns out Terrakingpin tried to hold a nobody for ransom, and then goes down very anticlimactically. I wanted him to be a villain who you could tell was just starting out. He's into being a mafia boss for the glitz and glamor of it, so he's pretty much all flash and very little skill.
  • Shmaluigi mentions needing a vacation at the end, foreshadowing Awards Killing Game: Odyssey.
Part 1
  • This was another one that was in the works for a while in various forms. Magolor first suggested the idea of sabotage going on at the Waluigi Time Cereal Factory in August 2021, and later in November Pitohui made a half-joking comment about an arc where the company was on the brink of bankruptcy and a saboteur within the company was trying to push it over the edge. Since I was already planning to do something like that, I took Pitohui's idea and ran with it. I ended up doing it specifically in August/September 2022 because I wanted an arc that I could write pretty much by myself in this timeframe, to avoid pulling anyone else into it while we were already busy with Awards.
  • Shmwario finally makes his debut in the section! It was a long time coming, but I felt like if Shmaluigi was going to be at WT Cereal, I couldn't leave him out of it.
  • I was originally planning on having this story take place after Awards Killing Game: Odyssey, but ended up pushing it back instead.
  • Waluigi Time namedrops Nathan Fielder, MCD's roleplay in AKGO, having tried to contact him for his business expertise with no luck getting his calls returned.
  • When Shmwario is the only other person around, Shmaluigi drops talking in third person. He's the only character he does this with.
  • Before I changed the timeline, the "case" that Shmwario mentioned would've taken place during AKGO, and would've been the only case that he got while Shmaluigi was on vacation.
  • Robirda, the Birdo receptionist, made her first appearance in Shoey's Awards presentation for Favorite Active 'Shroom Writer in 2021, making her one of the few WT Cereal-associated characters not created by me. She was unnamed at the time (and technically still was - she wasn't named until I wrote the second part of this arc) and until I wrote this, hadn't appeared since.
  • For the employee interrogation bit, several characters ended up getting cut from this arc. I originally planned for them to talk to all the employees, so Kameron and Lakilarry would've both appeared. I also came up with two new characters that got cut - Bo Tanica, a sleazy Piranha Plant and head of legal, and Bumper, a Bumpty who works in HR. Bumper did still get a mention, though. The reason I cut them was because they wouldn't really have anything to say about the case, so interviewing all of them would've just been dull.
  • Chuck's full name, Charles Charger, is revealed for the first time, but he doesn't really like it. Deep lore!
  • In addition to Bumper and Bo Tanica, Murda Crowe, the company's CFO, was created for this arc. This wasn't her debut though, she managed to sneak into a Waluigi Time Comic during the Beaches vs. Amusement Parks 'Shroomfest instead. She's a Crowber, so her name is derived from "murder" and "crow".
  • Spanner's real name, Rocco Moles, is also revealed, confirming that Spanner is just a nickname.
  • I wanted to keep readers guessing about who the culprit might be, but admittedly, throwing suspicion onto Shbig was a bit of a last minute thing that just sort of happened naturally.
Part 2
  • It's never mentioned, but Mrs. Pincher's first name is Penny. She's married to a Huckit Crab.
  • I wanted to throw in a mention to Vincent Van Gore from Luigi's Mansion when WT talks about great artists not being appreciated until they're dead, but apparently, even in death Van Gore never achieved notoriety, so he didn't make the cut.
  • WT mentions the "incident" when Shmwario suggests sealing the building, referring to the events of Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia.
  • Shmwario being the one to take down the Spike in the factory after Shmaluigi was unable to was mostly done to justify his presence in this arc, since up until now he'd basically just been used for comedy purposes.
  • Gwen Coolidge mentions the cereal industry crash, which was based on a Mindless Junk fad that happened mid-2021 and has since been referenced in a few other 'Shroom sections and Awards presentations.
  • My earliest plans for this story were quite a bit different. The idea was to have Shmaluigi investigating stuff caused by a vampire character. I thought of making the character a Goomba, but decided against that because Phineas J. Shoe is also a Goomba villain and I like to try to go for species variety when I can, so instead I went for a Rex, creating Count Tyrannos. (Tyrannos also would've been a real vampire - specifically of the Super Show variety - rather than someone using the Vampire Candies from Mario Party 8. The Super Show influence stuck around with the tomato sauce obsession.) Later I decided that it would be funny to work in the puppet ghost (more on the origins of that character later) and as the story developed, the puppet ghost ended up being the main villain while Tyrannos was demoted to minion status.
  • Earlier on, I planned on having this story open with Chief Palmer briefing Shmaluigi on the situation, but I decided to cut this because it felt like it took up too much time. Tyrannos was also planned to be responsible for an entire crime spree, but that didn't really do anything for the story, so I just did the JojaMart robbery.
  • Usually when I make characters, I try to make species pun names, Paper Mario style. The Koopa Troopa working at JojaMart is just named Jerry because I thought it would be funny.
  • The mind control/hypnosis powers given by the Vampire Candy aren't something seen in the original game at all, but it's my take on an in-universe explanation for why it lets you steal coins from other players.
  • The name of the candy store, Kokako, was a suggestion by LTQ. The name comes from a blue mushroom from New Zealand called entoloma hochstetteri, which was at one point investigated for potential use in food coloring (used heavily in candy, obviously). In the Māori language it's called "werewere-kokako" because of a resemblance to the kōkako bird. It's a really neat suggestion and I felt like it fit the feel of the store that I wanted.
  • A pink Boo works the counter at Kokako because they also run the Candy Shops on King Boo's Haunted Hideaway in Mario Party 8. Since it's a Halloween story, that felt like the best one to go with.
  • The writing process for this story, specifically involving the guest writers, was different than what I usually go with. Normally, I'll write up the scenes involving other characters myself and leave some brief directions just to make sure that the story goes in the direction it was planned to, while still leaving it open for anything to be tweaked as would be appropriate, and then send it on the Boards for the guest writer to work on whenever it's convenient. For this one, I worked with Pitohui and CoCo in real time on Discord instead to get things to flow better (I also did this with Pitohui in Termination Notice for a few select bits of the story). As a result, the two of them had a lot more influence on the direction of the story than normal. I think it worked really well and I like the final results a lot.
