Type the above username without looking

Kringle Cat

Be true to yourself
How good is your keyboard memory?

In a spin of the pre existing topic, type the username above without looking at screen or keyboard, pretty simple, besides, the most dangerous word to mispell is duck


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
i already blindtype well so for an added challenge im just gonna type fast! so.
Anncr . Ktoro Mianmai
alright i mighta typed way too fast here hehe


Monty Mole

I have learnt how to type without looking at the keyboard since I was like 7 years old. So this was a piece of cake. In fact, allof this was also typed without looking at the keyboard. I was looking right in front of me, at a whiteboard with some almost invisible red ink written on it that says I should empty my garbage bin. It's from over 5 years ago I assume.

It's cool when you know how to type with your eyes closed. It's perfectly normal for me.


Alex95 (hands already in position)
ld95 (blindly placing hands in position)