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The difficulty of Kirby games is generally overcriticized, and they can actually get pretty tough, especially during boss fights and postgame objectives (like those grueling True Arenas in Planet Robobot and Star Allies). Some Kirby games, like Mass Attack and Rainbow Curse, are actually somewhat difficult games that are only considered easy because they carry the Kirby name.

However, despite this, I'm going to target the Wii version of Kirby's Epic Yarn as an easy game. In the original Wii version, it's completely impossible to die; there are no pits, and you have no lifebar. All you lose when getting hit are a few easily-regained beads. The 3DS version contains a harder Devilish Mode that actually gives Kirby a healthbar and a reason to run, but the original Wii version had no challenge to it whatsoever.

Note that I'm not criticizing the game. From what little I've played of it, it's actually pretty fun. But I'm not calling it easy just because it carries the Kirby name. There are challenging games that carry the Kirby name, but simply put, Epic Yarn isn't one of them.

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The real challenge in Epic Yarn is retaining all your beads. I like games that are challenging in ways that don't involve in death(s).


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Any game rated C for children.

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I'd disagree because sitting through those games and not losing your sanity might be the challenge.

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Of course, if we're talking about games that I'm actually part of the age of audience for (so like, yeah, no JumpStart or Learning Company games or whatever) and to play through the game, Kirby's Epic Yarn is up there, and I find it still a highly enjoyable game. It could be a challenge to 100% it though. Yoshi's Island also isn't that tough either, if, again, if you're just playing through it and not aiming for 100%.

I guess if we really want to crank it up, Kirby's Dreamland 1 is ridiculously short AND easy. It's almost not worth playing through at all, you can just play Spring Breeze in Kirby: Super Star for virtually the same, but better, experience.


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For me, other than GFGs and other minigame collections (Mario Party, Sonic Shuffle, and any other party games that incorporate a party board to play on during the game don’t count, but party games that only have the minigames, like Crash Bash, do), I’ll say this.

Camp Pokémon and Pokémon Playhouse on IOS are in fact made by the Pokémon Company International for a young audience(2-5 for Playhouse and 6-8 for Camp), yet, many people outside the age group have bought it just because they’re fans of Pokémon, and will buy any Pokémon game, no matter how bad it is.

However, I completed both in just a few days, and to me, only kids should play these because they’re super easy!

Even though I still want more Pokémon to be added to both as they have a very small amount of them(87 in Camp, although there might’ve been more before the Sun/Moon update, and 54 in Playhouse)


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Yes I know it's a Flash game so its legitimacy is in question, but since it was at one time a well-known game, I felt that it should be mentioned. The basic on why this is easy? The game tells you what to do to win. You may think that there's a catch, but no: not only is the player practically invincible since they can't die despite being able to get hurt, the boss cannot be defeated in any other way (the player's weapon cannot defeat the boss despite there being a health bar). It's also very short so you can see how it's done:


Thank you for reading.


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Pokemon Ranger 2: Shadows of Almia is a ridiculously easy game.

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Hey, welcome back The Golden Yoshi! That's a face I haven't seen in a while. Can you elaborate why that game was so easy? I mean, yeah, it sounds easy, but I'm too lazy to watch a video or something.


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Never fear, Saikyomog still has his YouTube account!

By the way, I used to have the PC version of this game. I played it a lot as a child, however I will admit that it’s easy, I mean come on, it’s a GFG based on a popular toy line(My Little Pony), it’s a minigame collection with fetch quests mixed in, and it’s basically a retelling of a My Little Pony direct to DVD movie(also The Runaway Rainbow). However, I still played it nonetheless just because I liked the franchise(yes, I have watched the cartoons, collected the toys and other merchandise, etc). Later on, I decided to get rid of it because I was moving on from licensed games as a whole. I still think some are good, but the majority of them are bad.

Anyways, prepare to bask in easiness!!

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The lego games are WAY too easy. I also believe the Smash games are easy, even on the highest of the difficulty settings. Even beating a level 50 CPU is a walk in the park.

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the challenge in smash is to make a character beat my amiibo trade-off wario in terms of how much negative points they accumulate.

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Princess Mario said:
Hey, welcome back The Golden Yoshi! That's a face I haven't seen in a while. Can you elaborate why that game was so easy? I mean, yeah, it sounds easy, but I'm too lazy to watch a video or something.
Hey! Yep, it really has been a while. Well, you pretty much cannot lose in the game and can probably finish it up in 2 hours. I'm not surprised seeing as it was probably targeted to very small children, but still. The soundtrack is actually pretty good, so I'll give the game that.


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As much as I am loving this game... (and as much as I'm constantly gushing about it but bear with me).

Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones is VERY VERY easy. Even on hard mode, only the first few chapters are really all that different (which is normal, FE games tend to get easier the more you progress since you're slowly outclassing your enemies), and the rest is a walk in the park just like normal mode. I like my games easy, especially when it's FE because destroying everything with every member of your team is so godly. And yeah... doesn't help that the last maps are filled with non-human enemies... monsters. Which are even more pathetic than their human counterparts. Sure they're spammed across the map but my killing machines make short work of them, namely Forde, Ephraim, Ross, or Marisa.

A very easy game, but that's part of what makes it so enjoyable: you can afford to use anyone you like! Usually, regardless of character development or backstory, most people will use the strongest characters because there are some who just don't cut it. Here though, everyone is viable, so you can basically choose to play as anyone. Sure, some are better than others but everyone is good enough. Heck they say Amelia is one of the worst units, yet I've gotten away just fine with using her. And note that, she wasn't very lucky with her levels either.