  • Shmaluigi references the events of Living Game in his inner monologue just after meeting the apparently-revived Ema Skye.
  • Pitohui threw in some really sneaky dialogue towards the end of the scene in Shmaluigi's office - Ema says that she had spent a lot of time alone while she was dead. There's some dialogue that's meant to subtly tip off Shmaluigi that something is wrong (and he acknowledges them later), but this one is specifically meant for the readers. For anyone who kept up with Ema post-Rogues in Rogueport (mainly through Pitohui's RP ask thread), they would know that she actually spent a significant amount of time in the ghost zone (or whatever it's called) with Jake Marshall.
  • Shmaluigi mentions being Luigi's groomsman, referring to the events of Issue #1 of CoCo's section, Luigi and Associates Detective Agency.
  • The address of the mansion, 154 Maple Boulevard, is cobbled together from a few different sources, mainly because I'm terrible at coming up with these kinds of things on my own. 154 is Ema's height in centimeters at one point in the Ace Attorney series (doesn't quite align with the design she uses, but it's close enough). Maple was the result of looking through items from Paper Mario to use and picking out Maple Syrup, which seemed like a good fit for an area of New Wikisburg that was affluent at one point in time (I also picked boulevard because it felt fancy enough, but there wasn't any more thought behind it than that).
  • Count Tyrannos' name comes from tyrannosaurus (he's a Rex after all), as well as Count Dooku (also known as Darth Tyranus) from Star Wars.
  • Alrighty, the puppet ghost! This concept comes from an interesting story from Lightning Mafia+, where Pitohui used an ability that let him see the character on Goombuigi's role card. The character was a Shmaluigi-esque version of Shantae but Pitohui saw it as a purple ghost holding a Shmaluigi puppet, and the description convinced everyone that Goombuigi was evil. It was a pretty memorable moment in the game, and I thought it would be funny to make the misinterpretation an actual character.
  • The actual Shmaluigi puppet was originally going to be shown off for an ominous reveal, but I cut it as the direction of the story changed.
  • Due to a scheduling change, this one came up on fairly short notice. Rose threw out the prompt of "Shmaluigi investigates a glasses shortage" when I asked, and I decided to do something specifically involving Groucho glasses for obvious reasons. I ran through several different ideas for how this would work, but I had difficulty thinking of who would be hiring Shmaluigi and who would be the character(s) with the glasses. Eventually I came up with something I was happy with but did run up against the deadline pretty close!
  • I envisioned the Conkdor Lodge as being an "elite" group of characters who don't do much more than sit around and try to feel like they're important.
  • I thought of a character named Johnson being responsible for the barbecue accident (referencing the Paper Mario games again, but a separate character from the one in Sticky Situation), but they went unnamed in the final version.
  • Shmaluigi once again refers to case LT-5. See the behind the scenes section for Hidden Mansion: Part 1 for an explanation of this one.
  • The mystery solving kids are loosely inspired by Scooby-Doo which you can probably easily guess. Shmostarenan was even going to refer to the group as the "Mystery Gang" but a quick search and I realized that name has already been used to refer to Mystery Incorporated so it got changed to "Mystery Dudes". There were originally only going to be four to have it be a little less blatant, but I ended up with five anyway because of the spread of characters I wanted to use. Each one of them was meant to be one of the less utilized Mario species, but they also had to be physically able to wear Groucho glasses (so no Koopa Troopas, for example).
  • It's a short story so it's not explored much, but each of the kids are intended to have their own unique role in the group. Shmostarenan is the leader, Shminji is the fighter, Shmukiki is responsible for supplies, and Shmearmo is the tech/gadget expert. Shmolterpup is the dog.
  • Sledger and Crawford were first seen (albeit unnamed) way back in a post after the end of Toad Brigade Mafia, where they pulled IG-11's remains from Pyropuff Peaks on Monty Brando's orders. Crawford refers to these events in the story.
  • The ending where the kids plan to sell their glasses off to the Thwomp from the beginning of the story wasn't always planned, but was a bit of a happy accident. I'd like to revisit these characters in the future and explore them more without them being Shmaluigi derivatives, so it was a good way to set them up for being their own thing later on.
  • The idea for this one is actually pretty old, and not even related to this section at all, at first! A little over a year before this issue, I had the idea of doing a revival of The Devious Workings of Phineas J. Shoe (with Shoey's permission, of course). The only story I ever came up with was the vague idea of Phineas (under the alias of Ebenezer Shoege) and Rose working with Bleak from Donkey Kong Country 3. I never ended up going through with it, but kept the story idea under my hat. Bleak was ultimately dropped in favor of Blizzman, and the Ebenezer Shoege alias went unused when Shoey pointed out that it would probably work better if his plot was anti-winter.
  • Shmaluigi heavily alludes to the events of AKGO in the opening, as well as MB-Kusagi, a jackalope who was one of the main antagonists of the game.
  • The singing fish Baron von Hooks was originally GBA's roleplay from Murder Party. He ended up being on the evil team, and Snack wrote an edition of Peddler's Place in Issue 180 that added bonus layers of ominousness, so that's why Shmaluigi gets a bad feeling about it.
  • The poor power supply in Blizzman's cavern was a bit of a "cost-cutting" measure on my part. I wanted Blizzman to have a big, flashy, musical entrance to go with his theatrical personality, but, to be completely honest, I just didn't want to write a song! (It was either that or have him straight up steal the Snow Miser song, which was just a no.) So I got around that by making it implied - my other idea to this end was to have either Phineas or Rose interrupt the intro before it gets going, but I had a feeling Rose would appreciate it, and Phineas, if nothing else, would be too distracted by the flashing lights.
  • As things usually go when writing things involving Phineas J. Shoe, Shoey had a lot of input on the direction of the story. The Crown Jewel of the Mr. Blizzards was one of his ideas.
  • The Blouper that Phineas mentions was Shoey's submission for Blooper Race in Issue 183. You can read the original post with Phineas and Rose here.
  • Blizzman switches back and forth between "The Blizzman" (somewhat of a stage name) and just Blizzman in the narration, which was fully intentional. Shmaluigi only knows him as The Blizzman, so when it's from his POV, that's the name used, while the scenes with just Phineas use a third-person narrator.
  • The misspellings of Shmaluigi's name in Phineas' dialogue were kept because I thought it would be funny if he kept messing up his name.
