Would you like future fighters to represent unused "game genres"?


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"No, not another ordinary swordman!!"

This is a typical retarded opinion how some of the Smash fans don't like the next character being from the same category of game franchise that already exists in Smash bros game lineup. So, what if Nintendo try to focus on the game genres that haven't been brought to Smash bros?

But I see there is some kind of dilemma.

First, Nintendo's game lineup do not cover up all known game genres. Some of them might have to be from 3rd parties. Nintendo would have to go out and search those games as they don't have these genres.
But then secondly, when it comes to 3rd parties, NIntendo still has to pick the popular ones that sell as DLCs. Which is why the "another ordinary swordmen" such as Cloud and DQ heroes are chosen despite similair genres already exists in Nintendo lineups.

The overall real obstacle is that fighting game genres still dominate the game industry, so it would be difficult to bring in a non-fighting game from 3rd parties that don't interest most game fans. But still, could Nintendo break this stereotype of game logics and eventually comes up with a refereshing choice that surprise and amazes Smash fans one day?

And we don't really discuss franchises with its spinoffs of a different game genre, such as Mario knows sports and parties.

It should be noted that Punch-Out!! is already about a professional sport subject-- boxing. While Boxing can be considered a sport, my idea is that it is too relevant with the idea of "fighting" in Smash bros, so what if we could get a sport that doesn't directly reflect on fights, but has the nature of competition and profession?

I honestly think Miis could had been portrayed as professional athletes based on Wii Sports, just in Smash bros they're portrayed as prfessional fighters.

However, many professional sport games are rarely based on fictional characters and original stories, more difficult to tell which ones are really classic and wellknown. Such as Electronic Arts works are based on realworld athletes, so it is unable to give a fictional character to enter Smash bros (unless Smash bros breaks into the 4th wall and brings in a realworld athlete like Danica in Sonic Racing).

The sport gameteam that relates to Nintendo most is Camelot, who is the maker of Mario Tennis and Golf. Unfortunately they don't have own strong sport characters to fit in Smash bros, as I don't think the "WE LOVE GOLF!" characters are strong enough to be Capcom reps at this point.

Konami actually has a very longterm sport game series "Power Pros", however it strongly relates to Japanese baseball culture, so it has very big problem to push it to Smash bros as western gamers can hardly relate to this franchise.

There is also an anime-based fictional soccer game series Inazuma Eleven maed by Level 5 in Japan and had huge popularity, but I'm not sure how Smash fans react if Endou Mamoru (Mark Evans in English version) makes it into Smash bros?

Music, Dance and Rhythm games
I do think this is kinda a good genre that brings its own special features different from other genres. Just not sure how Smash gamers react to any of the following choices.

We had Barbara of Band Brothers back in Smash 3 as an assist, but her absence until today shows that NIntendo don't really want to promote her as the face of NIntendo music games, so sadly her chance is not too big for now.

I also see that Rhythm Heaven is a different type of rhythm game (tho not literally associated with music) But to me, it's similairty with Warioware would be a potential issue. I assume only after it comes up with an exteremly populer and iconic character possbily in the same tier with Isabelle could it finally be granted a fighter slot. For now having spirits seems to be what it can be given at most.

Konami has some great music/rhythm arcade game franchise, Dance Dance Revolution and Pop'n Music. It would be interesting to see Nyami/Mimi as a rep. However Konami hasn't got rhythm game releases on Nintendo conslose for years, so not sure if Nintendo think it's a good pick.

Just Dance of Ubisoft is a very popular franchise that also works with NIntendo consoles, and I think they have very unique art designs. A Just Dance Coach seems to be an interesting addition.

Taiko Master is another popular rhythm arcade game series under BANDAI Namco. also is a regular in all NIntendo consoles. I personally really like Don but not sure if he can appeal western gamers.

Mystery solving

Professor Layton of Level 5 and Ace Attorney of Capcom are both very popular choices by now.

Survival games

Not too many good picks, but Minecraft of Microsoft is definitely a hot cake on the table.

Crime dealing games

Several games like Empire of Sin and L.A. Noire are released on Switch, SEGA also have a longterm Yakuza. But this genre has many problems, including lacking iconic characters that appeals Smash games, not approriate for CERO et.

Party games

The cloests 3rd party choice is pretty much Raving Rabbids of Ubisoft.

Idol simulation

This is pretty much a popular genre influenced by Japanese ACG culture and definitely not seen in Smash bros so far. The problem is, we don't really have an idol character that is also wellknown to common western gamers. Any of them could be obscure in the end.

