Funny nicknames you use for Mario characters


Dynamite Duck
I call Bowser sometimes Booser or Booser the Loser.

What nicknames do you have for characters.

*non mario but I sometimes call Crash Bandicoot "Cash Banooca". Bonus points if you know the reference. :yoshi:*

(ignore player 7, he's supposed to be Cutey Bikey)

anyway witness my horrible habits, basically all of them just being misspellings
- bowcer (reference to a hysterical meme i saw in like march. idk if i can find it but it was like "BOWCER" "SORRY FOR LOW QUALITY")
- mariop
- donky kong (similarly, also didy and dixy, and yoshy, i guess capy and also toadete. poky?)
- tode/toab/dode

- luigy/linguini (also waluigy)
- not a character specifically but piata, noky
- rabbid peach (evil)
im sure theres more that i cant think of at the moment but yeah theyre all like this
My Nicknames for Mario characters:
Toad = Fungus.
Waluigi = Perfect Guy.
Yoshi = YoYossy
I know this was short but hey, at least I have one.
i just always call toads bups now. and no im not changing my name to bupgamer

anyway i call so many characters in general stupid names that it's hard to say all of them, i guess ill just say that i call bowser "bozer" most of the time
I call toad and toadette the bulbous heads. Do not look bulbous it is disgusting.
I call Birdo Alberto or alBIRDO
Luigi =Weegee or Linguine (like the dude in ratatouille)
I sometimes call Mario Malario even though Malaria is a dangerous disease I only think of an Italian Mosquito
Baby Yoshi=Moshi
Yoshi=Yo Shmo
Luigi=Green Mario
Mario=Red Mario
Toad=Blue Mario
Toadette=Pink Mario
......... is his nickname. He's named like that because he was the OG silent character in Brawl.
Before I knew about Mario Wiki or that rugby with protective gear is actually referred to as American football, I was calling Chargin' Chucks "rugbyists" and it kinda stuck to me.

or The Bowz
Modding the game. They both use msbt files so they're easy to change around.