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wheres the bathroom
So, I joined the Fan Creations forum.
If you were in the community in January 2018, you might remember that I had this ugly Photoshop as my avatar back then.

But, today I decided to give Krita a try. I tried to recreate my OC, and here's the result:

For a first time, I think it looks great. My only problem might be some of the colours, such as the Yellow on Toad's shirt. I had a lot of problems with the skin color, but then I found an appropriate color.
If you like it, then maybe in May I'll consider setting it as my avatar, considering I didn't change my theme back to Toadgamer for a while now.
EDIT: Fixed colouring:
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I think you should get a Wacom for Krita, hope you put that on your wishlist! Believe me, it'll make drawing a lot easier.
Hey TG...

I see you're using layers... and it's a wise thing to do. I'd say you might want to experience with the curve tool a bit to be able to draw smoother surfaces.

For now, though, this is definitely WAY better than the first thing I have ever done on digital.
Curve tool is fine, but you should practice with Wacom and stroke stabilizers (Krita has stabilizer tools), and practice drawing with the shoulder rather than the wrist.
So I was thinking of drawing something new. I tried but for some reason today I don't really feel like it. Maybe I'll work on something that'll take time and effort another day.

In the meantime, enjoy this sprite of me I just did.

Oooooooookay! I just finished a drawing!


Now this looks pretty dang, but you might be wondering:

I do think it turned out pretty good, but me and Koops think it could've been better. maybe it's because of the fact that now it's midnight and I need to go to sleep... First, I think the shading could use some work. I mean it's my first time putting shading on an image, so I guess this is okay for a beginner. Also, something about the head's proportion with the body feels kinda... off. The head does look better than the one for the artwork I made in May, but the body....not so much. Finally, the fingers. They're kinda off as well, but I did my best, as drawing Toad's fingers is a pain in the ass.

It's far from perfect, but I might as well change it to my Sig for July. Maybe one day I'll recreate this image when I'll have more talent. But right now this is the best I can do.
Hey, it's not just Toad's fingers.

Finger in general are the bane of an artist's existence.
Toadgamer said:
Also, something about the head's proportion with the body feels kinda... off.
Everything looks off. Not saying I could do any better, but it definitely looks worthy of your the title of the thread.
In his defense by TG standards that head actually looks pretty good, and so does the background which I believe he did himself.

I mean he shaded it. I know that. He might as well have done it entirely from scratch.

AND it's his first time shading. For a first time, it sure was better than my first time.

Keep following in those baby footsteps TG. Keep doing that.
remember that shading denotes parts that are facing away from your light source, so you should only shade where youd want something to not be intended to be seen head on

right now the shading makes it look like your torso is caving in and im assuming that wasnt your intention. try shading more on the edges and less in the middle like that. shading is a difficult concept to grasp but im sure you can improve on it more to make your drawings pop and look more alive :bowser:

also dont feel compelled to use shading on everything, sometimes it isnt necessary, especially for more cartoony styles
SeproDep said:
Toadgamer said:
Also, something about the head's proportion with the body feels kinda... off.
Everything looks off. Not saying I could do any better, but it definitely looks worthy of your the title of the thread.

Yo, constructive criticism is one thing, but if you feel the need to be an ass, it's time to step out.
Hello boyos and girlos!

yup! I know I've been gone for a while for seemingly no reason but alas! I have returned after so long! (on second thought I think it was just one week or something...)

Obviously for my grand return I've drawn something! Something very special!

whoops I didn't draw anything actually... 🙃

But, the fact that I didn't draw anything doesn't mean I didn't make anything during the century I've been gone!

ok so I was at some house and I had clay at my disposal. I wanted to make something that would look like Mozart. Kirby would be too easy to make and wouldn't look very cool, and Mario would be hard to make and the end result would look like a mess.

then I remember that there's a certain Chili Dog eating demon who runs faster than a Cheetah on crack called SONIC!!!

so yeah I decided to recreate the blue boi with clay and then, it was finished.

here's the specimen:

Hello people and welcome back to the thread I made where I barely post anything!

