Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield

Oh my
If what I've seen is any indication, turns out Pokemon Sword and Shield's models are COMPLETELY IDENTICAL to previous games'.
IMO it's the textures that matter more rather than pure triangle count and topology but from what I've seen, I'm not impressed with the textures.

From the latest controversies you can feel the smouldering hatred from some of the messages posted online, with ones that accused Game Freak of lying and how those who show support to the Pokemon creators are accused of betrayal (to put it lightly). It would not be a surprise if the important people at Pokemon cancelled their meeting at the launch event because of concerns that the discontent might get physical. It's not likely that it will happen since the internet sentiment doesn't usually translate to real life, but I fear that someone unruly (and reckless) might ruin it for everybody, by the time the games are ready to be sold.

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That's horrible, but not surprising in the least. There's a strong us v them mentality that makes those message boards toxic to be on. I don't agree that you should show support to Game Freak for siphoning content away and charging full price for an underbaked game either but I wouldn't say you're a shill or a bootlicker, just think that you're ready to overlook or downplay serious flaws and graphical stagnation (stagnation is a feature of mainline Pokémon games in my opinion) and overall incompetence with both PR and game design that doesn't justify release or the current price tag.

People that harass others is not okay, however. It's appalling you'd do this over, what, a video game that could've done way worse considering the overall industry. It still has effort poured into it, despite the cut corners. And way worse, more morally repugnant games exist. I don't expect this one to be a bad game by any means. I disagree strongly with some of the reviews but to call them "shills" is just intellectually bankrupt conspiracy mongering.
So I haven't been following news that regularly on this game but I just want to say I have been on Twitter and god are people fucking toxic.

Listen, you want to buy a game, you can buy it. And it's ok if you don't. The important thing is you're happy with your decision. If I wanted to buy this game, it would purely be because I want to play it, and am a tolerate person who accepts flaws in a game and not necessarily because I wanna give my money to the company that made my game (even if I contribute to that by buying the game anyway). After all, it still has some quality to it, and imeven if it doesn't, I maybe would still enjoy how awful it is, idk.

But treating those who do buy the game as sheep and just thinking they are objectively wrong is... wrong. This is their money they're spending. And if anything you haven't even bought the game, judging by your stance. I don't think you have the right to judge how much they're having fun with it. Boycott the game all you like, but let others do what they please because it doesn't kill you.

It is possible to have a good time with a flawed game, but establishing your opinion as fact and ruining the fun of those who want to have it is just a horrible thing to do. Just leave them be. I swear you can stay entitled to your beliefs without having to spread them around.

In case you missed out, the starters' evolutions are outlined in this video, as well as the types/abilities of the legendaries. Yes, the starters' evolutions retained the single type from the base stages. It's a very bold decision that I can't help but love that they did this, especially because stat-wise, the three of them aren't too bad. Unlike Alola, the starters are on the faster end of the scale, with Cinderace (119) and Inteleon (120) sporting high speed, while Rillaboom is faster than you expect (85).

Rillaboom, when it gets its Hidden Ability, will be pretty great, since Grassy Surge makes it valuable as a terrain setter, given that it has better stats than the other terrain setters. In fact, it functions similarly to Tapu Bulu.

Cinderace gets Libero, which is basically Protean in function, which makes it even better since it has some powerful physical attacks that will be even better when STAB gets involved.

Inteleon gets Sniper, which makes sense for it. While it's not the best ability, it has good synergy with its signature move and its stats, since its SpAtk is already great, and Snipe Shot has a high crit ratio.

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I'm glad Cinderace is not Fire and Fighting.
I know Pokemon Sword and Shield are practically unwelcomed after some unfortunate decisions, but I like that the games rolls out expansion packs instead of a third version, as had been done starting from Crystal (Yellow was basically different wherein it's a modified quest) through Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon. This is because it will not put those who got the first versions at a disadvantage since newer games have new things, the older games never updated compatibility (not even Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon), and that expansion passes typically add substantial new things to make it worthwhile.

In addition to this, compatibility to new Pokemon can be updated, and the best part is that software updates can make newer Pokemon receivable too (no need DLC to do that). For example, Cryogonal, one of the Pokemon shown to be available in the second pack, should be able to be received by a player without an expansion pass.