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I am very proud to have been able to help with many early stages of this section (and yes, I plan to return to help at some point, I just don't know when lol).
Behind the Scenes (2023-)
This post covers stories from Issue 190 onward.
Part 1
  • In a couple of firsts for this section, it takes place from the perspective of someone besides Shmaluigi for the entire arc (previously, I'd only done perspective jumps in the stories with Phineas J. Shoe), and it explicitly jumps back on the timeline, taking place over the summer of 2022 between the Crunch Time and Tooth and Nail stories.
  • The framing of this story was a lot different originally. It was going to take place in the present from Shmaluigi's point of view, with him and Shmwario out to lunch with Detective Luigi and Yuri. Shmwario would've told the story and been more of an unreliable narrator, with Shmaluigi chipping in with his own commentary. In the end, I dropped the present day framing device and just settled for the "JUNE 2022" text at the beginning of the arc to signal to the readers this was going back a bit.
  • Shmaluigi's eggplant is a callback to the Diamond in the Rough arc, where it was first mentioned.
  • Shmwario mentions A Vandalised Life, a TV show based on Super Mario Sunshine that appeared in TV Tomorrow in Issue 183. He originally had a more favorable opinion of it, but I rewrote it to make him less charitable toward Mario.
  • The cruise line that Shmaluigi was supposed to be on, Noble Clipper Cruises, was suggested by Pitohui. (Some other, less usable suggestions included Shmtarline Cruises, Shmaisy Cruiser, and my personal favorite, Dumb Starline Cruises.) The S.S. Dolphin came from the dolphin imagery in Sunshine.
  • Shmaluigi's appearance as a zombie is based on the drowned from Minecraft.
Part 2
  • The "green bean" that Shmwario mentions in his opening monologue is of course Detective Luigi.
  • The Joja Corporation's banana-themed ambitions from Termination Notice apparently have continued to go well, since Morris tries to peddle banana-scented air freshener to Shmwario.
  • As is to be expected from an encounter with Morris, both him and Shmwario reference the events of Sheep Mafia.
  • There's a brief appearance by Wright Forde 'Shroom, though he doesn't have any dialogue and Shmwario glosses over the encounter in his narration. I originally planned for a full appearance, but Goombuigi wasn't really active at the time and I was running up against the deadline anyway. Since he'd already appeared in Termination Notice with pretty much the same role, I figured it wasn't too big of a loss.
  • Shmwario's description of The 'Shroom HQ's broom closet comes directly from 'Shroom KG.
  • In Shmwario's search for information about zombies, he comes across some reviews of zombie movies in Van Shoeul's House of Ghouls. Based on the timeframe, he would've read Issues 182 (Day of the Dead) and 185 (Night of the Living Dead).
  • Originally, I was going to have Shmaluigi wander off in the middle of Shmwario reading the issues, and having a cameo by Rose where he would drag Shmaluigi back into the archives and tell Shmwario to keep an eye on him. I felt like the pacing was awkward though, so Shmaluigi wanders off not too long before Shmwario finishes up. I ended up cutting the Rose cameo because of time constraints, leaving behind a scream coming offscreen from an unknown character. The reason I wanted to go with Rose was because based on the layout in 'Shroom Mafia 4, only the offices for Fake News, Fun Stuff, and Strategy Wing are on the first floor. The only other options would've been me, which I didn't really feel like doing, or Pitohui, who was already making a guest appearance as two other characters in this part anyway.
  • It's a bit of a blink and you'll miss it detail, but Shmaluigi flinches when Hoodington drops the metal rod and it clangs on the ground. Considering that the last thing he saw in AKGO was a hallucination where he was beaten to a pulp with a crowbar by MB-K, you can probably understand why!
  • Shmwario's thoughts on the existence of Bone Piranha Plants are basically my own. Pitohui gave me a few other suggestions for things Shmwario could look at that didn't make the cut, including some planters with live Nipper Plants and Munchers and other sciencey stuff.
  • The toxin that Hoodington finds in Shmaluigi's system is... one I don't quite remember the specifics of actually, but it was injected by the proximity bracelets in AKGO.
  • Hoodington mentions Anna, who was previously roleplayed by NS in Toad Brigade Mafia and Waluigi Time Cereal Mafia.
Part 3
  • This part served a twofold purpose. It had to recap the Shmaluigi-relevant parts of the Circinus portion of AKGO for readers who hadn't followed it, so pretty much everything mentioned here were actual events and characters in the game. It also had to tie up a lot of loose ends, since I was a lot more concerned with trying to stay alive than storytelling in that phase. As a result, it ended up being almost all dialogue.
  • There's a small :retcon: here, Shmaluigi refers to all of the AKGO NPCs by their last name, which is more consistent with how he usually refers to people. During the actual game, I used their first names (except for Dr. Acraman), for some reason. Don't ask me why I did that, I don't remember.
  • Shmwario mentions the Bandwich, a character I'd previously used for my Favorite Modern Game Awards presentation back in 2021.
  • Something interesting that came up while writing this is that Shmaluigi has no knowledge whatsoever of the Mazza villain reveal! He's probably the only character from the game who doesn't hate their guts as a result. To play with this a little, I specifically threw in a comment that Mazza seemed nice. (Incidentally, Shmaluigi never witnessed Storm's character development either, but that didn't have any impact on the section.)
  • It's been well established at this point that AKGO took place in its own parallel universe (cometslurping notwithstanding), but Shmwario knows about Dr. Coyle. It's open to interpretation how that's the case, but I figure that the other Nintendo franchises exist in the MarioWiki "canon" to some extent, so there could potentially be a version of Dr. Coyle in both worlds, if nothing else.
  • Swooperman is a Mario-fied version of Batman, because, well, Swoopers. Although not specifically stated, the mention here is intended to reference Batman's no-kill rule.
  • In the original plans with Luigi and Yuri, Shmaluigi coming to terms with the whole Coyle situation would've happened in private after the bros. left, obviously, though less emotionally charged since he would've had more time to process it offscreen. Similarly, Shmaluigi would've already been well aware that AKGO seemingly never happened. With that in mind, I think dropping the present day idea was a lot more beneficial for the story.
  • In slightly less old plans, I thought of leaving a remnant of the Luigi and Yuri idea by having the bros. go out to meet them at the end of the story and have Shmaluigi explain the events of AKGO. That also got dropped because it didn't really make sense for Shmaluigi not to just explain it to Shmwario first, and I didn't see much value in him doing it a second time. Plus Shmaluigi went through a lot, so he probably wouldn't want to see anybody (especially Luigi) so soon.
Part 1
