I'm making a thing nobody cares about

heyo gmaers!it's been a while since i've posted here, and im doing so right now, so you know what that means!

that's right, i haven't drawn anything!

well, i guess something I could do that I've never really done before is a sorta behind the scenes, probably on something that took me a lot of work to make. well would ya look at that, the awards passed about a month ago, so you've all probably seen them (haven't seen them? why tho). Was the first time i presented something, and you all seemed to like it.

So I guess I can share some stuff about my presentations since there's a lot of kinda funny and also scrapped stuff in here, and in case you saw something and had a theory or something about them, I'm here to confirm it!

awards 1.png

So already with the first panel, there's a lot to unpack. For one, the obvious thing, I drew the whole environment. I wanted to do so for the entire presentation, and I kinda went for a Super Paper Mario-esque artstyle, even if it doesn't particularly fit the characters. However after a few panels, I just came to the conclusion that it took me way too much time, and just drawing one of them drained me, so I just put the characters in 3d environments after a few panels.

I was a little lazy with this specific panel however, mostly considering the fact that the table was just taken from Paper Mario Color Splash, though it's not noticeable

Another thing you might've noticed if you looked closely which you probably didn't....

random 8-bit Luigi on the screen. There's an explanation

During the planning stages, I had the idea to make some kinda minigame that you'd play after watching the presentation, where you'd try to find a buncha hidden luigis. at the end though, I kinda forgot about that and didn't feel like adding in the Luigis in post-production, so there's only one I remembered to put in. I could've removed it, but keeping it makes it kinda funny ngl.

awards 2.png

Another kinda scrapped idea, to have me just draw the text. I decided to keep it here since it's a sound and not someone talking, but it wasn't easy to consistently draw good looking letters due to how small they had to be. I guess I'll explain the process of me putting in text: since I wasn't able to get the text option to work on Krita, the software I used, I had to copy the whole thing into MS paint and THEN add the text there. Doesn't sound too bad, but when you have to do that about 60 times, it gets sluggish and painful. Wasn't a huge bother though and it didn't really screw me over, aside from one time when I almost lost a picture because of the way I saved it.

Oh and Luigi is gone. Guess someone found him and he ran away.
awards 10.png

Obviously not gonna go through every single panel since I'm not that crazy, but I'm covering the ones that have interesting stories like this one, which is where I started just using 3d environments as backgrounds (this one is Ancient Gardens from Mario + Rabbids KB in case you're wondering (dam now with sparks of hope coming soon we can no longer just call the first game mario + rabbids)). But because of the fact that I pasted an image, this is the first of at least 6 times where I accidentally drew on the background layer, which really angered me every time it happened, especially if I'd already finished most of the drawing since I'd have to start all over. But after this time, I started being more careful with that and it happened a lot less than it could've.
awards 12.png

Looking back, this is where I noticed a problem with the way I draw, not my drawing skills, but the fact that I never really stick to just one brush size, which causes the outlines in a few drawings to vary a lot in size. I've started paying attention to that however, and now my brush size is the same thing most of the time. It's surprisingly not that easy to know what brush size you need to use in specific situations, like the depth of what you're drawing and all that.
awards 20.png

Figure 8 circuit actually gave me the idea to add title cards to each track, and it was mostly to make this joke, since I noticed this is the only one that wasn't in Mario Kart 8, so instead of that game the backgrounds were taken from the smash stage.

Not a whole lot to say about this track, I mean the production regarding it was as boring as the track itself....
awards 31.png

Once again, the outline problem can be seen here, but other than that, I took some liberties here, such as making Wario ride a bootcar, and that was never in Mario Kart, which is quite a surprise, huh, and I also took the og villager design since it's better than the new leaf one used in mk8. Mostly did all this because since this whole presentation is stupid and nonsensical, might as well be creative with the roster (shoulda included sonic then but whatevs).
awards 34.png

