Goomba Tower counting


Monty Mole
This is a fun Mario-themed counting game!

The rules are simple:
There will be three teams. Two teams will compete against each other, while a third is a tie-breaking group of players. It's all about Mario jumping on some Goomba towers.
There are three teams:
The first team is the Mario team. The Mario team is anybody who has Mario in their name, or in their avatar.
The second team is the Builder team. The Builder team can build blocks that Mario can use to gain height.
The third team is the Bowser team. The Bowser team can add Goombas to their tower.

The Builder and Bowser team players can add to their block or Goomba count whenever someone else has made the last post. The goal is to try and make your stack higher than the other when a Mario player posts.
When a Mario player posts, Mario will try to jump on the Goombas. For that to happen, there need to be more blocks than Goombas, and the Bowser team loses a point. (Mario can't jump, that makes it more fair: he just leaps off) If Mario can't kill the Goombas, which happens when the Goomba Tower is higher than the Block Tower, then the Builder team loses a point. When there's a tie, Mario leaps off the blocks and kills the top Goomba, so for the Bowser team, the tower MUST be higher than the other team's tower.
Mario players can win when they've killed at least 4x (x>5) Goombas. x stands for the amount of rounds played. So at bare minimum, Mario must have killed at least 20 Goombas after five rounds. Any of the other teams win when the opposing team has lost at least five times.

Mario players: 0 Goombas killed

Builder team: 5 points left

Bowser team: 5 points left

Have fun!
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Monty Mole
Just realized that this game makes little sense because Mario players will just wait until the amount of blocks is equal to or higher than the amount of Goombas and try to make the amount of Goombas as high as possible, resulting in Mario players never posting.
2 goombas
1 block