  • This arc was a loooong time in the making, with roots all the way back in Shmaluigi's very first appearance in Rogues in Rogueport in 2021 and encountering Pitohui's RP, Ema Skye. The interactions between Shmaluigi and Lana Skye were intended to play out in a Killing Game, but that never happened because 2021 was an off-year and in 2022 Pitohui was one of the hosts, which for obvious reasons, kind of prevented him from being a player in that game! After the scale of AKGO, 2023 looked to be another off year so I suggested doing it as a collab in this section instead. That also made this the second arc that was a full collab with another user, though I feel like the workload of this one was better balanced between us.
  • An unused idea was to have a monologue from Lana's point of view at the beginning of the story to parallel Shmaluigi's. We ended up scrapping this because it would've revealed too early that there were multiple investigators working on the case.
  • The Sipping Time Cafe makes a return from the Hidden Mansion arc as a brief mention.
  • Some suggestions that got thrown around for Shmaluigi's client included Jonathan Morris from the Diamond in the Rough arc and Renne, who has been used as an RP by Perch in several games (the latter suggestion being retracted since the girlboss squad likely would've solved it on their own). I didn't really want to use Jonathan since Magolor was on hiatus at the time and I didn't feel right doing it without his input, so I just created Woodrow Oakley instead. He's very Kolorado because he wouldn't leave my brain, but I felt that Kolorado himself wouldn't quite fit the role.
  • The name of Scarlet Rose Cruises came from an idea by Pitohui to parallel Daisy Cruiser, and roses came about as a joke (because Roserade) but then it actually worked as a nod to the rose worn by Marlon Brando's character in The Godfather.
  • The scene in the Despair Pub served two purposes of allowing Shmaluigi to figure out what kinds of people were invited to the cruise, while also planting the seed of Monty Brando being present so readers would remember him later - originally he was going to physically appear, but I couldn't figure out how to work it in naturally. To avoid it being too obvious that he was important, he just got dropped in a sea of other names. Mentioned here are several canon Mario characters, including Carpaccio and Count Cannoli from Wario: Master of Disguise; Lumpy, Goldbob, and Don Pianta from The Thousand-Year Door; and Bluster Kong from the Donkey Kong Country cartoon. Renne and President Haltmann, Rose's RP from 'Shroom Mafia 4, also got mentions.
  • Other characters that Pitohui suggested for this scene were the Enigmansion forebear from Sticker Star, Captain Syrup, Tuxedo Mask (Turb's RP in a few games), and Varona (Pitohui's own RP from Murder Party). They didn't make the final cut to keep that bit from dragging on too long. Wario was also suggested, but I didn't use him for obvious reasons.
  • Waluigi Time mentions the four News Flush reporter characters at the time, Walter G. Timeson (me!), Parshow G. Shoelow (Shoey), Ramona Tidings (CoCo), and Claw Gripstofferson (ClawgripFan). This was another instance of dropping something important for later, in this case Black Shell, alongside other info so it doesn't seem as important. Sigil Securities was also name-dropped as a red herring, since it's Carpaccio's company and he was mentioned earlier. Shoelow and Gripstofferson's news stories are nods to What's in a Campaign? and Sport Report, respectively.
  • The Place Holdings Company was originally a placeholder name (get it?) that I kept because it worked and was funny.
  • In a departure from how he usually refers to people, Shmaluigi exclusively refers to Lana by her first name in his inner monologue. The reason for this is that he associates the name "Ms. Skye" too closely with Ema.
  • Black Shell's address, 1010 Roja Street, Pipe Path, is a nod to red links and piped links on the wiki.
  • Earlier plans for Black Shell were that they would've revealed to Shmaluigi that the AI host they had sold was a scam and didn't actually work. At the time the idea was that they wouldn't have actually needed a working host, but that the information would leak anyway to create enough of a trail for Shmaluigi to follow, so it would make more sense to the readers once the Killing Game was revealed to be a trap. We changed this pretty quickly since the reveal that the AI host was a dud would've undermined any sense of urgency,
Part 2
  • The search engine, Tiptro! is named after Tiptron from Super Paper Mario, based on her tattle ability.
  • The name of Bassarao Tickets is derived from the Japanese name of Basculin (Bassaro), because unlike the other ticket company, good news, it's still alive. While never mentioned, the full name of PDT Tickets coined by Pitohui was "Prismatic and Dolphic Tourist Ticketing Company".
  • Another use of the hiding information for later strategy is here, with Squeaky Cleaners among the financial news. Krem Brûlée Katering references some of Rose's scribbles, Hot and Cold Records references the old Hot Records section from Fake News, and M-corporated is Magolor's company that previously appeared in the section.
  • Continuing with the Mr. Basculin nod, the Bassarao Tickets employee is a Deep Cheep (a green fish) who says "good news".
  • I considered including a reference to Ray Trace somewhere in the scene at the post office, but I couldn't think of a way to work it in naturally.
  • The address for Place Holdings, 2120 Whomp Works Way, references the year that AKG4 took place.
  • At the end of this part, Shmaluigi mentions the events of the Hidden Mansion arc.
Part 3
  • This part is not only the largest installment of the section to date, smashing the previous record held by part 2 of Termination Notice, but my largest overall 'Shroom section so far. In fact, it was so big that the forums wouldn't let me post it. It's a running joke between Pitohui and I that whenever he's a guest writer, these get very long!
  • The Ukikis at the docks are a reference to Mario Party 7.
  • During their heart-to-heart and afterward, Shmaluigi intentionally drops the third-person when talking to Lana.
  • While pointing out the flaws in Lana's plan, Shmaluigi asks what will happen a hundred years from now when she's long gone. This was specifically meant to be a nod to AKG4, which took place about 100 years in the future in the bad timeline.
  • Coming up with the "final boss" was tricky and we ran through several enemies trying to come up with something! It started as a Sledge Bro. but I didn't really want to do that since Sledger was an already established character who worked for Monty Brando (and definitely wasn't bodyguard caliber). Other suggestions we threw back and forth were Broozer, Magon, Clubosaur, Sherm, and Naplock. The idea of "big Dry Bones with a bone club" was initially just an idle thought I had as something that would be neat in the Mario series while browsing enemies, and then... voila!
  • Although he could fulfill the role of one of Brando's guards, IG-11 was intentionally left out. My thought was that with the lengths Brando was going to to avoid being connected to this operation, he wouldn't have wanted any data related to it in the droid's databanks.
Part 1