Funny story about this specific image, for some reason it was absolutely MASSIVE, the file size was much bigger than all the other pictures, nearly reaching 10MB. Because of that, I had a little bit of trouble getting the URL for it, and you know what? It's ironic considering the fact that I'm gonna die in this picture.
awards 36.png

I was debating as to what Peach's Castle I should use here, I thought the Mario 64 one made sense, but I wanted to make it more interesting, so I went with the one from Mario & Luigi Dream Team, even if the inside is indeed the one from mario 64.
awards 37.png

A lot to unpack here.......so I first planned to make the party full of only toads, because yknow, that's how it is in the games, but this was during the time where literally all I was drawing was toads and I wanted to have variety in my drawings, plus it looks more alive with other mario species. Not the first time I've ever drawn a Koopa since Parakarry was in the comic earlier, but drawing a spike and goomba for the first time sure was fun.

Additionally, look at the doors and guardrails

You can very clearly see incomplete textures and missing objects like the doors themselves. Well that's because the lobby is the ONLY place in the entire 2 presentations where I used a 3d map for the backgrounds. The others were just screenshots because the areas would look weird without the skyboxes and such, and plus I couldn't get Noclip to work since my pc is weak af. But with this place being indoors, the skybox doesn't even exist and outside of the problems that come with viewing a 3d map, this turned out great if you ask me! And believe me, I do admit when I fuck up with something.
awards 39.png

Nothing in particular, other than the fact that this is surprisingly the first time I've ever drawn Toadette. (I mean she's just a Toad with candy necklaces dangling out of her hat, really). Just thought I'd point that out.

Also, upon rereading this, if the DJ already got kidnapped by Hole Punch, does that imply that this takes place during Origami King? Or is it a prequel to that game and the supposed party is supposed to be the Origami festival?? (lol imagine questioning the lore of your own creation).
awards 41.png

Also nothing to point out, I just think this joke is the peak of my career and I couldn't be happier
awards 46.png

An idea I had before drawing everything was to maybe make the image a link to a song, or just upload an unlisted video so you can't know what song it is until you enter the video, but not just was it nighttime, but I was also working on this presentation for a few hours by that time, and decided to just reveal the surprise as soon as you open the spoiler bar. Oh well, maybe next time I present a music related awards presentation where a character in the comic plays music.
awards 51.png

For Gangplank, I wasn't exactly sure what version I wanted to talk about. I knew the original was the one I had to talk about, but I felt like most people chose the song because of the Smash Ultimate remix (I don't even blame them that shit slaps HARD). So I came up with a description that fits all the versions, so no matter what version you're thinking of, you'd understand what I'm talking about.

Come to think of it, I shoulda just linked all the versions huh. Doesnt matter.
awards 52.png

Look out, everyone! K Rool just Kool Aid Man'd through the void door! For the first time I've ever drawn K Rool, I did a nice job. He didn't exactly turn out as crazy and lunatic-looking as I wanted him to, but he still looks like an asshole croc who steals bananas probably just to display them on his boat or something idk, so I'm fine with him.
awards 55.png

I don't think anyone ever wanted to see non-beady eyed toad, but here you go! Just wanted to experience a bit, and I like it! Even used it as a discord pfp for a few days.

You know what sucks tho?

I forgot to color in the cd
I only noticed it after I sent the presentation, and while I felt like crap at first, I just started looking at it as me kinda twirling my finger, and it grew on me. That's probably what most people see it as, and I've just revealed the dark truth. :fawful:
awards 56.png

Some people might think dk just followed K Rool into the castle or something, but this is the kinda comic where you just kinda take off your brain before reading it, so just, don't think about it too much.
awards 60.png

Here I was planning to have Toadette say that the guests only stayed in the party because of the fight between K Rool and DK. Looking back, it would've been pretty funny, but I'll admit, I forgot to include the joke. Guess that's a nice tiny deleted scene for ya.

I also planned for some kinda misunderstanding from the start, but I was wondering what it'd be. I thought of maybe having Peach be kidnapped secretly right before the party, but that sounded boring, so I eventually just made it something the readers probably forgot by this time, not just after reading BOTH presentations, but also since they were kinda far apart in the awards as a whole, about 5 hours if I remember correctly.

