zelen posts her art if she doesnt forget to


syuper mario in real loyf
figured id make one of these 😎 yeah so for start heres some ive done already
from the end of june, i redrew a thing from 2015

from the start of this month, me hecking around with pokemon fusions

luigi from earlier this week with a HAT FRIEND.. yeah winking to represent the L

from yesterday, this unused smw sprite

and finally. i Just finished this rex in sculptgl, really impressed how it turned out considering what sculptgl can do
im excited to share more!
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Dr. Baby Luigi

Mushroom Kingdom's Most Adorable Doctor
you should sketch your spore creatures


syuper mario in real loyf
not much this time
i wanted to make a smb3 koopa troopa more accurate to the artwork but that went nowhere so i did this instead, like right before i went to bed

i like how it turned out

played a club penguin server thing and it had a few alien puffle transformations and i went feral because in the original club penguin i had a green alien puffle who i missedf Very Much,

wwas lazy with this one


syuper mario in real loyf
may or may not have waited until the new software to post a batch anywyay there it is (extra big)

recolored a luigi skin i had already just to make so we back in the mine jokes

costume base for mario odyssey ive not done anything with since except robo mario

lemmy except hes tposing because i couldnt come up with a better pose

these two are spotted in moon kingdom so its canon also lochladies have been mentioned to be strong so i went wild with it also the tostarenans head turned out too big this will bother me til the end of time


really proud of this one

finally some spore creatures


syuper mario in real loyf
oh yeah my batches dont have to be that big
extra quick bobser jr

me on discord said:
accidentally made this in picrew yesterday shes a mummy who just sorta showed up in a tomb one day
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/534454974432804893/605900088530829501/unknown.png original lookf or reference

the default optins for a bug maker i plan to slap into picrew someday. Hopefully

lava bubble recolor to actually match lava in luncheon kingdom wow this one turned out baby size


syuper mario in real loyf
i havent been drawing too often lately 😔
i haev a headcanon based entirely off of nothing that tad rock from warios woods is warts son this loser decided he doesnt want to do Villainly and decided to compete with toad instead in Thing Stacking. Wart Was Very Disappointed

some random bonneter i designed and am never going to draw again

i think i went for a goofy face with the eyes but that backfired

more spore creatures

ignore the clyde thing it was me complaining about the discord bot thinking the image is nsfw

he snatch

yesterday i accidentally discovered this boss in donkey kong country returns. called mangoruby. and i think i fell in love with it instantly it is perfect


syuper mario in real loyf
i guess these are weelky now?
raptor man

after some heckinh around with sprites heres toadette if she originated in pm64 ...

turned out kinda bad but

spindrift but i kinda sorta slammed the original 64 design and the 64 ds design i swear ive spent more time on the flower than the rest of the drawing

moreso a quick funny to show a thing during a conversation but i spent more time on this than i needed to

lil revamped sml2 sprites ive been working on for like over a year. just that day ive added the worms, flying face, bone fish and noko bombette (i forgot a ton of names whoops)

another one for the middle of a conversation but then i decided to color it so

well i wanted to draw her looknig at the ruined dragon but halfway in decided nah so you jsut get an extra tiny baby insyead

my friend posted some swampert silhouette so i


syuper mario in real loyf
i say these are weekly and then miss a day
i keep not drawing too much lately
its puffer!

i dont have much to say aout this one either

more spore i caled this "crabtinent"

more MORE spore.. this is one of the maxis creautres you get with the game

gulpits are amazing and more people need to know about them

petey but the mouth is off whoops

me on discord part 25415 said:
just remembered this sea slug oc i made a few months back and then never did anything with so i drew him again
(forgot to mention: hes based off of a real life species https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nembrotha_cristata)

bonus recolor based off of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nembrotha_yonowae maybe they colud be siblings

and then i decided Hm. I Will Make A Maker Based On This (may abandon this one too)

and finally. a fuzzler


syuper mario in real loyf
i always foget when its been a week since the last one dam
steve in my kinda shading

a big boy. actually a small boy but whatever. a round boy.

some glydon costume. the third one is for pressing up

here he come, an angel

yet more captions from dsicord said:
my mom who was watching me draw this a bit asked if it was woody wodpecker

oh yeah cant go without globox especially since i may or may not have gotten obsessed over him
hes thinking very very hard with his one (1) braincell

heres a friend (going fishing)


snake from mario clash... their japanese name translates to something like snakey mom apparently this is VERY important

item shopkeeper!!!!!!!!!!! i love her!!!!!!


syuper mario in real loyf
awful hospital is a realley good webcomic i recommend if youre Not Sensitive to a fair bit of stuff like talking organs and flesh wals...

two on a site again which doesnt have fill tool. i had to color these Manually

i did want to draw him running (Without The Bag making him Absolutely Unrestrained) but i cant do poses so i guess a casual stroll it is

another redraw of a 2015 thing take a look at that void

attempts at elh coloration
i feel like it would have realy weird swirly colors just changing if it ever had colors ta all
i think i prefer it just blank white though


i really desperately needed to DRAW AN INSEC So i did

excited for the direct so i procrastinated by drawing smw colored mario doing the minecraft story mode pose

sequel to yesterdays drawing.. except this time luigis smw colors werent as easy to work with as they were with mario so i had to heck around a bit so excuse the purple moustache


syuper mario in real loyf
starting off with another skin like that steve i made a while ago

im gonna be honset i have no idea how i really just went and managed to do this

and now i have decided im gonna be drawing pm64 partners every day until im done with em..

traced over icky iggy for some reason. this barely even qualifies to be here

ended up inventing him in a friend server randomly

more partnetrs

i envisioned him to be a bit lankier when i first started drawing him but that didnt work out
anyway? new potential oc?


made this in a pony town custom server whoopssssss (original provided)