Favorite Smash remix in each game

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Just post your favorite Smash remixes from each Smash game. Like so:

64: Dream Land (Gourmet Race)
Melee: Peach's Castle (SMB Ground Theme)
Brawl: 02 Battle
3DS/Wii U: Forest/Nature Area
Ultimate: Staff Credits (Kirby's Dream Land)

Dr. Eggman

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64: Metal Cavern
Melee: Mother 2/Fountain of Dreams
Brawl: Yoshi's Island/Norfair
4: Gerudo Valley/Magicant
Ultimate: F-ZERO Medley


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64: Kongo Jungle
Melee: Mute City/Jungle Japes
Brawl: Jungle Level version 1/ King K. Rool / Ship Deck 2
SSB4: SMB3 Medley
Ultimate: Gangplank Galleon/Crocodile Cacophony

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64: Kongo Jungle
Melee: Fire Emblem, 100%
Brawl: King Dedede's Theme
for 3DS / Wii U: Gerudo Valley
Ultimate: Hard Man Stage

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64: Hyrule Castle (The Legend of Zelda)
Melee: Pokemon Red/Blue Medlet (Pokemon)
Brawl: Attack! (Fire Emblem)
Sm4sh: Wrath of the Reset Bomb (Kid Icarus)
Ultimate: I actually don't know.


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64: Starting to appreciate Brinstar a lot now that it's finally been put in a game again
Melee: Mach Rider
Brawl: Mute City
Wii U: SMW Fortress Battle (i dont know what its called) (the mariachi one)
Ultimate: SMB2 Overworld or Gangplank Galleon

Dr. Mario

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64: Kongo Jungle. Great ambient track. I just like the atmosphere of this song combined with the dark colors. It's really too bad Smash 4 completely botched this "remix" by cutting chunks of the beginning. Do they really need to save space? Assholes.

Meele: Peach's Castle. Nice instrumentation, nice use of orchestra-hit-like instruments at the beginning, and I love how the underground part is used as a very neat background bass. That's a better use of the underground theme, as the actual underground theme is really repetitive on its own. Also, can't argue with the trumpets or the steel drums. The only downside this "remix" has is that it's pretty short before it loops.

Runner-up: Multi-Man Melee

Barlw: Lip's Theme. Probably one of my favorites. Song is interesting, catchy, really upbeat, and has some variety before it loops. Very memorable song. I do think puzzle games should strive for great music, something that won't get tiring after a while, since you'll be hearing that music for a while.

Smorsh: Not much standout, but the Fortress Boss is pretty good, it's a latin take on the original, so nicey.

Smush: Ehhh.


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64: Jungle Level.
While I would say that I prefer the Brawl remix, this one...OHHHHHHH MY GOD THE ATMOSPHERE. It really captures the essence of a gorilla whose bananas got stolen, minus the idea of a gorilla running around punching crocodiles and the fact that it sounds ridiculous.

Melee: Story 5 Meeting.
While I haven't played any Fire Emblem games that I have even a glimpse of a chance getting through without Google Translate, the music is top-notch. You can find me constantly humming this amazing track for hours on end sometimes. Oh my God...I...I need to play one of these games. (Should I start with the GBA one or the DS remake of Shadow Dragon?)

...I can't choose between Mute City and Space Armada. On one hand, you have the best remix of Mute City known to man. On the other, you have an orchestrated piece rivaling the entire soundtrack of Super Mario Galaxy.

Smash 4: Gerudo Valley. Oh. My. God.
The acoustic guitars combined with electric ones make this music just amazing to listen to, that whistle at the middle is perfect, just...the whole thing...I'm foaming at the mouth.

Smash Ultimate:
...oh no...
...oh God...
...oh crap...
...another tie.
Divine Bloodlines, Snake Man, and Brinstar Depths, I'd argue, are better than even Gerudo Valley. I don't know what it is about the combination of violins and electric guitars is, but it just works...SO GOSH DANG WELL!


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64: Yoshi's Island or Dream Land
Melee: Really tough choice, but probably either Peach's Castle or Temple
Brawl: Also tough but I'll go with Dialga/Palkia Battle
Smash 4: Not sure
Ultimate: Gangplank Galleon


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64: Star Fox Theme (Fox Victory)
Melee: Ice Climber Remix
Brawl: Meta Knight's Revenge
Sm4sh: Mega Man 2 Medley
Ultimate: Gangplank Galleon

Easy picks all round.