What is your favorite version of the songs from SMB1?

Susie McCallister

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Pretty much every song from SMB1 has been remixed more than once, heck, the only one that doesn't get remixed every other game is Bowser's castle theme, with a lot to choose from, it's easy to have an all time favorite.

Of all the remixes of the ground theme, underground theme, underwater theme, castle theme, Super Star theme and rescue Peach theme, what is your all time favorite?

My favorite of the ground theme is from the Toy Music album, my favorite version of the Underground is the 3D Land version, my favorite version of the Super Star theme is from Super Mario Run, undecided for the others

Dr. Eggman

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For the Underground Theme, I'd have to say the version used in Gritzy Caves from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time.

My favourite version of the Ground Theme is the remix in Brawl.

Metallic Mario from Super Mario 64 is my favourite version of the star theme, though there really isn't much in terms of competition as the other versions don't really do much with the song. Though I'd like to give an honourable mention to the remix in Mario Kart 64 on Club Circuit, as it does even more with the song then even Metallic Mario does.

Ray Trace

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Must...not...correct..the word..."remix"....

Overworld theme: Peach's Garden from Mario Superstar Baseball, Peach's Castle from Super Smash Bros. Melee (which also incorporates the underground theme as its bass line as well!) and Super Smash Bros. Brawl rearrangement

Underground: Hazy Maze Cave

Underwater: Rearrangement from Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Punk Ocean from Mario Sports Mix

Castle: CD version of Bowser's Castle from Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Star Theme: Mario Strikers Charged Starman theme

idk about rescue Peach theme can't think of any that stand out


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i really like mario odyssey subterranean 1 and mk8 piranha plant slide for underground even despite being tired of the underground theme being reused over and over again
cant think of anything else though...


Ground theme: Odyssey's rendition in New Donk City Hall. The Poisoned Gooper Blooper battle in PMSS.
Underground: Eh, not really sure.
Starman: Metallic Cap is pretty sweet.

King Olly

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Ground theme: Battle Theme (PMTTYD), Super Mario's Blooper Bash (PMSS), Title Theme (MvsDK) which combined it with the arcade DK theme

Underground: Hazy Maze Cave (SM64), Palace of Shadow (PMTTYD), Nostalgic Underground (SPM)

Peach Rescued: The versions from SM64 and PM64.

Starman: An Unrivaled Battle (SPM), Kersti's Power (PMSS)


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For the ground themes, I liked the battle theme for TTYD, the mini game menu music from NSMB DS, the secret level theme from Sunshine, and Peach's Castle from Melee. I also like Plumber's rap (Both intros) and Do the Mario (Credits) from the Mario Super Show if that counts.

For underground themes, I like Hazy Maze/Wet Dry World from Mario 64.

For the water theme, there's one I like from a Mario Party 5 mini game called Submarathon. (Song is called "In Calm Water" apparently)

For the Star themes, I liked the one from 64/Melee, Metal Cap Theme from Mario 64, NES/SNES version of the star theme in Mario Bros 1/2/3. I also like the star theme/wing cap from Yoshi's island and Mario 64 if that counts.

I liked Castle themes from NSMB DS in that mini game where you prevent your bob-omb from getting blown up by the fire from a Bowser Machine. (Danger, Bob-omb! Danger!/Run, Bob-omb! Run! is the name of the minigame).

I liked the SNES version of clearing a castle in SMB1.

I liked the Peach is rescued theme from Japanese NES SMB2 and SM64.
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