Like, holy shet it's been 3 months since I haven't posted anything here.

But I finally decided to draw something. Something spoopy because IT'S FINALLY SPOOKTOBER!!!

So, I drew a little spooky scary drawing that'll send shivers down everyone's spines. And I also decided to change a little something with my drawings...


So yeah, I decided to try drawing something without outlines, and it turned out pretty good! Maybe I'll do that for drawings in the future.

now you better like this or I'll kill you during your sleep
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Hello people!

Yes, I know. It's been quite a while since my last post here.

Or was it? Hold up lemme check. It can't have been THAT lon_



Ok......it's been more than half a year since I posted here. There have been times where I didn't post here for a long time, but holy shit.

I guess I haven't drawn or made anything in a long time. Mostly because stuff isn't going so well. A school year that was literally torture AND a friggin virus.

Well, at least I decided to go back to drawing since my school year is finally over now. The virus is still here but ah, leaves me more opportunities to draw.

So right now I'm working on a drawing. It's still not finished, but it shouldn't take, ya know, about 9 months. This ain't no human child that takes months to finally be born. It should be finished soon, and I'll post it here when it does.

In the meantime though, I saw people on Twitter remaking this screencap from sonic mania adventures

I had no idea why, and then I found out what the reason was

Now I found out about this after the thing finished (at least I think it did), but even then I decided to join in on this because why tf not? I wanted to go with something unique instead of, ya know, drawing something cause that would be generic and kinda crap. Then I decided to make it a sprite.

I made a few sprites before, but they were either something simple or just me making an already existing sprite. So I thought that making a new Sonic sprite that looked actually good would be a pain in the ass.

.......and it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.

So yeah here's my rendition of Sanic

So yeah. This is obviously an edited sprite from Sonic Mania. I took a few existing sprites and meshed them together to make this. There are a few parts I made myself, like the eyes and the right leg. I used microsoft paint to make this believe it or not, and I'm really proud of it. Despite the fact that I used several existing sprites to make this, it doesn't look frankenstein or anything. It almost looks like something Sega themselves made. Maybe I'll make more sprites in the future, and maybe my sprite skills can improve so that I make my own original sprites one day.
so uh hey

been a while, specifically 4 months. i was working on a drawing, but i eventually forgot about it, and now i don't feel like making it anymore.

it's been a whole year since i've drawn anything now, with the last thing i drew being that halloween pfp from last year.

it might look like the end for this thread. i mean it's pretty dead, and it was never really that big anyways, should i just give up?


i said it in my previous post and i'll say it again in case you don't feel like opening that spoiler tag in the post above: i'm thinking of getting into spriting, maybe even make my own sprites someday. let's just say, i'm still making baby steps. i have some spriting skills now, but i'm still no good at actually making a sprite.

to put my skills to the test, i was experimenting with some existing sprites (i still am), such as fixing them or just having fun with them. for now, all i can make is edits and recolors, so i combined both of these abilities, and i decided to work on a specific sprite, which is....

haha funny joke please laugh



i kinda like the smw design, and i like it more than the mario maker version of smw bowser

that being said, the og smw bowser look kinda.......outdated in this day and age. so i decided to do what im definitely not the first one to do: remake it (or recolor it if that's the word ya prefer). so uh yeah, behold:


(yeah i also made his getting hurt animation because it's glorious)
i know, it's far from perfect, there definitely are better bowsers in the internet, and i did make a few mistakes, but for a beginner like me, i think it's amazing. these are mostly recolors, and i say mostly because i also edited and added a few things, like changing the shading, fixing things i didn't like about the original sprite, and even adding things like his collar thingies around his neck and his elbows which the original sprite didn't have, and also hair that the getting hurt animation didn't have for whatever reason.

