Telephone Pictionary - First Edition!


Monty Mole
Hello guys and welcome to the first edition of Telephone Pictionary!

The rules of this game are simple: Everybody gets to pick a prompt for someone else to draw, and send it to me. It would be lovely if it was themed to Mario, or any other video game character, but it doesn't have to. Then, another person will create a drawing of that prompt, and send it to me. Then, I will send that drawing to a third person, who will then describe the drawing, so that the fourth person will create a new drawing of the description the third person gave. This will go on until everybody in the game has contributed to each chain.
Here's an example of a game:
"Gotta go fast" - drawing of Sonic the blue hedgehog - "Blue porcupine" - drawing of blue haired monster - "Blue Monster" - drawing of soda can - "mountain dew" - drawing of foggy mountain - "Mount Everest".
You can see the idea. Most of the time, the chain's ending is completely different from how the game started. And that's the hilarity of the game. Even if you try hard, you can't predict how the rest of the players will have drawn or described.

The game will start when this game has 15 players, or (after that) in 14 days, or (after that) when this game has at least 7 players. This is to make sure the chains are long enough for confusion to have its chance.
How do you join?
You join by sending me a private message with your chosen prompt. When the game starts, I will announce it here, and send everybody a private message containing their prompt to make a drawing of. I will check on here every day, so don't worry when you receive nothing for a day or two, because that simply means that some people haven't finished drawing or describing yet.
When the game is over, I will show all chains one by one in the thread. I will also tell when something like this has happened: "Today, a chain reached the fifth rank for the first time!" That means that one chain has reached the fifth player to act already. You may rant about 'how many days until first chain reaches rank 6' or 'wow cool chain', but please DO NOT give away information about the game before a chain has been revealed. If you do so, the game is ruined, so don't do it, mmkay?

That's all for now folks! Send me a message with a prompt if you want to join, and tell me if you have questions so I can answer them! Let's-a have a lot of-a fun! YAHOOOO!


Monty Mole
Only two people in right now. Be sure to join this game if you want to play in it! If the game doesn't get 7 players before the deadline ends, I'm afraid I'll have to say this game goodbye because I'm going on a 9 month hiatus kinda thing soon (personal stuff, working on myself etc.). So join if you want to join, and don't wait 'till the deadline ends!