Whew, there go my beans, all spilled. Guess I'm not having dinner tonight then. that's all I have to share, thank you for reading this (assuming you didn't just not open the spoiler tag and immediately skip here) and have a great day, comment like and subscribe, turn on the bell icon to get notified, and wtf am I saying this isn't a YouTube video.

..........ok fine here's a drawing. Eat up.
hey luiiiiigi.png
This lovely 100% anonymous little chap, I've drawn him after the awards, I'm basically tryna settle for my own artstyle, and while I guess this, which looks like a mix between classic cartoon and terminalmontage, is gonna be my artstyle for now. I usually try to make everything look faithful to the source material, but I'd like to make it look more unique and spicier. Lemme tell you, if I put this guy in my awards presentations, he'd look nothing like this Might draw more characters in this style in the future to see if it truly suits ,me.
Anyway that's it for realsies now. See ya on the flipside!


wait no thats not what i meant_
hello, boards of mario, it's been a while

Now I've been absent/inactive from this place for what, 2 years now (dayum), and I'm sure at least one person here is wondering "whatever is that one guy up to? haven't seen him in a while...."

Honestly not as much as you'd think; I did graduate from high school and am now a college student, but other than that, yea you didn't miss much. I suppose I did make some fanart every now and then, but it's mostly out of boredom

Anyway I won't bore you with all that jazz, so I'll just cut to the chase here: I'm gonna start writing my own work of fiction soon

I haven't started yet, but I've already got plenty of things regarding it already planned out, it's been on my mind for at least 5 years, and whereas throughout all that time, it was more of a dumb child's fantasy, a "what if" scenario, I wanna finally start making it a reality. One of my biggest goals period is to one day maybe make it a full-on animated series (I initially wanted to make it a video game, like an rpg, but that requires a very different skillset im not as familiar with), although that's definitely in the distant future at least since like, I can't animate shit (yet).

So far, I've started designing some of the characters, one of them is mostly done, but I won't post it here until it's 100% finished

I suppose, however, I could leave you all with this

Name: Ruby Carata
Gender: She/Her
Age: 38 (although she had been sealed away for thousands of years before reincarnating as a light spirit (trust me she has a very convoluted backstory im only scratching the surface))
Personality: Kind, caring, but also a tad snarky
Traits or whatever: Kinda bird-brained when it comes to some things, sometimes gets too carried away and doesn't know when to stop, despite being kinda bitchy at times, she always means well and does everything she does with good intentions.
Story: Ruby is the princess of Tourmala, Kingdom of Jewels. She's a very respected and beloved figure among society, despite her parents, the King and Queen, being tyrannical dictators. She used to be a fearless warrior as well, defeating all sorts of evil threatening to destroy/take over the kingdom (and even the entire world on a few occasions) with her own alliance of heroes, but after her parents died from a mysterious illness, and she got married and became a mother, she retired from heroism and decided to live a normal life, not even as an authoritarian figure of any kind, despite the kingdon clamouring for a new leader for years after the King and Queen's passing. She's still willing to run for elections though, as she wants to ensure everyone in the kingdom is happy and content. Against her is her uncle Jasper, who's kind of a dick to everyone, but he's managed to win the public over with the guidelines he set up, and this weird, mysterious guy known as Tenebrus, who just casually came out of nowhere, nobody knows who he even is, and he rarely even shows up, but he's running for elections too for some reason (like who does blue think he is 😭). Really weird monarchy aside, Ruby has to ensure she keeps a balance between all that, as well as the elephant (or rather, elephants) in the room; Tourmala is a really weird, and often dangerous kingdom, filled with a ton of monsters, corrupt people with a lot of power, and other threats, roaming around every little corner, so she, as well as her friends and family for that matter, have to watch out, maybe even uncover some dark secrets about Tourmala along the way...

oh also it's almost christmas which means it isn't christmas so merry christmas anyway