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What is your idea for a new power up in the Mario series?
One idea I have is a surfboard that let's you summon waves and ride them, the downside is that if you get hit, you drop like a rock.

Another idea is a pasta power up in a 3d game that is rare but automatically restores all of your health and gives you an extra life to boot

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I feel the chicken suit alone would make my life. I know there was a planned Chicken Suit that was likely scrapped in favor for the Penguin Suit.

There's also an unused idea for a cloud Mario suit, and I feel developers can work from this

As for entirely new ideas, huh, well, a lot of ideas swimming in my head are cribbed from other games and other media such as thinking about Mario hurling his disjointed fist like an ARMS character or Rayman. I like the idea of Mario surfing, but I think it'll be a lot cooler if Mario can spawn fire waves to surf.


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a surfboard does sound cool yea. sounds like something that could let you really speedrun the levels
anyway i remember that dog mario thing on new year 2019? everyone was wondering if it lead anywhere but it didnt. itd be an interesting counterpart to the cat powerup but im not sure what itd even do
oh and in a convo discussig dog mario recently someone brought up rat mario and i ended up drawing that

it could be neat
ok i have no ideas


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Teen Titans powerups would make my day as unlikely as they may be.


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A Ty-foo powerup would be nice. Basically a wind-based powerup and unlike Cloud Mario, allows Mario to blow enemies away, or propel himself further in air. In general I would love more powerups inspired by enemies.

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I've always wanted to have a Mario game that let's you combine power-ups. Like flicking a tail as Raccoon Mario and subsequently spawning a fireball like Fire Mario.
Or once you start flying as Raccoon Mario the tail leaves a trail of ice (Ice Mario) that blocks Bullet Bills (or at least acts as a line of defense against them).
EDIT: I actually thought this up before I knew Kirby did it first, let alone before I knew Kirby.
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Dark Mario

Works similar to Fire/Ice Mario, except he throws globs of dark matter which can be aimed and upon hitting an enemy, said enemy disintegrates and releases a shockwave that kills nearby enemies. However only one glob can be out at a time. Can be charged for a bigger shockwave. Also all his voice clips sound pissed off and there's a subtle chaotic ambiance around him.

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TG once had this idea where we could have...

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I think I recall the powerup making you able to walk on any surface. Just a better Cat Suit without the claws, basically.

Oh yeah the item was a corn.

Though I guess if for whatever reason they decided to discard Yoshi for one game they could just make a powerup based on his abilities. Not something out of left-field tbh.