Create a Spirit Battle

I was just thinking of any character that may work in a Spirit Battle.
Could be anyone. Not just video game characters. Can be film characters, characters based on memes, etc.

(NAME) (source)
(Fighter/s, alt colour/s)
(Condition/s: eg. Your enemy is metal, The floor is lava, etc)
(Additional notes: eg. spawn specific items, Pokémon, Assist Trophies)


Finally I can express how coincidental that is.

Spirit: Sephiran

Stage: Castle Siege (Inside the castle)
Music: Eternal Bond (If Origin's End were in Smash, it would be that instead)
Conditions:- The enemy heals over time.
-Hostile assist trophies (Black Knight) will appear.
-Stamina Battle.

Shy Guy on Wheels

Dry Bowser
I'm going to do one for a pre-existing spirit:

Spirit: Masked Dedede
Class: ★★★
Spirit Type: Primary
Character: King Dedede (Black Alt.)
Type: Attack
Stage: Boxing Ring
Music: King Dedede's Theme (Brawl)
Rules: N/A
Conditions: The Enemy's Down Special has increased power, The Enemy prefers Down Specials, The Enemy's Final Smash Meter charges quickly.

Now for two new ones:

Spirit: Dark Meta Knight
Class: ★★
Spirit Type: Secondary
Character: Meta Knight (Dark Meta Knight Alt.)
Type: Shield
Stage: Skyworld (Clouds Only)
Music: Forest/Nature Area
Rules: N/A
Condition: Left and Right Controls will suddenly Reverse.

Spirit: Porky
Class: ★★★★
Spirit Type: Primary
Character: Wario (Blue Overalls Alt.), Wario (Yellow Overalls Alt.)
Type: Shield
Stage: New Pork City
Music: Porky's Theme
Rules: N/A
Condition: Stamina Battle, The Enemy is Giant, The Enemy prefers not to Fight
Other: The Giant Wario (Yellow Alt.) has 200HP, while the Wario (Blue Alt.) that prefers not to fight has 50HP.

London Parris

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White Lightning
I'm going to do one for my favourit FE Fates character, Felicia.

Spirit: Felicia

Class: ★★★★

Spirit Type: Neutral

Character: Corrin (black alt)

Stage: Coliseum

Music: Lord of a Dead Empire

Hazard: Ice Floor
The floor is frozen.
Items: Killing edge
The enemy loves to taunt.


Power Star
Name: Galacta Knight
Game: Kirby Super Star Ultra
Class: Legend
Character: Meta Knight (Galacta Knight alt)
Stage: Halberd
Music: The Greatest Warrior in the Galaxy

-Stamina battle
-The enemy has increased attack power
-The enemy has increased move speed

Name: Ribbon
Game: Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards
Class: Ace
Character: Tiny Jigglypuff
Backup fighters: Kirby
Stage: Fountain of Dreams
Music: 02 Battle

-Defeat the main fighter to win
-The enemy tends to avoid conflict
-The enemy has increased jump power

Ignazio Salvaggi

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Bazooka Mario
Beheaded Kamikaze

Game: Serious Sam
Class: Advanced
Character: Captain Falcon team
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom

Item: Bomber

The enemy can run very fast and has a Bomber.

I wish there's a way to restrict what you carry and attack to a Super Scope with unlimited ammo :P


Donkey Kong
Timmy Turner (Fairly Oddparents series)

Villager with two small jigglypuffs (deafult and green skins) on Magicant stage
jigglypuffs are equipped with Star Rod

Ignazio Salvaggi

🔥Feel that heat wave? You’re on fire, baby!🔥
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Bazooka Mario
Boomer from Left 4 Dead

Giant Red Overalls Wario, team of Wii Fit Trainers (anything that's a stand in for zombies running up to you and smacking you)
Class: Novice (★)
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom (Omega)

-Stamina battle
-The enemy favors down special (or the enemy holds the mushroom item that reverses your controls, stand-in for vomiting that covers your vision and spawns zombies)
-Minions spawn after the enemy is defeated


Moldomré. Emphasis on the "ome" despite the "é".
Spirit: Dry Bones
Represented by: Wolf (black alternate costume)
Stage: Castle Siege (Underground cavern section)
Class: Ace ( ★ ★ )

- The enemy slowly regenerates health.
- Only Koopa Shells are the only item allowed.

Door Trace

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Ray Trace

Spirit: Nosalis
Game: Metro
Class: Novice (★)
Character: Wolf team
Stage: Mushroomy Kingdom

-The enemy has increased move speed

Item: Shooting items like the Steel Diver, Super Scope, Ray Gun, etc.

Spirit: Cacodemon
Game: Doom
Class: Advanced (★★)
Character: Red Kirby
Stage: Frigate Orpheon

-The enemy has increased jump abilities
-The enemy prefers to use Up Special

Spirit: Barney & Friends
Class: Novice (★)
Character: Purple Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, and Green Yoshi
Stage: Yoshi's Story

-The enemy prefers to taunt


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Name: Crash Bandicoot
Series: Crash Bandicoot Series
Rank: Ace
Opponent: Tiny-to-normal-sized Incineroar (orange)
Stage: Kongo Jungle
Music: Boss 2 - DK: Jungle Climber
RULE: Item: Food (specifically apples, since oranges don't appear in Ultimate)
- The enemy favours neutral specials
- The enemy will be occasionally invincible after a little while

Also secretly rooting for the marsupial to be one of the four remaining DLC characters. Anything's possible at this point, dammit

