zelen posts her art if she doesnt forget to


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
we have a bunch more this time!! even some progress in my art in general happened over this week. also. Mario
umm more of my fluffy eyestalks lizards 😳 this is a variant that lives in colder regions, with especially long fur on the sides of the tail which i hope looks fine. as you can see the variation in their patterns can vary immensey



this one seems unremarkable but watch how it walks (in test drive only sadly)..

another water based thingy

https://synesthesia.me/see-your-name my friend posted this thing and my real name just gave me mario colors. so!
also it took me a stupid long amount of time to get his face to look right but im really happy with how it came out

redrew a thing i drew on march 2019

for valentines day i drew a lil love cobra thing

i was on pony town hanging out in my friends and saw a jesus rabbit. i doodled it
o hey third page


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
it felt like this week lasted ages but either way ive gotten a new better mouse so if the lines look smoother thats why!!!
were starting off from spore whoops! here i was picking random parts, but also colors(was able to pick the shade though) and patterns!

i thought itd be interesting to try and dress up a creature thats a template (not a good one mind you). oh yeah its also from 2014 like all those other ones coincidntrally

bruh moment

This thing

heres my last drawing with the previous mouse.. not as polished as my art usually is because it was like 2 am and i practically speedran drawing it

aand heres the first thing with the new mouse!! pretty satisfied with it!

didnt feel like drawing much so [hands you a slug] [hands you a slug] [hands yo

spikey stripey.. did something interesting with the highlights

absolutely outstanding snail from super mario adventures that just sorta chills in the bg in the first panel of one of the issues

last one is a sorta deaths head hawkmoth


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
we dont have too much this time because Laziness but! theres a ton of spore
which were immediately starting off with whoops

felt like making some cells as well

and then. this! https://raymanpc.com/wiki/en/Matuvu
this should be an interesting one. using sing makes it make pretty much the same sound as it makes in r3 so yea!
couldnt get the eyes to look too right because Spore Limitations but this should work fine enough

someone made a sort of wolf template and i ended up drawing a bird thing over it

felt like drawing an aquatic thingie, once more

something more upright for once

how do people make good vehicles in vehicle editors what the hell

i do like how this one turned out though

twig thing also it walks funny

Bird thing!

this is the last time spore appears in this batch i promise

for today heres a thing with leggy for Big jumps
get it its. february 29th

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you should link your spore pngs in this thread, in case idk a drive-by person is interested in them

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i'd like that rayman gecko thing creature and that green creature with the stupidly long legs and janky phyics.


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
im so sorry for how little art there is tihs time!! my laziness continues i hope its ok! so the majority of stuff here is just gonna be spore
which were starting off with


guy from playthrough i did earlier. i didnt plan out anything here and got diplomats. theyre weird.. birdish amphibianish things

attempt at making a sorta skin for myself but it ended up kinda all over the place

dressed up maxis creatures (two in one pic!)

another playthrough! was aiming for bards. yea they dont have vision and i also went the entirety of creature stage with the level 1 bite and sing (it went fine though)

yo more buges

someone drew a pic of a guy riding an animal in a desert and i really felt like drawing said animal..

More playthroughs! this one was traders


i wanted to make a like. mural thing with a billion circles. but i kinda gave up on it halfway in so thats all youre gettin

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did you give the outfitted maxis creatures any special titles? like "grooby the wanderer"?


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
nah i just keep their names i never even considered doing anything like that. i do give them funny descriptions sometimes but i cant remember the ones for those here off the top of m head (i dont think i even gave them a descirption actually)


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
ok its a bit better this time!! ive been experimenting a bunch too. also mar10 day happened over this week so of course i had to draw soemthing for it.. 👁
we start off with spore again though

another playthrough, this one was knights

nvm i like the captain outfit i made for these guys. you can see they have one eye but the helmet was made for creatures with two eyes so he had to improvise..

here is a babey (caught in the middle of blinking)

lineless test

well heres the mar10 thing!!! i didnt feel like drawing a full body but!

also doodled him because.. Mario Hair

more creachers (three in one pic!)

tried out some thicker lines im honestly really happy with how this came out

and again with a 3px line instead of the 2px lines i use normally. some worker ant lady!


