Is playing mario 64 safe?

So I was wondering if it is safe (non harmful) to play super Mario 64 in any way because of the "personalization artifical intelligence". Are all of the conspricay theories about Mario 64 housing an unstable and expiermental AI, and the attempts of nintendo to cover it up and censor the source code real or is Super Mario 64 just another game made by nintendo to be fun? I need to know because I want to play the game but I am worried I could get a stroke or nightmares or something.


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It’s just a fake creepypasta, just enjoy yourself and play it. Don’t believe everything you see on the internet. Nintendo just made a game to be enjoyed, not a game to manipulate anyone.
Yeah. I think most of it just came from the "Mandela Effect". Because in the final level in Call Of Duty: Black Ops II, the main villian broadcasts a message saying "opulence is sinful and we all pay for it", and remembered it as "Opulence is a sin" instead of sinful. I looked it up and thought "huh, thats not what I remembered". I then replayed the level and he did indeed say sinful instead of sin. I think the "every copy is personalized" thing is just mandela effects made creepy.


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Yeah Mandela Effect is the (nonsense) thing about misremembering stuff and assuming you're now in a parallel dimension (as opposed to, you know, you just misremembering a quote/logo/term because memory isn't infallible, look up the study where they showed a bunch of people fake advertisements for Disneyland featuring Bugs Bunny and like 1/3rd of them later insisted that they had memories of meeting and being hugged by Bugs at the theme park, despite Bugs not being a Disney character).

The Mario 64 personalization stuff was just made up because SM64 has basically had nearly everything about the game itself taken apart and analyzed by hardcore fans already, so it's just a way to pretend that there's still more mysterious stuff to this game that we haven't found yet.

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Part of the reason for the personalization meme is that a lot of people played sm64 when they were very young and therefore have vague, hazy memories of things in the game that could be largely misremembered. Couple that with the early 3D graphics making everything look more abstract and unclear and you get people feeling like there's more mysterious stuff to the game that has disappeared or is hidden.

Besides, they already got that covered if they did want to make a game to manipulate people.
Can't wait to spend my life savings on buying rubies so I can roll Wario (Apparition) only to have him brick my phone.

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I played a pirated copy of Super Mario 64, which we all know is the most dangerous copy. ;P
Got it.
The main problem I have with refuting the theory (with the refution of the theory seeming extremely plausible) is that everything you can say to refute it can be deflected/shot down with a part of the theory. Example

1. Well in ROM's of the game and rereleases those effects don't appear. Counterpoint: Well that is because Nintendo themselves released the ROM's to pirates and those roms were roms with the AI removed. Same thing for rereleases.

2. The game's source code does not have any evidence of that. Counter: That is because the source code that the genpop has is censored with the AI removed.

^^I don't believe this stuff, this is just what I have read. I think that Super Mario 64 being a normal game is likely.^^

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I think the "theory" is very farfetched to begin with though, even if parts of it can "debunk" opposition. The idea that Nintendo somehow would create some sort of AI that modifies every copy of a game is bizarre enough as it is, now remember that supposedly this would've been done back in the 90s and would need to be lightweight enough to run on the Nintendo 64. Also, the idea that Nintendo would keep this a secret and actively censor it - if it was real, it would be very groundbreaking technology, probably enough to be a selling point of the game.


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There are version differences like:
- PAL patched to remove bugs and BLJ
- Shindou patched to add rumble and remove 'so long gay bowser'

But this is large-scale and not individual copies.

Algorithmic difficulty is a thing but there's no evidence to suggest it exists in SM64. Nor that it's dangerous? SM64 speedrunning is big in part to its predictability. Enemies, levels and Mario's movement are consistent so people can share routes.

There are 'personalised' copies of other games. Any game that relies on randomness like Pokemon or Diablo have a different 'seed' per game file to make the experience unique for each person. I'm not sure how much randomness is in SM64 but if any it would be really boring like how many flames appear when Bowser breathes fire.

Can someone link the creepypasta? I'm curious.


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Since the release of Super Mario 64, the western world has been witness to increasing wealth disparity, social unrests, and unprecedented pandemics.

Make of that as you will.
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Since the release of Super Mario 64, the western world has been witness to increasingly wealth disparity, social unrests, and unprecedented pandemics.

Make of that as you will.
This has been a trend since the 80s so Ronald Reagan is responsible for personalised SM64
Glowsquid: Dude what? Where is the sauce? Also thats purely circumstanital, many things happened in 1996

Santanoice: Just look up "Wario apparition"


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idk about you guys, but once during one of my first playthroughs, I hopped into that volcano and entered a lava castle level. Looked like the end of Bowser in the Fire Sea, but it was only the pillars, and there were two Stars on them, like you'd see in the volcano. But invisible walls prevented collecting the Stars, and the area disabled the pause menu. The only way out was death. That area never appeared again.


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People like making up scary stuff cause they think it's fun, it's best you don't believe everything you see on the internet cause even "evidence" can be falsified or blamed on coincidences rather than definite proof, for example

These Thowmps look green but they are still blue, it's just the lighting, of course people who don't know that will simply say they are green
Additionally, people are more understanding of how older games work, someone playing a regular copy of Mario Kart 64 will never play Marty, the Thowmp behind bars no matter what they do, but a person who undstands tech and computers being more advanced can do this
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a super duper advanced neural network ai that can read your mind isnt.. really viable even nowadays even let alone in 1996
i feel like at the moment only a highly experimental indie game can have something like personalised copies, and even then it wont be able to read your mind so itd prob have to use some other form of input for that