  • Oh boy, this arc! This was originally two completely unrelated arcs. One would've tied up the remaining loose ends from AKGO and explore Perry's origins, and the other would have focused on Shmaisy. During a conversation with Pitohui and Rose about half a year earlier, I jokingly threw out the idea that Shmaisy was actually Shmaluigi's counterpart from the AKGO world and got pulled to the "main" world, but then we all thought that was pretty cool so I just rolled with it. As a result, Shmaisy got pulled into the AKGO story and the original story concept with her was scrapped entirely since it didn't fit anymore.
  • The idea of Shmaisy existed for a long time before this arc finally happened, but she kept not getting to exist for various reasons, and during that time she went through a lot of changes. Daisy's energy made her start out as a much more manic character, to the point of being actually crazy. The original arc would've had her as kind of a twist villain - she was going to be an obsessive fan who sought out Shmaluigi's help in solving a crime of some sort, only for it to be revealed at the end that she orchestrated it herself to get his attention. Also, she was going to be a Toad who used a Sneaky Parasol on the real Daisy. Later, she got reworked into the more traditional noir dame archetype, but still kept a very high energy personality until pretty late in the game. The final version of Shmaisy still has a few moments where she loses her composure, hinting that she's not as cool and collected as she lets on.
  • Shmaisy's reponse to seeing Shmwario was an intentional paraphrase of the memetic quote from The Phantom Menace, "This is getting out of hand, now there are two of them".
  • While not explicitly stated, it's implied that Shmaisy's parents were out of the picture for a long time because she grew up with her cousin, which was inspired by the original Super Mario Bros. film where Daisy's mother dies while she's an infant. The cousin herself is a stand-in for Peach since those two have been stated to be cousins in some materials (much like Wario and Waluigi, it's very inconsistent), and mostly exists to give Shmaisy a motivation for going after the Golden Phanto. (Canonically speaking, Vicia from AKGO is Peach's direct counterpart in that world.)
  • Chaos Town originally appeared as the setting of a couple of Revin's games, and often involves a lot of dimensional nonsense! It seemed like the perfect way to get Shmaluigi and co. across worlds while tying in a pre-existing community concept.
  • Fordley and Grunkle Science was largely the work of Revin, who came up with the idea of it being this dingy tourist trap sort of place. Fordley himself is a combination of Stanford and Stanley Pines from Gravity Falls (apparently, he even met them in his dimensional travels), continuing the theme of residents of Chaos Town being combinations of existing characters. He's the first ever guest character to be an original character created for this section.
Part 2
  • Polly was always my first choice to bring in here since she had the most substantial/memorable interactions with Shmaluigi of the player characters in AKGO, but I wasn't entirely sure about Auburn's availability to write for her at the time, so I came up with a backup plan just in case. Instead of being dropped in Monstropolis, they would've instead landed in London, where they would ideally run into Sholmes and Bushroot (if that didn't pan out, the backup backup plan was to bring Fern in). As much as I'm a fan of those two, I'm glad the original vision worked out.
  • Shmaluigi's speculative quip about the residents of Monstropolis really getting into Halloween in the middle of the summer is another little nod to Gravity Falls, specifically the Summerween episode. If I remember correctly, I thought about going further and having Shmaluigi allude to hearing about that happen before, but I must have pulled back on that since it's not there now.
  • The Monstropolis seen in this story is from Monster Prom, not Monsters, Inc., but Shmwario quipping about the odds of two Monstropolises existing is a little nod to both of them.
  • Auburn gave me a few ideas for how the group could meet Polly, which also included haunting a hotel or just hanging out at some AKGO-relevant location like the docks. I liked the graffiti summon idea the best since it was funny and was the easiest way to move the story along.
  • An idea that I cut was to have Shmaluigi suddenly get apprehensive while reading the graffiti and hesitate, only for Shmwario to finish reading it off and summon Polly anyway. Before I talked with Auburn, I thought maybe they would go to her house, where Shmwario would've done this with the doorbell instead.
Part 3
  • Originally I thought about doing a more direct counterpart of Ms. Broxy for Shmaisy's landlord, but instead I ended up going with Norris instead. Yeah, he's a pretty thinly-veiled nod to Morris, who has appeared many times in this section. I'll leave it up to Pitohui whether he's a direct counterpart, but there's enough of a resemblance to make Shmaluigi feel uneasy (though not quite able to place why). Either way, I thought it would be funny for Shmaisy to have to deal with a similar character while still putting a twist on it.
  • While searching for information on Perry, Shmaluigi brings up "creepy ghost-tree whatever things", referring to the HellValleySkyTree creatures from Super Mario Galaxy. They seemed like a good Bigfoot equivalent for the Mario world.
  • Jim Adhesive's name is a James Bond spoof, while Ulysses Rika is meant to be a counterpart for Professor E. Gadd. His name is similarly a pun on "eureka". Rika's address, 9297 Criminy Parkway, is a combination of the address of Doofenshmirtz Evil Incorporated from Phineas and Ferb (9297 Polly Parkway) with an E. Gadd-ism which came from a list that Pitohui gave me. Finally, Rika's receptionist, Billy, is paired with a symbiote based on Mike Wazowski from Monsters, Inc., and I originally thought about being more on the nose and calling him Michael, but instead he's named after Mike's voice actor, Billy Crystal.
  • Dr. U. Rika's studies into the multiverse came about mostly out of need for a return trip. I also wanted to give my take on all the extra things being transported between worlds since there was really no explanation for it up until then. The exposition was something I thought of including at the end of the first part, but Fordley didn't seem quite right to deliver all of that.
  • I didn't necessarily want Dr. U. Rika to be a complete unashamed villain, mostly because I needed him to be okay with Perry targeting evil scientists, but I still needed there to be a conflict with him. His motivations were inspired by thinking about behaving ethically in scientific research and the limitations that necessitates. He doesn't intentionally set out to be evil, but he has no concern whatsoever what the effects of his research are for others or the world at large.
  • For those unaware, the Experiment 626 symbiote takes the appearance of Stitch from Lilo & Stitch.
  • Shmwario saying that he thinks he'd be a farmer if he wasn't living in the big city is a reference to Wario Land II.
  • Because we were getting really close to Issue 200 at this point, GBA and LTQ were both really busy, so Cel is the first time I've written someone else's character in this section - with permission and their final approval over the dialogue, of course. I believe this is the first time she's been depicted with a cybernetic arm, after losing one in the finale of AKGO.