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
not much yet again.. laziness! but i finally got around to drawing something ive been wanting to draw for a while
and that something is GLOBOX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

heres some spore creatures in one pic and i didnt realise they all ended up with one eye til someone commented "thats one eyed gang". shoutouts

remaking some old creatures with an extra new color variant

screw this [draws a crocodile thing]

desert guy?

hey remember vrytes??? im at it again! a proper drawing of the winged subspecies which ive named.. al. ya this whol species is just two letters

and then i retconned a drawing by 8 year old me that was related to spore into Another subspecies. they use their strong tails as a third leg pretty much. original drawing


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
featuring: a few rayman fanarts, a few of my own creachers, but mostly just spore again
heres a lil town i made in an adventure in like 5 seconds.. im not really good at this but either way i wanna make more cool enviroments

planty thingy

behold. my best creation of all

another remake

you may think this is bird but ... this is ANPHIBIAN..

feathery thingy


absolute unit

we were discussing tux paint for some reason, on this rayman server, and after i got asked if ive drawn any ray mans in it there was a suggestion of drawing him with ramen

i was planning on making more spore stuff then and then the direct mini just shows up like

rayed man 3 (text translation provided for convenience)
also technically i drew the rayman here earlier than the tux paint one but kept putting off finishing this for a while
edit: so i had this part saved in my private discord for like a week which i completely forgot about so might as well edit it in real quick. better late than never!
so this is a few weeks old but every month (except december) flight rising runs a skin contest for its festivals and ive been participating in each one since january. they lost so far but not this time.. this sunday [editin a note in: march 22nd specifically] one of my submissions for the mistral jamboree one actually somehow won!! https://www1.flightrising.com/game-database/item/33829

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rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
i nearly forgot multiple times whoops! well you know the thread title. anyway this ones just mostly spore sorry!!
so here was my second warrior playthrough. yes its a moth thing that can and will kill you

i heard birds outside and then felt like drawing a bird


return of the moth thing but heres the captain outfit cause i like how it turned out. she can Kick Ass

and now we got scientists!

last one! theyre zealots. instead of going for Dinosaur Body Type for the 948569458694th time i decided to go with a more quadrupedal one and i really do like how it turned out

and then, somehow, this convo happened and led to me drawin lasagna

wanted to draw something with eyes in a void face but kinda went overboard so now its just a supremely fluffy thing with peak character design eyes

doodle i swear hes strayinf further and further away from the pale white coloration taht got him his name

a few months back i made that dirt hut and mountain buildings that were both inspired by minecraft and im still really proud with em.. now heres a volcano factory. no minecraft inspiration this time because minecraft volcanoes dont real

im surprised i manged to make a vehicle im happy with

hidden cell editor shenanigans!

and then a lil batch


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
this time we have a Lot of doodles! i guess i dont currently have much energy to do much normal drawings and i hope thats ok
were starting off with tux paint shading practices using various brushes weirdly enough

so heres an old ass drawing and i decided to remake th creature from it. usig clues from these three lil drawings here (in the bottom right specifically), the name, and just what i vaguely remember of it
also im pretty sure the original drawing was a spore creature itself so like. it loops on itself! i am very sure thats not how the creature actually looked like though

and thsi dude..i gave em a cool space outfit but i dont have a pic of it apparently

a convo has reminded me of an oc i also abandnoed immediately as i tend to so i decided to maybe doodle em (and then went overboard with coloring)

iggy pulling an epic prank

i cant draw him with an open mouth wahhhh also context for the caption is adding eyebrows after ive sent the pic already. also fun story. the reason i drew this is that we were talking about sonic on the friend server and one suggested "everyone draw your favorite sonic character" and i dont even know what my favorite is yet so i drew globox as a funny. this is a bit of an inside joke. look he goes fast and rolls into a bal too!

heres a green puffle ive had across Three club penguin servers. its lemy! (the name is accurate!)

