What type of animals would Mario characters be

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Proceed to throw all the "okay fury" and "Animal that already is a animal is that animal" jokes out of the way

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's get to thinking of this fun question

Personally, I think of Mario as a rabbit, Luigi as a macaw and Peach as a cat, those are just the ones that stick with me for some reason


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Mario and Luigi can be humans and Toads can be toads. I think it would be interesting.


For real though, maybe the nonhuman characters can be humans, like Yoshi, Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Birdo, etc....we've sorta seen it with Wendy in the cartoon even though it has a lot of unfortunate implications behind.

Not going to get started on the fucking emo demon Peach thing, though.

Toads can be axotls. They're tan, beady-eyed, and constantly smiling, like Toads.

E. Gadd can be a crow. Crows are extremely smart and inventive, so any sort of genius character should be a corvid.

Waluigi can be those horrible cellar spiders. Uuuuuuughh I hate those things and their long legs.


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Humans: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Wario, Waluigi, Rosalina, Pauline, Shy Guy
Chicken: Toad
Chameleon: Yoshi
Dog: Chain Chomp
Glass frog: Boo
Capibara: Goomba
Hedgehog: Spiny
Llama: Birdo
Hippos: Dorrie, Plessie
Piranha: Cheep Cheep
Turtle: Koopa Troopa
Rhino: Reznor
Dragons: Bowser, Bowser Jr., Koopalings
Gorillas: Donkey Kong, Boom Boom
Chimpanzees: Diddy Kong, Dixie Kong, rest of Kong family
Anything but a caterpillar: Wiggler

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Mario is such a dog. Like, the kind of dog that would be the focus of one of those inspirational dog movies. He is such a good, goofy boy, so everyone loves him and remarks what a good dog he is. Then, when the big bad guy comes along, he suddenly turns into a professional guard dog that can do anything, no matter how unrealistic.

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but Luma already coined bunnies as their fursona o:

I nominate Wario as a hamster. They're known to be hoarders.
and Waluigi as the Wahk Ness Monster, it's a cold and it's a broken waluigi. Some claim to hear his agonized moaning wahs in the distance. Some even tried to capture video of his long body extending from the sea.

Daisy's a skunk. Hi I'm spraysie! She loves flowers.

I second Mario & Luigi as puppers. They are good bois.

dat baby luigi said:
E. Gadd can be a crow. Crows are extremely smart and inventive, so any sort of genius character should be a corvid.
Interesting o: not an owl?
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remember the snake block? [awkward pause]
i guess the mario bros as dogs could work yea but consider: their patterns are similar to the tanooki/kitsune forms they get. so like mario is brown and kinda raccoon dog looking and luigi is yellow and kinda fox looking. i think it can happen with real life dogs who are siblings???
anyway i cnat realy think of anything else

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I one time made a drawing where I turned Mario characters into different species of animal.
Waluigi -> Cellar spider (or a goblin shark maybe?)
Yoshi -> Human
Toadette -> Frog
Toad -> Smelt
Luigi -> Crow
Baby Mario -> Mosquito
Wario -> Snail
Mario -> Opossum
Baby Luigi -> Earthworm

And there's some characters I'd hypothetically draw as another species of animal
Bowser -> Barnacle
Bowser Jr. -> Dolphin
Kamek -> Coral
Peach -> Lovebird
Daisy -> Horse
Cappy -> Jumping spider
Rosalina -> Whale
Wiggler -> Goat
Koopa -> Ant

And there's a bird version of things too, with more specific species of bird

Toad -> House sparrow
Yoshi -> Mallard
Waluigi -> Marabou stork
Luigi -> American crow OR male eclectus parrot
Wario -> Great tit
Daisy -> Allen's hummingbird
Mario -> Western gull OR female eclectus parrot
Peach -> Lovebird
Bowser -> Eurasian eagle-owl
Rosalina -> Great egret
Koopa -> Red-winged blackbird
Wiggler -> Baltimore oriole

This thread also reminds me of how fitting Mario and Luigi are for an eclectus parrot (as females come in red/blue while males are pure green), but Mario will have to go through a sex change.

And here's a picture of both of them for a quick reference.

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Those two tend not to be the first animal people think of when they think "animal", so they need to be represented here. But the idea of Bowser becoming so small, stationary, and harmless-looking amused me so much I had to do that.

Kamek, I'm not sure I just want to make people's eyes blink there too.