  • The concept for this one goes back quite a while, it was actually pitched to me by Magolor back in May 2022! I decided to save it for later because I was already developing Tooth and Nail at the time. It also would've immediately followed Crunch Time, and I didn't really want to do two stories in a row revolving around WT Cereal. But we finally got it for the Halloween 2023 special! The name was also Magolor's idea, and uh, I'm shocked I didn't think of it myself.
  • The new candy that WT mentions is Dr. Frankentime's Mystery Candy, which appeared in Consumer Corner in the same issue. Cross-promotion!
  • Shmaluigi mentioning that his sporting equipment was being used more often as makeshift weapons calls back to Tooth and Nail. This time around he uses golf clubs since his tennis racket busted in that story.
  • WT's weird gun first appeared in the final Waluigi Time Comic I made for the Cool Colors vs. Warm Colors 'Shroomfest. It can also shoot cereal bits and streams of ketchup and mayo!
  • Bob first appeared in one of the Waluigi Time Comics I made for Issue 175. He had a pretty big appearance gap, so I considered also putting him in Consumer Corner in this issue to remind people that he exists, but I decided against it.
  • Several villains from Shmaluigi's past cases reappear in this one! Had to be big for 200, right? They were all the villains of previous arcs, except for Bandwich, who was from my Favorite Modern Game presentation for the 2021 Mario Awards. Not every villain comes back - I picked these five because I wanted ones who were career criminals and already arrested to be part of a prison break (therefore excluding characters like Monty Brando or Phineas J. Shoe).
  • The returning villains have their full names revealed for the first time. Robert Arie (Bandwich) is a pun on robbery, just shorten his first name to Rob. Albert Koopone (Terrakingpin) is a reference to who else but Al Capone, who Bowser already spoofed in the Super Show but I'm doing it again! Count Tyrannos' first name, Bram, references Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula. Finally, Blizzman's first name, Shawn, is a reference to Dick Shawn, the original voice of Snow Miser.
  • Earlier on, I planned to have Shmaluigi visit E. Gadd after learning about the prison break to check on the Puppetmaster. I ended up cutting this because it didn't really add anything to the story.
  • Lots of suggestions went around for the species of Shmaluigi's partner! Beanie, Kremling, Shy Guy, Sumo Bro., Rabbid, Tiki, Toad, Wiggler, and Doogan were all suggested before I went with a Yoshi.
  • Detective Yosh's name is more interesting than it seems, I was going for a pun on the name Yost.
  • Just like the villains, the other characters during the crime wave are mostly returning from previous arcs, except for Cayde, Zerris, Virovirokun, and Walter. The locations are mostly new with connections to previous characters, except for JojaMart and M-corporated, which showed up before.
  • I wanted to squeeze in a few extra cameos, but unfortunately I was running up too close against the deadline so they ended up not happening. Had plans not fallen through, at one point Shmaluigi and Yosh would be listening to the radio and hear the opening of an interview between Andergoom Shoeper from Interview with a Shoe and Cornelius. After that, they would've switched stations, and the DJ would mention "The Worst Enemies" from Zange's 2023 Worst Enemy presentation. I was also considering having Anna from Toad Brigade Mafia appear during the WT Cereal segment.
  • It's not really elaborated on much here, but the idea with Cayde being cagey about the contents of her purse is that she had an engagement ring in it, so it ties into MightyMario's special feature in this issue.
  • Alongside the Waluigi Time Comic in the same issue, this is the first appearance of Shbig's character rework, so he's Mr. Shbeeg now.
  • The Cereal Bob-ombs return from Issue 189's 'Shroom Holiday Scavenger, but WT's inability to sell them is a reference to Rose's Favorite 'Shroom Special Issue presentation in 2023.
  • The Toad and Koopa Troopa outside JojaMart are the same ones appearing in Tooth and Nail.
Part 1
  • When NS and I were working on the title for this arc, he pointed out that the last one we did, Sticky Situation, coincidentally shared a name with a Donkey Kong Country Returns level, so we did that again! Reckless Ride was another one we considered.
  • Writing the JojaMart intro was an interesting experience because it was the first time I'd done real-time collaborative writing with more than one person. It went pretty well, though!
  • An alternative idea was to have the Sticky Warrior staking out on top of a Joja warehouse rather than JojaMart itself. The meeting would've still taken place at JojaMart though, implying Morris dragged him all the way across town!
  • Morris' mention of a robotic assassin is a callback to the events of the Termination Notice arc.
  • "Gil" is revealed later in the arc to be an associate of the Sticky Warrior. I intentionally made him a Goomba as a nod to Goombuigi, since he'd worked with NS on several projects before. They're not the same character, though.
  • The reappearance of the docks is a nod to their appearance in Sticky Situation, and Shmaluigi makes reference to those events.
  • We wanted a powerful villain who would be able to go toe-to-toe with the Sticky Warrior, showing that neither of them were to be messed with. To emphasize that, we wanted them to be someone more focused on combat technique than brute strength. I suggested having someone who was still physically powerful to emphasize Sticky Warrior's prowess, staying in the fight against a clearly powerful opponent who was much bigger than him. My mind pretty quickly went to Kong, but NS suggested making them a Kremling and I liked that a lot better, and Kreep was born! His name is pretty on the nose, but that's very fitting for the Kremlings.
  • In an alternate timeline, Kreep had a monocle instead, spy villain style. We went with the eyepatch to make him feel more experienced in combat.
  • Since Kreep was written as an international criminal, I wanted him to have some minions from other Nintendo franchises, like Kirby. That never really happened because I just didn't have a good opportunity to write it in, but it's still canon. This somewhat survived through mentions of his actions in places like Inkopolis and Planet Popstar.
Part 2
  • Ms. Mowz is, I believe, the first canonical Mario character to appear in the section (not counting Detective Luigi, who I consider a unique interpretation). She was previously a prominent character in The Odyssey of a Squid, so naturally it made sense to have NS write her dialogue.
  • I needed a bit of scenery for Shmaluigi to look at before spotting the Sticky Warrior, so naturally, throw in a very distracting hot dog stand! It's a callback to the Most Disappointing Game collab I did with CoCo back in 2022, where it appeared as an important plot point.
  • Kreep's victim being a Chomp Bro. was a suggestion from NS when I asked for a tough enemy.
  • Shmaluigi hiding in the trashcan is a callback to Rogues in Rogueport Mafia, where he did this frequently.
Part 3
