Make up puppet fighters


Me and my pencil
You know how in SSBU there are Fighters who represent Spirits? (Like Ghast is represented by Metal Jigglypuff, Zombie is represented by Zombie, and so on and so forth.)

Well, sometimes I do that in an eight-player match just for the heck of it. But I make up who's who.

For example:
Luigi's Mansion battle:
Luigi (Luigi)
Kirby Alt. 6 (Boo)
Ness Alt. 7 (Chauncey)
Lucario Alt. 2 (Bogmire)
King Dedede Alt. 6 (Big Boo, Boolussus, or King Boo)
Little Mac Alt. 8 (Greenies)
Incineroar (Basically all buff red ghosts)
Mr. Game & Watch (The huge spider queen from DM)

Undertale battle:
Sans Mii Gunner (Sans)
Wii Fit Trainer Alt. 6 (Papyrus)
Byleth Alt. 2 (Undyne)
Isabelle Alt. 2 (Alphys)
Zelda Alt. 6 (Toriel)
Ganondorf Alt. 7 (Asgore)
R.O.B. Alt. 4 (Mettaton)
Kirby Alt. 6 (Nastablook)

What are your ideas for set ups like this?

(I'll add any more I come up with as well. And yeah, this is kind of stupid, but I like doing it.)

Kirb Ghost.