if you wanna compare the original sprites with mine to see all the differences, go ahead

i'll be focusing on spriting more than drawing now, considering that i have much more fun with sprites than with drawings, and on top of that they come out looking better than my drawings. not that i'll stop drawing, but you'll be seeing more sprites in this thread from now on.
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since this didnt get any attention on twitter (yet), i'll share it here hoping y'all like it

pretty much all the sprites i made so far were recolors. so i decided hey yaknow what? Let's change that! Obviously I started with something simple. Since shovel knight takes a lot of inspirations, i found it fun to think how it'd be if the sprites took inspiration from other games as well. Since the world map in shovel knight is inspired by the super mario bros 3 map, i started with that, and i basically blended mario and shovel knight together, and here's the result
chovel nite but mario.png

I'm not a big fan of how big shovel knight turned out, but small shovel knight is adorable. i think i did really well for my first custom sprite. i might make more shovel knight sprites with other inspirations, but for now this is good
fuck it im gonna start posting photoshops here so deal with it

smash ultimate is really fun, but there's one thing i just can't get behind, and that is


now i dont have a problem with anything gameplay wise, heck sonic is one of my mains. but the alts, they all suck. none of them are noteworthy and while some look kinda cool, theyre pretty much all variations of blue.

so i had the idea of using adobe photoshop for the first time, because i got a few alt ideas, not just for sonic, but other smash characters as well, which i'll make in the future.

anyway, i was thinking that a sonic alt referencing nights was a missed opportunity for quite some time now, so i made my own wish come true (kinda)


i was planning to draw bowser with his look from bowsers fury, BUT i havent drawn anything ever since 2019. and i found myself struggling a lot with him.

i'll be working on that drawing, but it'll take me probably days to get used to drawing again.

in the meantime, i made a simpler doodle of bowser jr reacting to bowser's transformation

gonna try to go for an outlineless drawing for bowser, similar to the halloween drawing i made a while ago. gonna post it here when it's done
Oh hey neat! A new paper mario just came out! I can't wait to meet all the unique and quirky characters! Let's see them!

Ok.....it's captain toad but now he's ala gold. thats kinda cool....

toad but with a niche jacket. They better add this skin in mario kart tour

dead toad. i dont like that

oh no its the secret final boss for color splash: Black Toad!

Jesus christ thats scary

ok......so the toads here look pretty unoriginal. Same goes for the characters that aren't toads. I miss the old paper mario character designs. Modern paper mario doesn't even have female toads! What is this borderline sexism!? Why don't they look at other people's OCs and take inspiration!? For example you have:

oh no........
it's just a modern paper mario toad......

..........yknow what how about we squeeze the sticker starness out of him? Make him look more.......not sticker star.....

Yes, I have finally made this decision: I'm going to redesign myself. I came up with this o r I g i n a l design when i was like, 11, i think, and that was 5 years ago! This, this was considered art to me back then, but now it's a simple photoshop i can replicate in 2 milliseconds. I'll give teedgee more life, make him spicier, by welp, keeping him a toad, but making enough differences to make him different, but still the same dumbass he always was.

Welp, see ya when he's finished i guess
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alright ladies and gentlemen, after years of waiting (by that i guess i mean like, one day...), i took teedgee to brazil the redesign machine, and we had to give him new stuff and make genetic changes. that might sound a little painful, but dont worry he survived 2020 he can handle it.
unfun gus.png

so uh yea

this me

since i have slightly more braincells than i did 5 years ago, i decided to be more creative with the design, and theres some details id like to point out. for example, the dots on the hat/head/hair/whatever the hake this thing is are now replaced with the playstation buttons, so yes, theres an x on the back of his head. of course, he needs the bup shirt, thats a must, and every toad ever should wear it. also you cant see it, but you have a picture of the frog suit on the back of the jacket. of course he still has the same hat, it's iconic.

oh and heres the sprite version. felt like i needed to make it

now when it comes to the sig, for now ill probably keep it cause i dont feel like making a new one. i mean this is kinda the new official teedgee design, so its kinda weird to see the old design on there, but i also like the sig so im keeping it for the time being.
i made a mockup partners in time remake box art because nintendo was too lazy to do so apparently. i shared this on a discord server already but eh here it is for those who haven't seen it. also i forgot to add the mario and luigi silhouettes on the logo but eh just use your imagination

now all we need is a remake of dream team and paper jam also on the 3ds and we're good
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