Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course Pass - Your Favorite Course(/s)

Which Booster Pass Courses are your favorites?

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I figure as Wave 2 is coming soon. A general thread for keeping track of our favorites. The poll will be updated each time a new pack is revealed/released. But for now will have only naturally have Wave 1 and 2 as of this OP post. Feel free to wait until after you've actually played on the courses to vote for the Wave 2 courses coming out soon. Though some of you may love the courses from past games enough to already choose it beforehand. But even if you somehow end up disliking what the game does to your favorite past course, you should be free to change your vote.

You also have unlimited choice of tracks so you can freely choose that you like them all if you wish. But you may want to focus on your particular favorites to get an idea of what the community's favorite tracks are.
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out of the ones ive played so far, Shroom Ridge is by far my favorite, it's the best one to play on in 200cc and I legit had a lot of fun with it.
From Wave 1, Shroom Ridge is my favorite course. I love courses with sharp turns that encourage a lot of drifting (such as Neo Bowser City) and that, plus the moving vehicles and the music make this one a personal highlight.

From Wave 2, I'm looking forward to Kalimari Desert and Waluigi Pinball the most. Kalimari Desert was my favorite course in Mario Kart 64, I particularly remember messing around on the tracks in Time Trials. I'm looking forward to Waluigi Pinball as well, it was one of my favorites in Mario Kart DS.
Coconut Mall, Waluigi Pinball, and Mushroom Gorge are always good, but Sky-High Sundae is good too, especially since I'm excited there are new courses in the DLC, I didn't think there would be.
What did Mario Circuit 3 do to share a spot with Toad Circuit. Last time I checked, it wasn't themed after Toads.
I think from wave 1 Ninja Hidewaway is the best
From wave 2 Kalamari Desert is the best.
(P.S. This is from after wave 2 released. So please do not go after this reply or whatever you guys call it.
I have added the Wave 3 courses to the poll.

My favorite of this wave was naturally... 3DS Rainbow Road.
I have now added the Wave 4 courses to the poll.

As for my favorites from this wave, I'd say it'd be the new Yoshi's Island track as well as Waluigi Stadium ^^
I've revised my votes to be more selective, since there's 2 more waves since the last time I voted. So some of them no longer have my vote as they've been overshadowed by newer additions. I voted for:
-Choco Mountain
-Coconut Mall
-Shroom Ridge
-Sky Garden
-Ninja Hideaway
-Kalimari Desert
-Waluigi Pinball
-Sky-High Sundae
-Maple Treeway
-Peach Gardens
-3DS Rainbow Road
-Riverside Park
-DK Summit
-Yoshi's Island
-DS Mario Circuit
-Waluigi Stadium
I've added the Wave 5 courses to the Poll. Unlike most of the others, I didn't have a huge favorite but that didn't mean I hate this wave or anything.

I think my favorite part of this round is just them adding Kamek as a character, just based on how he's been screwed out of it since Mario Kart 64.
Yoshi's Island is my all time fav for how it covers a lot of different terrain and is very zany.

Sky High Sundaes cool because it's the first to introduce a real sense of "climbing then dropping"

Also love all the courses that are different roads every lap.
The Booster Course pass is now finished! You can now vote for all your favorites! I think my favorite from the final pack was DK Mountain
I was NOT expecting them to go this hard on wii rainbow road but I'm so happy they have (rest of the wave is awesome too it might actually be my favorite one)