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Black 2 and White 2 were more like sequels, and X and Y didn't have third versions. But your point still stands.
I think I'm a bit placated with added Pokemon. Still bothers me that the transfer service is subscription-based, but that's not Sword/Shield's problem. Anyhow, I just like the idea of more Pokemon assets that'll eventually get ripped. I still wont' get the game.
Something I have noticed to be quite welcomed is how every Pokemon mentioned in the Dex has a unique entry. What I disliked about Gen 6's National Dex is how much it reused past games' entries for non-Kalos Pokemon, yet every Pokemon available in these games, including the DLC, has unique text entries. If I am counting correctly, that is more unique entries than the Kalos Dex.

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I've only played the Gen 4 games of the core series, so I'm quite behind. But learning that they're remaking DP has rekindled my interest, as Pearl was my first Pokémon game. So I'm interested in purchasing the Sword version of the game, based on the Pokémon that are exclusive to it.

I've done some research of my own, but does anyone have any advice for me? I try to get Pokémon with ideal natures, by the way, so if there's an easy way to do that I'd like to hear it.
I'm a huge fan of this series but this was definitely my least favourite experience thus far. For one, I didn't have the drive to replay which is something I always do because I like trying out new teams and doing different things during an adventure.

That being said I decided to do a replay recently to see how far I can get. There are definitely still a lot of great elements to this game that I had a lot of fun with so I'm just focusing on those this time around! It's a bit more breezy which is great, but the start of a Pokemon adventure is always a bit tiring, at least among the more modern games. It'd be interesting to see what a Pokemon game that sort of just throws you in and only gives you a few small pointers would be like. Almost like a 3D Zelda game where you'd do certain things like find the market, or find x location on your own as part of the adventure.

Anyway the best part is the ability to choose different teams based on your own made up themes! I'm going for a team that is aesthetically cohesive colour-wise this time around, and there's a lot of great options thanks to the wild area.
After my previous post, I purchased Pokémon Sword. I had a lot of fun with this one, and wanted to do it again. So...


I started over! But fortunately, I was able to preserve many of the Pokémon I caught (via Pokémon Home). Scorbunny was my starter, and I got Squirtle on the Island of Armor. The other four are children of Pokémon I caught in my previous file. This is the team I will use from start to finish.
I think my favourite generation is generation 1 (Red/Blue/Yellow). Generation 1 has my favourite designs in the monsters and I like the storyline and scenery in generation 1 games the most. I like all the generations from 1 to 4. I think the Black/White/Black 2/White 2 generations games were good too. I am not keen on mega evolutions though. I don't think there are any mega evolutions that I like. I don't like the dynamax/gigantamax techniques...they look a bit cringy, in my opinion, sorry. I think the games from generation 1 to generation 4 are fun. Well, nowadays I do not play the games and I have a reason to do with morality as to why I do not like the games as much as I did when I played them in my childhood and younger years. I think the games are more like dog fighting, but that is a completely different debate and I do not want to get into that minefield of a debate, lol. So yeah, nowadays I do not like any of the Pocket Monster games. I personally think that the Mario games have a better morality standing than the Pocket Monster games. I do not see anything detestable about a person trying to save a princess after the princess gets kidnapped by a turtle/dragon king creature...and the turtle/dragon being has some bad intentions in mind...the Mario games are mostly innocent and good fun. But Pocket Monsters is about catching as many wild monsters into small balls as you can...monsters that were originally wild and free. I think that there are many Nintendo games that have a better morality standing...like the Mario games, the Zelda games, the Metroid games, the Donkey Kong games...but I do have an issue with the morality in the Pocket Monster games. Anyway, that is just my opinion. Arceus is the God of the entire multiverse in the Pocket Monster games, and even in the games they allow a child to capture what is essentially God (Arceus) in a small ball and then God is now under the control of a human child. It is a bizzare concept. Surely, God would rather be free in the multiverse, doing His job in making sure that harmony is happening throughout all the dimensions in the multiverse...rather than be under the control of a young child and made to be in the child's small man-made ball? The games encourage the player to catch as many wild monsters as possible to fill in a database which scientists want filled (the Pocket Monster dex)...another bizarre concept.
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Why in the Hell do you keep specifically calling it Pocket Monsters.

Like I get that's the official name in Japan but still why.

Also comparing Pokémon to dogfighting? What the hell, did you somehow miss the entire thing in the games about how it's about friendship and teamwork between you as the player and your Pokémon? Or how Pokémon aren't hurt while battling? Or literally anything else about the games?

Did I time travel to some late-2000s edgy 'TRUTH ABOUT POKÉMON' blog post or whatever?