Let's further cut down on our Super Smash Bros. content.


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I noticed that Smash Bros. entries can rank really high on search results, probably just right after SmashWiki. What do we take from this?
We take that our wiki's Smash content is popular. But just because Wikipedia pages for games rank high on search results doesn't mean that Wikipedia should create articles of every single minor part of the game like we do, as they are not a Mario Wiki, just a general one. In this case we are a Mario Wiki, not a SMash one.


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Having additional search traffic is not really a bad thing, and it is relevant at the end of the day. And I do think the arguments in favour of keeping them are stronger than the ones against; and I do firmly believe it is a crossover in our coverage, not a guest appearance.

But one thing I am fundamentally opposed to is removing all reference to non-Mario parts of the Smash series on the wiki. To take the point of the Smart Bomb, someone may not come to the website specifically for that item, but if I came here looking for the Super Smash Bros. Brawl page, and didn't see it listed in any way, I would assume the page incomplete, look for a better website and it would be unlikely that I would return.
The headers for the sections in the Smash page will clarify that we only cover Mario content on the page, saying stuff like "List of Mario items". You could say similar things about, the say, Punch-Out (Wii) page. You could assume that page incomplete because it does not list every single fighter in the game.


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But it's obvious that Punch-Out is just simply a guest appearance, with DK being the only Mario-related part of that game. Meanwhile over here, Mario makes up quite a bit of Smash, with several fighters, stages, enemies etc.

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What do you expect from a series that's a crossover between a ton of Nintendo franchises? Mario is always going to have a ton of content in those games because it's the biggest Nintendo series, but there's still a large amount of content from other franchises because Smash isn't a Mario game, it's a crossover game and so we should treat it as such.


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I feel like there are more Smash-related subjects that we can merge, but I disagree merging the playable characters, and I strongly disagree with completely removing all non-Mario related content. This is a major crossover series with a mixture of both Mario and non-Mario content, so I do not really see how this is considered a “minor crossover”.
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