redrawing an old ass drawing this time. ill just link the original because the forum displays it in the wrong orientation ad i had to flip it initially because my phone wouldnt cooperate

somehow warts russian name coming from the words for crocodile and toad (the frog kind) led to that

heres some more things

im so sorry to bury this with spore rayman but yea. i am aware this looks awful but given vanilla spores limitations i tried my best and it.. didnt turn out that bad surprisingly! i had to go with a weird ass color scheme (actually taken from early r3 screenshots) just to make this look a bit better

also he animates surprisingly well despite everything coming from a single invisible limb! im genuinely kinda proud of this

heres an aquatic subspecies of these eyestalk lizards i keep makeing

um so this weird super sonic plush that got super long leg and they also appeared to be backwards

tux paint puffle you see this is funny because tux is a penguin and puffles are from c

and finally. This


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
i COMPLETELY forgot to post its currently sunday here oh god oh crap!!!! but thanks to timezones it should still be saturday for most of yall
anyway theres not much here. it be a lazy week
tested out some interetsin palettes and yes wow mario fanart on this mario forum

mario is so hard to draw wtfff anyway heres mostly ms paint with very minor paint.net touchups

now im expanding on the setting with minor creatures but they all have eyestalks lmao. heres.. an amphibian thing with feathers!

more of the

i was in the library or whatever vibin and move a few centimetres and then this man just digs me up a sock (the sock is food)

this is the creature i beat the hell out of everyone with, in creature stage, without evolving. it was fun!

these are very similar lookin maxis creatures with very similar names so forthe space outfits i decided to maek them similar.. but the more primitive species gets a more advanced otufit with cool gadgets, while the more advanced species gets a more primitive tribal outfit!

heckin around with tux paint and testing out shading with this brush


i had an idea of an old abandoned generator or factory, completely reclaimed by nature, but i think ive overdone it and now it just looks messy and confusing.. was fun to make though! i really wanna make more enviroments like this

tux paint once more, i recreated a pic i made out of maxis buildings in spore

ive been dressing up a ton of creatures lately so they generate in space stage. really proud of this one


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
lazy week part 2 but theres some stuff im really proud of!
also the first image here is rather spider lookin, so if possible avoid looking at it if you have arachnophobia! the rest is fine though

yoshi do be rockin that eyeshadow tho 😳 i cant do anything about that due to Spore Limitations but still im pretty proud of how this came out!! ESPECIALLY compared to the yoshi i made back in 2015

this ones im really happy with though it had no reason to be in tux paint. im sitll tryna figure out how to draw him properly but yea!

my cat at the moment of drawing this, drawn off of real life

like the yoshi i tried remaking the toad too. i cant say it succeeded

watching subjectively videos i randomly had an idea for maybe an oc? at least a costume. unfortunately i can not draw humans

gif is a lil fast than its supposed to be because of gifcam but yea turns out i do Animations sometimes

also these from february which i never posted until now. these should be the correct speed
the titles from rgiht to left are "me going to the kitchen to get bread" and "me exiting the kitchen with bread"

doodlin the

ok so back in 2015 and 2016 i had this yoshi oc.. he was vaguely based on my penguin in club penguin at the time for some reason! he never got a name, and probably a personality but i think i can figure out hes chaotic evil from what i mostly used him for. which is riffing on fnaf. im so sorry i know much better now

i dont like robo parts normally but i thought id make something with them for once (prob my first time using them in YEARS) and it actually turned out really cool and was a fun challenge

and now, bug

rare example of a playable character not returning between rayman origins and legends also this is my first time drawing a teensy im pretty sure

i havent drawn toads in so long i forgot how to do it


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
not a lot here at all im still lazy ahhh!!!
my cat! drawn in tux paint

rayman mosquitoe but i gave em antennae because no one can stop me

spore thingies

friend asked how do teensies even put shirts on with their schnozzes and this is waht i thought but i also kinda like how this doodle turned out as simple as it is

in rayman origins. beware the mini murray (i think thats the level name) can be completed without getting a single lum entirely! and yes this is two teensies in a row

thingy ??? i tried making something with No neck but uses grabby things near its mouth to grab food easier

it was may 1st which is the start of mermay so i drew a macrognathus siamensis thing for it. best fish .best fish.

more spore


Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome Mario
good mayo

I'd like to see the whole thing colored

by the way is there really an easter egg if you fail to collect any lums?


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
i was hoping thered be but nope sadly! thats why i drew that at all
theres not even a ui indicator to show the lums lmao


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
you want an exclusive edition? heres some of my art from before i made this thread! so its gonna look a lil stinky compared to now, but its an interesting look
july 2018. so i used to color miiverse stamps and i did a lot and then i just abruptly stopped that december whoops

12.01.2019. uh oh my old tiny art. heres a dreica, a sorta seagull thing from some aquatic world i started making that never really went anywhere

09.04.2019. SPITBALL SPARKY THE !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love sparky he is the best and peak charcater design

15.04.2019. cool thingy!