  • The choreography of the fight was drafted by NS, because he's a lot better at coming up with this sort of thing than I am! Kreep's moveset takes heavy inspiration from the Hyrule Warriors games, while Sticky Warrior uses a lot of Splatoon-based moves. The forbidden act, in terms of fighting style, is inspired by the chain attacks from Xenoblade Chronicles.
  • Though not mentioned by name, because Shmaluigi probably wouldn't recognize him, the Paratroopa spirit is Tucayo. Him, Meta, and NS (the Sticky Warrior is NS incognito, if you weren't already aware) were all Statistics Managers of The 'Shroom, hence the Trinity of the Statistics. I really like Sticky Warrior talking to Kreep like he's rejecting a 'Shroom application.
  • Shmaluigi's musing that Sticky Warrior would probably enjoy a KG is sort of a brick joke. He previously considered the possibility in part 3 of Cruise Control.
Part 1
  • This story was based on a concept Pitohui suggested a while back about a case revolving around a "stolen" key. It's not until later that the key is revealed to either be a Keyzer from Wario Land or a Yakkey-like character and they cut a deal with the main villain and just got up and left. I ended up going with the Keyzer since it seemed easier to make work as a species.
  • The idea of a guy being the last person in his neighborhood and refusing to sell to the real estate developer was inspired by real life stories of the same thing. Did you know that there's houses out there built in the middle of a highway because they wouldn't sell? Wild stuff.
  • "Dooglas Cain" is a pun on Doogan and Douglas, and the real last name Cain, in this case referencing canine.
  • The secretary being a Goombrat was another suggestion from Pitohui because I wasn't sure what species to commit to.
  • Mr. White is a recurring character from Rose's MarioBoards Investigations games, and a proprietor of Tesco. I thought it would be fun to namedrop him as a potential idea for what Cain would be doing with the new development. While not specifically mentioned here, there's a hint towards Tesco's business rivalry with the Joja Corporation.
  • The demolition crew is made up entirely of Wrecking Crew enemies! Those guys don't get enough love.
Part 2
  • Shmwario's stint as a treasure hunter refers to my Worst Obstacle collab with Blathers and CoCo from 2023, which shows him doing just that!
  • Oh boy, lore is happening in this part! Shmaisy returns to New Wikisburg, implying that the events of this story take place not too long after her appearance in MarioBoards Investigations 4. Her presence ultimately doesn't affect the story (she's not even heard over the phone), but I wanted to get that worldbuilding in. Shmaisy hassling Shmwario about his soda getting warm is also a reference to that game, where bottles of Squirt soda served warm from a vending machine (and the negative reactions from basically everyone) became a running gag.
Part 3
  • Lana Skye is back, following her appearance in the Cruise Control arc, so we get to see how things are going for her roughly a year later. I thought it would be fine to complicate things a little more beyond a simple find out who did it and arrest them, and what's more complicated than legal loopholes?
  • My original outline for this part played out a lot different, and honestly, worse! Originally, Cain was simply going to be bluffing and stalling for time, which would've been easily exposed by Lana. Shmaluigi would then return to Cain's office only to find he had left for Mushroom Hills already. Once Shmaluigi got there, Cain would've taken over one of the demolition cranes and then try to kill both Shmaluigi and Bubba in a "construction site accident", only to be stopped by the foreman, Eggbert Plante (more out of concern for his own reputation and equipment than anything else). Thankfully, Pitohui came up with a much more interesting angle pretty much on the fly when we started working on Lana's scene that changed Cain a lot and made him a more nuanced antagonist. In the final story, he's a lot less overtly villainous - he's a pretty unethical slimeball, but he genuinely believes that he's not doing anything that's actually criminal.
  • With the upcoming (at the time) The Thousand-Year Door special issue, I couldn't help but have it on my mind when Shmaluigi made a comment about backtracking in video games.
  • This originally wasn't on my schedule for the year at all, but the TTYD special getting pushed back to July gave me a good opportunity to slot this one in, considering Shmaluigi's roots in Rogues in Rogueport and all. Naturally, there's plenty of references to that game and namedrops for Detective Fulbright, the Erudite Goose, and the Sticky Warrior.
  • Lots of characters from The Thousand-Year Door appear, naturally! It's the most canonical Mario characters ever used in one of these stories, beating the previous record of a whole one.
  • Zess T.'s fiery temper towards Shmwario despite being a lot smaller reminds Shmaluigi of a similar situation with his landlord Ms. Broxy. We haven't seen her in a while, but she still gets mentioned from time to time.
  • I originally created Dr. Thomas Wattson for Rogues in Rogueport 2, which was planned to happen in 2023 but ultimately canceled. He's been sitting on the backburner since then, so now seemed like a perfect time to finally use him! Probably obvious, but he's a spoof of Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes stories. His first name is a nod to Thomas Edison, because, well, electricity!
  • Originally, there was just going to be one Spania villain that they were after, but I couldn't come up with a good "spin" pun name. While I was thinking with similar words, I started with "rotate", so they got doubled to make the pun - Rowe and Tate. Also, one of them was going to be an ordinary Spinia at first, but describing them in writing just ended up being clunky, so they both became Spanias to make it easier.
  • Shmaluigi wishing he could quickly spin across town is a reference to the Spin Dash move from the original Paper Mario, and its absence in The Thousand-Year Door.
  • I considered having Gus appear to block the road leading to the Robbo hideout, but that wouldn't have made much sense because Shmaluigi already visited the Trouble Center earlier in the story. I could've gone back and added him there, but it didn't seem very good for pacing. Maybe it was his day off.
  • Shmwario's Bros. Stack move references the various techniques from the Mario & Luigi games. Shmaluigi and Shmwario also used Bros. Moves in the Mario Boards Mega Brawl, but this is the first "canonical" depiction of something like that happening.
  • I like to look up names before I use them! Apparently Tate is English in origin, so they both get accents.
  • Building off of "elementary" and Dr. Wattson already being a Lil Sparky, it made sense for his former companion to be an elemental-based enemy as well. I was originally thinking Lava Bubble, but Li'l Cinder worked better for the Charredrock pun.
  • Charredrock Holmes dying alongside his archnemesis is a nod to the Sherlock Holmes story "The Final Problem", where Holmes (apparently) dies alongside Moriarty. (At least until he got retconned back to life because the fans wanted more Holmes stories!)
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Decided to split up the characters into three categories for nicer organization.

