Your favorite doctors in Dr. Mario. Favorite and least favorite.

Dr. Peach

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This thread is all about your favorite doctors in the Dr. Mario games.

For me here are them.

Most favorite
1. Dr. Peach
2. Dr. Baby Peach.
3. Dr. Mario
4. Dr. Bowser
5. Dr. Daisy
6. Dr. Baby Daisy

Least favorite.
1. Dr. Toad
2. Dr. Wario
3. Dr. Waluigi
4. Dr. Yoshi.
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Favorites: Dr. Baby Peach and Dr. Wendy

Least Favorites: Dr. Daisy, Dr. Waluigi, Dr. Baby Daisy, and Dr. Wario


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Favorites are Yoshi, Mario, Luigi, Bowser, and Peach.

Baby Daisy is a solid least favorite.

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I'll take this thread to remind you all that Dr. Baby Luigi canonically exists and he is very real.

*cute baby doctor*
Aw, look at his little happy face!
Uh, sorry, I have a soft spot for babies. Guess that's what happens when you have almost 20 cousins, many of which are still little.

Anyway, Dr. Mario cause he seems like he could be a part-sass-part-serious doctor. And I love me some sassy Mario. (that's gotta be the weirdest thing I've said about Mario)

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The more least likely they'd be a doctor, the better.

with that said, I wish there was a Dr. Chain-Chomp

Dr. Peach

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Dr. Peach is also a lovely doctor too. I like her as a character theme. She has a personality as a doctor and she is interesting. She's not boring as a doctor.