Cryptic Mario Party DS in game Anti Piracy Message


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Over the past few days videos by a YouTuber who goes by the name of Joey Perloni has been going viral seemly showing cryptic in game anti piracy measures in Mario Party DS. Developers inserting anti piracy messages into games but this is very interesting. Below are two videos showcasing this:
Highly likely this is fake but either way this is very cleverly done and it gets you thinking.


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i dont think its in the style of normal anti piracy measures anyway. even if they heck around with the game anyway id imagine they just make it really irritating to play after a bit and also become unbeatable due to the final boss resetting everything or something like that i know both spyro and earthbound did something like that
either way they dont turn it into. a creepypasta

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Not forgetting this one as well:

Literally every one of the last 5 bonuses are Death By Thwomp, and a quote that says "Bwahaha! Criminal chumps like you have no place in this party! Get out of here!"

Also, lol at the Monty Mole Boss Level description:
Title: RUN.
Rules: There is nothing you can do.
Controls: None.

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This is a complete fabrication. I've personally played Mario Party DS on the R4, to the end (and then I bought a copy of Mario Party DS) and given how popular piracy is, it's really odd such a screen would take so many years to finally materialize. I say the way it's done looks really amateur too.


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anti-piracy measures are rarely, if ever, this dramatic. they typically make it just a pain in the ass to play.

they rarely work too since there's always ways around them.


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Just a heads up: Two more fake anti-piracy screens have showed up.

Once again, it's obvious that these are just fabrications. I've played the game and haven't encountered these screens at all during play-throughs.
Yeah those are mockups. Also, the anti-piracy measure in the indie game Just Shapes And Beats is really cool, it consists of the developer giving a speech to the player. Its cool you should watch it.