24.04.2019. sexy hair

09.05.2019. spore game and watch. prob my most accurate recreation of something in spore still

and dragoneel! as it turns out thats not exactly how the lower jaw looks like but whatever

30.05.2019. i went feral and remade a whole mario clash screenshot but kinda got lazy in places

12.06.2019. super mario land 2 antotto. Antotto from Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

18.06.2019. i have managed to cram ridley into a 24x24 space, after being disappointed smm2 had no costumes. outstanding

and gooigi!

22.06.2019. me and my smug ass mario amiibo who is named "i dair you"

28.06.2019. som bug lady?

06.07.2019. ignorance is bliss mentioned bowsers sister who is apparently a nerd and reads books so i tried to come up with a design for her. knida wanna redraw her again sometime

yesterday i drew a quick thing making fun of how i tend to slap the same few traits onto everything and i redrew it this time but it seems like it backfired on me and i love this a lot now

11.07.2019. this is cathy, i made her as an oc and then proceeded to draw her only twice ever as i just tend to..

last one is a group, using pics ive never posted before anywhere.. ok so back in 2014-2015 i made a whole bunch of creatures that like, showed how maxis cells would evolve into creature stage. though to be fair it feels more like creatures that just resemble the cells a lot. either way i decided to remake em all then and it was really fun!

ill get back to normal posts on saturday


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
so we got rayman fanarts.. yea! im glad im actually getting around to drawing it more often! and a buncha mario stuff too actually
but first. More tux paint shaded spheres .

randomly had the urge to make this. i wanted to see what i could do with a smb2 kinda pallete (but i mae the red more magentaish because yea)

rayman 2 felt like this (translation provided for convenience once again) also wow his r2 design was kinda fun to draw

a spaceship and im even pretty happy with it!

a more accurate ender dragon than those older ones were. however she is also less threatening looking

remember i mentioned colorig stamps in the previous post? i randomly remembered i used to do it and then just kinda went feral with this mvdk tipping stars one. even put way more effort into it than the other ones

Star fish


thikinf about those viruses dr mario world introduced that never got designs with any kinda limbs .. so i kinda wanted to see how theyd look. ive done this one before but i have more skills now im making em again!
also i know theres a pandemic going on outside and i have a sincere request can you guys please keep jokes regarding that to yourself :haa:

a while ago i said if you combine the r1 and origins designs for the magician you atcually get perfection so i finally got around to drawin it ..

heres another virus

wtf me draw SHIP ART??? Anyway if ubisoft is not gonna give us any globox and uglette content ever . Im Making It Myself


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
this time we actually have a lot more finished art and creature designs!! im pretty satisfied with it after how lazy the past few weeks have been
so first heres a dragon thing that looks like a bird a lot. those arent feathered wings for the record!

heres the weird endermite retexture

and parrots! theyre bee things


behold, my old ass ugly fakemon from late 2014-early 2015 back when my english was awful and thats why the descriptions are Like That. yea so im making them not be fakemon anymore

another old ass fakemon. now its just flightless and has like a billion razors for no reason, including razors for wings

mildly aquatic things

my sim do be stylish tho 😍 ok this is a more memey one but it did take a stupid amount of effort so here it goes

rayman in boxes

quick doodle of totally real new luigis mansion boo because i accidentally typoed shuotouts to wart appeaering in a employer handboo that was still amazing

so the idea i had in mind for redesigning Bob-Omb from the new pap ma was a hip chill dude even before it turned out thats kinda what he was anyway. and then i had a strong urge to draw it. so basically all he got was a brighter color scheme and a cap lmao

remember the viruses i was making???

ok im just satisfied with the first one here but um flight rising fanart . of my bogsneaks cause i wanted to illustrate their fin shapes
thats the first one here

another colored tux paint template

some train of thoughts led me to an idea and i just ahd to draw it. feathery yoshi.


rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
we just have critters mostly. really not a lot here
the whole way through and even after finishing this i still have no idea what kinda critter this is supposed to be but hecking around with shading here was fun

heres some creachers with one bonus illustration

cappy is fun to draw once you even figure out how to do it in the first place

yall really should make more noki ocs theres a lot of possibilities for the kinda designs you could do with the shells
for the record this isnt an oc

anemone thing