Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

I do hope that this time I can use both Joy-cons when playing in docked mode, one of the things that annoyed me a little bit about Let's Go was that weird singular vertical Joy-con control scheme.
ngl i'll legit buy pokemon gun
Well, we are overdue for a Pokemon that's a gun. :P

On the other hand, maybe this generation, we'll get a proper car Pokemon, I've been waiting too long.
LeftyGreenMario said:
Well, we are overdue for a Pokemon that's a gun. :P
Would Remoraid be the one you are talking about? I mean, it used to look something like this (fan-edited image based on the Gold & Silver beta):

Now it looks like this:

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Sorta, I was thinking less animal like though, more hard edge
There's a lot of words in the dictionary. I'm more concerned they are running out of ideas for Pokémon themselves.
I seriously can't wait to play this. I want to go on an adventure with Sobble. It's so adorable! Why does the wait have to be so long? ;__;
She'd rate it a 0/10 because no bears.

I think there are better ways to invoke slashing in the logo, though, have empty slits on the logo rather than overlay slits, as the red slits just impact the readability.
It gets bonus points for not trying to be cool and use faux Cyrillic.

I'd buy them both FOR OUR HOMELAND
Pokemon Stars and Pokemon Stripes won't be as good as Pokemon Hammer and Pokemon Sickle.
Revenant Archagent said:
Pokemon Death and Pokemon Life

That sounds like Pokemon Y and Pokemon X, given the theme of the legendary Pokemon in those games.

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