Melee Tier List

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Luigi's decent, but not top tier. Same for Dr. Mario.
ICs and Jiggs are considered two of the best characters right now thanks to the power of wobbling that the former has, and the latter completely changing the way the game is played.
Ness is bad, lack of a range is a major flaw of his.
Marth is a good counterpick for the Spaceys (Fox & Falco). Roy has noodle sword so he can stay.

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I'm a Ness main in Melee and he is so bad and he just...feels terrible to play as. He has the worst dash grab range in the game, alongside to being suspectible to being grab-chained due to his...I think he has a grab release delay lag. The only thing he has going for him is his yoyo glitch and maybe some other glitches that crossed my mind, that's pretty much it.

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lol @ Bowser being mid tier in any tier list yet lists pichu in the bottom
I haven't played too much of Melee (and even so, primarily as Kirby and Mario), so a lot of that was either based on how they played in later games or borrowed from the official tier list.

Pichu is garbage though and I refuse to put The Intentional Handicap as anything above last.

Dr. Eggman

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You’re better with one character then you are with the other, but that in no way affects their tier placement.

Bowser is large heavyweight who is combo food, but has nothing meaningful to use in return.


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Self-damage doesn't automatically make you bad unless the move it comes with isn't worth it.

Also Pichu has some non-self-damaging moves in ultimate. Up air, Neutral Air, Up Smash, Jab— Oh wait this is a Melee tier list