Romance simulation / visual novels
(not a game cover, just showing several romance games new releases on Switch, the characters are playing Switch)

Well, this genre is the literal opposite of fighting game genre. It sure is a game genre influenced majorly by Japanese ACG culture again, but not fitting in Smash bros for many reasons, despite NIntendo Switch does have tons of them:
1) Hard to find an iconic character that appeals western gamers. And most of their games don't even have English translations in games.
2) Hard to find fighting refrences from the games
Ocassionally, some of the games would have love interests with great fighting potental (for example of 100 Sleeping Princes, not Switch tho, all are great wizards and swordmen... wait did I mention swordmen?) But point 1 is still a very big obstacle for them to be inserted in Smash bros.


Panel de Pon is also the only Nintendo in-house tile-matching game franchise referred in Smash bros series so far. It would be really nice if Nintendo finally wants to give it a try and introduce a fairy-type fighter, and includes some tile matching refrences in both stage and final smash.


Shop simulation and fashion genre is supposed to be a different sub-genre of simulation game. (Considering Animal Crossing covers town and farm simulation).
However, before talking about its possibilty for Smash fighter slot, I'm kinda suspicious and disppointed since NIntendo don't really seem to like to promote this franchise in any form (sticker, spirit, icon etc) in Smash bros series so far. At least it defnitely deservs a spirit.

Non-videogame properties
Which we're refering to past examples like R.O.B. (mascot) and Wifi Trainer of Wifi Fitness which do not originate from "games". While it sure adds diversity to games, it's not quite sure if they're all well acceptable to gamers.

In the current Smash 5, it seems Nikki of Swapnote is totally such kind of character. Not sure if she can receive greater popularity in the future (or just another Barbara)?
From 3rd parties, wilder guesses could be the infamous Clippy of Microsoft Office.

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Re: Would you like future fighters to represent different "game genres"?

who cares about genre representation, just give me a playable car


Re: Would you like future fighters to represent different "game genres"?

Leo Luster said:
who cares about genre representation, just give me a playable car
i mean mario kart doesnt have a playable rep yet


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I am an advocate for puzzle games getting represented in Smash, and if somebody says "Dr. Mario says hi" or something to that effect: that does not count, as Dr. Mario as portrayed in Smash is not a proper representation of a puzzle game. Why? Dr. Mario is basically Mario with a few changes, namely the Megavitamins. Even then the Megavitamins do not behave like the titular puzzle game, so it's not a proper representation.

Panel de Pon is a good choice, but I felt it's hampered by their lack of presence outside Japan, and to make things worse: the gameplay do make it outside of Japan but it never used the original fairies (example: Yoshi, Pokemon and Animal Crossing). Sushi Striker is something I would like to see even though it's the most popular, because it has a very intriguing premise of sushi and the fighting style of throwing plates would work well. HAL also has viable choices, being that BoxBoy could feasibly do a lot with just boxes, and Lolo could make for a surprising addition. Perhaps if you want to stretch the boundaries, I would advocate for Puyo Puyo, which has the benefit of being a character-based puzzle game, and it's got overseas presence unlike Panel de Pon. It helps that Puyo Puyo is SEGA's second-best selling franchise behind Sonic.

Party games is an interesting choice, but I don't know of any original IP that is best known for party games (outside of Rabbids that you mentioned). In fact, I don't even know if a Party game is even acknowledged well, since Smash poorly represented Mario Party despite Mario Party's continued presence as a consistent seller. Wii Party is also not likely to be represented, although it's got more room for a playable character.

Thank you for reading.


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I want a playable character created specifically for Smash, one that never gets used outside of Smash. There's Tabuu and Galeem, but discounting spirits, you can't play as them.
You can also play as Master Hand in one level, but he also appears in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.


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SeproDep said:
You can also play as Master Hand in one level, but he also appears in Kirby and the Amazing Mirror.
That has literally nothing to do with anything.

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I'm still vouching for Doomguy/Doomslayer. Doom has had a profound impact on that genre and influenced the game industry at large and he'd be a perfect fit for the fighter pass, also breaking the boundaries of what Nintendo had included in their games. We've got Snake and Bayonetta, let's bring Hell on earth with him.

I also think James Bond due to Goldeneye would be cool as that was a hugely popular Rare-developed game on the Nintendo 64 that was also very influential but....it's not going to happen due to the myriad of licensing isssues.

And...if we're gonna rep something from the openworld/sandbox genre, better have a GTA rep.

Lara Croft can represent the adventure parkour genre thing, and I think she's an excellent pick overall.

Leo Luster said:
who cares about genre representation, just give me a playable car
I can only dream about Stunt Race FX getting a rep.


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Re: Would you like future fighters to represent different "game genres"?

Chrom Fire Emblem said:
Leo Luster said:
who cares about genre representation, just give me a playable car
i mean mario kart doesnt have a playable rep yet
GLA for Smash Bros


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Play as the tanks from Wii Play


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