zelen posts her art if she doesnt forget to


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
not much intereesting to speak of theres a crapton of spore this time
mario sprite from the intellivision version of donkey kong

this looks so wonky because this was supposed to be a ms paint doodle at first before i went heck it and colored it

more creachers

fish dude

textured a bat inot this for some reason

more fusions like in the first post ... i sholud do more of these


dressed up one of my creatures i made in 2015, with nakey provided
its legs and one pair of arms arent attached
it floats them
rayman joke

im not the best at the building editor but god DANM im proud of this one. probably the best thing i made in it

bird some thing

angry birds stella deserved much better treatment than it got. willow was always my favorite from that game so here she is
i dont know how shes holding the brush with her feather hair but she just. Can apparently
woah second page


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
almost forgot! unfortunately im still not drawing too often lately i hope thats fine.
based a spaceship on one of the maxis cells!!

i likr. swaphoppers

ok so theres this mobile game called spore creatures. apparently rather similar to the ds version? anyway i replayed it a bit recently and made this in it

kinda went offboard with colors but i think it should be recognizeable enough

colorful ass Thingy

doodled rayman and ended up giving him babey energy
im still really happy with this

guess what.. spore

and finally a keyzer
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[fangirls over one character for months straight]
still not much : ( theres like One fanart but it should be prety interesting 👁
came up with some kinda. aquatic butterfly thing that floats on the surface of water and resembles a lilypad
note i have not come up with why it does that at all i just wanted to see this concept i came up with a few weeks ago

wyvern dude

a mosaic pattern? its tiled too. some lines are mirrored because i just wanted to see how thatd work but it was something id come to regret whoops

i had an immense urge to draw some random cat in a Bread Shape

this isnt based on any cat really i just went with orange because why not

ok so like. rayman 1 was planned to be on the snes at some point. at that stage in deveopment it apparently had co op and this is the character the second player controlled. she did Not appear in the final game or anywhere else in the series so rip

zelen designs something with fins part ∞


[fangirls over one character for months straight]
aight.. let me note that while ive already not been drawing much for a while, in the next few weeks i may end up drawing even less because of exams. after that ill be sure to get back into things
made a floaty island thingy in spore. m proud of how it came out

snakey thing

palette test!
i almost wasnt gonna finish the full body and just stop at the bust because i started coloring the head before finishing the lines like a fool and realised this was maybe way too ambitious
i went through with it anyway though

procrastinated by drawing a gryphon as some weird bird

i had no drawing ideas for the 465456th time but i thought of combining fire and an artctic animal something.. so this came out of it. this also doubled as a fire drawing practice and im pretty proud of how it came out

i used a random animal generator to see what i could combine and i went with swan and python and got This???