Characters - Detectives and Investigators
The chief agents of the never-ending fight against crime.
Chief Palmer
Species: Pianta

The current chief of the New Wikisburg Police Department. He got the position after his predecessor resigned shortly after the investigation of a Killing Game which took place at The 'Shroom HQ. He begrudgingly puts up with Shmaluigi's frequent, unannounced, and lengthy absences from work because he's good at what he does, but some say he's too soft for it.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • Diamond in the Rough
  • If The Shoe Fits
  • Sticky Situation
  • Brains and Brawn
  • Uneasy Alliance
  • Tidal Terror
Cici Shell
Species: Noki

The deputy chief of the New Wikisburg Police Department. In contrast to her boss, she displays a bubbly, upbeat personality.

  • If The Shoe Fits
  • Brains and Brawn
Detective Bobby Fulbright
Species: Human
Written by: Reverse Input

"In justice we trust!"

A seasoned detective and a close ally of Shmaluigi. His dedication to the pursuit of justice is without a doubt his true calling in life.

Shmaluigi first met Detective Fulbright when he was the head investigator while trying to bust a mafia in Rogueport. Shmaluigi credits his time working with Fulbright to being instrumental to his increased success in dealing with mafias, which he had very little success with beforehand. After the successful conclusion of the case, the two of them kept in touch.

  • Hidden Mansion
Detective Luigi Idraulico
Species: Human
Written by: Cosmic Cowboy

Famed hero turned detective, running a small agency in the city with his wife Yuri. He shares a mostly friendly rivalry with Shmaluigi.

  • Tooth and Nail
  • Uneasy Alliance
Detective Yosh
Species: Yoshi

A rookie NWPD detective who ended up partnered with Shmaluigi on a case by Chief Palmer's orders.

  • Uneasy Alliance
Ema Skye
Species: Human
Written by: Hooded Pitohui

An aspiring forensic investigator. She met Shmaluigi during the investigation in Rogueport, where she unfortunately met her end after getting involved with the mafia there. Ema's death haunts Shmaluigi to this day, and he has vowed to continue her legacy.

  • Tooth and Nail
The Erudite Goose
Species: Goose
Written by: Luigi 64DD

A very eloquent goose detective. His vocabulary and manner of speaking vary depending on what object the Goose holds in his beak. His signature pipe results in his characteristic verbosity and refined speech.

Shmaluigi met the Goose while the two of them were working on a case involving a mafia in Rogueport together. The investigative skills of the two of them combined led to a fairly quick and decisive victory for the investigators. The two of them have remained in touch since then.

  • Hidden Mansion
Lana Skye
Species: Human
Written by: Hooded Pitohui

An attorney and the elder sister of the late Ema Skye.

  • Cruise Control
Species: Human

A private investigator originating from another world. Her former target was the notorious Golden Phanto, but after their death, she decided to move to the Mushroom Kingdom for a fresh start.

  • The Wildflower
Species: Human

A successful private investigator with a mysterious past. Following tragic events involving Monty Brando, Shmaluigi dedicated himself to taking down all mafias and joined the New Wikisburg Police Department as a detective, despite only having minimal training from a How To Be A Detective For Dummies book he bought on clearance. Finding no success in busting mafias, he eventually ran off to Rogueport on a whim after hearing of increased mafia activity in the port town. His success there and working with other more experienced investigators inspired him to become a private investigator upon his return to New Wikisburg.

  • All of them. What did you expect?
Model: Modified Gearmo

Snarky member of the tentatively named Mystery Dudes. He has been heavily modified by Shmukiki to be able to use a myriad of gadgetry.

  • Through the Groucho Glass
Species: Ninji

Combat expert of the tentatively named Mystery Dudes, although he prefers the name Truthseekers.

  • Through the Groucho Glass
Species: Polterpup

Shmostarenan's pet Polterpup and a de facto member of the Mystery Dudes. She can't speak, but communicates with the rest of the group by painting surprisingly informative pictures in ectoplasm.

  • Through the Groucho Glass
Species: Tostarenan

Shmaluigi imitator and leader of the tentatively named Mystery Dudes.

  • Through the Groucho Glass
Shmue Toad
Species: Toad
Written by: Roserade

A member of the New Wikisburg Police Department with a suspicious resemblance to Shmaluigi. He frequently antagonizes the private investigator during their interactions.

  • Hidden Mansion
  • Brains and Brawn
  • Uneasy Alliance
Species: Ukiki

Engineer for the tentatively named Mystery Dudes, although he prefers the name Fact Finders.

  • Through the Groucho Glass
Species: Human

Shmaluigi's big brother. A private investigator himself, he remains trapped in the shadow of his little bro, lacking Shmaluigi's detective skills, recognition, or social graces. Despite this, he cares a great deal for his brother, and he's always up for helping Shmaluigi out - even if that means he's going to hold it over his head for a while.

  • Crunch Time
  • Tooth and Nail
  • Mr. White Christmas
  • Brains and Brawn
  • Cruise Control
  • The Wildflower
The Sticky Warrior
Species: Inkling
Written by: Ninja Squid

A mysterious ninja warrior. Shmaluigi and the Sticky Warrior first met during an investigation in Rogueport, and have crossed paths on a few occasions since. His unorthodox methods and reckless behavior tend to make Shmaluigi a bit nervous.

  • Sticky Situation
  • Tidal Terror
Yuri Idraulico
Species: Human?
Written by: Cosmic Cowboy

Wife and investigative partner of Detective Luigi. She was originally an AI phone assistant before being brought to the physical world with Professor E. Gadd's Pixelator. She remains on more pleasant terms with Shmaluigi than her husband does.

  • Tooth and Nail
  • Uneasy Alliance