Name: Spyro the Dragon
Series: Spyro Series
Rank: Advanced
Opponent: Tiny-to-normal-sized Charizard (purple)
Stage: Mushroom Kingdom U
Music: Struggle Against Chaos
- The enemy favours neutral specials
- The enemy can deal damage by dashing into you

Name: Quote & Curly Brace
Series: Cave Story
Rank: Advanced
Opponents: Mega Man (red), Zero Suit Samus (orange) w/ Ray Gun
Stage: Norfair
Music: Sand Ocean (arrangement)
- The enemy starts the battle with a Super Scope
- The enemy starts the battle with a Rocket Belt

Name: Phoenix Wright
Series: Ace Attorney Series
Rank: Ace
Opponents: Ryu (blue), Zelda (dark purple)
Ally: Ike (Radiant Dawn) (dark red)
Stage: Kalos Pokemon League
Music: City Trial
- Timed battle
- Join forces with a CPU ally
- The enemy and your CPU ally love to taunt


The country girl with a funny way of talkin'
Name: Baron K. Roolenstein
Series: Donkey Kong
Rank: Ace
Opponents: Green ROB (Giant), White King K. Rool
Ally: Purple DK
Stage: Dracula's Castle (Battlefield form)
Music: Crocodile Cacophony (SSBU remix)
• Stamina Battle (you and DK have 150 HP each, Giant ROB has 120, K. Rool has 180)
• Reinforcements show up after the enemy is KOd
• Zap Floor
• You will lose if your ally is KOd
• Barrels appear in large quantities after a while
• Giant ROB has super armor

Series: Donkey Kong
Rank: Legend
Opponents: Black King K. Rool (Giant & Metal), tiny green, blue and pink King K. Rool, Klaptrap assist trophy
Stage: Kongo Falls (Ω form)
Music: Final Destination (SSBU)
• The main fighter will have a sudden final smash
• Defeat the main fighter to win
• Timed Stamina battle (3 minutes, you have 180 HP, the tiny King K Rools have 60 apiece, Giant Metal K. Rool has 700 HP)
• The main fighter prefers not to move, only does so when final smash is active
• Hostile assist trophies will appear


Donkey Kong
JC said:
RULE: Item: Food (specifically apples, since oranges don't appear in Ultimate)
wumpa fruit are already referred to as apples in the japanese version of crash, so youre more accurate than you thought


Moldomré. Emphasis on the "ome" despite the "é".

Name: The Kingpin
Series: MARVEL
Rank: Legend
Opponent: King K. Rool (white alternate costume)
Stage: New Pork City (Ω)
- The enemy has super armor

Name: Daredevil
Series: MARVEL
Rank: Ace
Opponent: Sheik (red alternate costume)
Stage: New Pork City (Ω)
- The stage is occasionally covered in darkness

Name: Spider-Man
Series: MARVEL
Rank: Advanced
Opponent: Young Link (red alternate outfit)
Stage: New Donk City Hall
- The enemy prefers grab and side-special.


Certified frog enthusiast and GAMER apparently
Name: Gumball
Series: The amazing world of Gumball
Rank: Ace
Character: Lucario (Blue alternate costume)
Stage: Onett
-Reinforcements will appear during the battle (orange Mewtwo)
-Hostile Assist trophies will appear (Arcade Bunny)
-The enemy favors Smash Attacks

zelen !!

actual spore creature
sure the koopalings already have fighter spirits, but im curious what kinda stuff i can make without resorting to using bowser jr's alts
im not creative with music or stages so lets ignore that too..
you can also make them all stamina battles
i cant come up with anything 😔 maybe the team aqua pichu alt with a star rod

tiny bowser

the enemy favors down specials
only slightly tiny.. reaching mario's height or so


the enemy favors special moves
corn has water moves and theres also a good alt so it works i guess..? squirtle could also work


hostile assist trophies appear (chain chomp)
the enemy loves to taunt
i chose luigi because uhh,, green fireballs? theyre both lanky? i probably could choose better tbh


the enemy prefers dash attacks
the enemy deals damage when falling
bullet bills are the only items?

diddy kong + 4 kirbies

defeat the main fighter to win
reinforcements will appear during the battle

tail bowser

the enemy starts the battke with a star rod
the enemy loves to taunt
i tried to not pick bowser but no one else fit..

also a bonus because why not
piranha plant

it prefers that move where it stretches(edit: its the down special). the music HAS to be steam gardens

edit dam near TWO years later: GOD those images are massive im fixin them up. i THINK they were smaller before xenforo but i dont remember anymore
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Name: Black Knight
Series: Fire Emblem
Character: Mii Swordfighter with Black Knight outfit
Rank: Legend
Stage: Castle Siege (Omega form)
Song: Against the Dark Knight
- The enemy’s smash attacks have increased power.
- The enemy favors smash attacks.
- The enemy has super armor but moves slower.
- Reinforcements will appear during the battle (Simon, resembling Greil, is equipped with a Death’s Scythe).
- Hostile assist trophies (Black Knight) will appear.
Name: Lucina (Marth Costume)
Series: Fire Emblem
Character: Lucina
Rank: Ace
Stage: Arena Ferox
Song: Attack (Fire Emblem)
- The enemy loves to down taunt
- The enemy favors side specials

Wile E. Coyote

Super Genius
Name: Elsa
Series: Frozen
Fighter: Rosalina with Freezie
Rank: Ace
Stage: Summit (Omega)
Music: Let it Go (Instramental)
Item: Freezie
The floor is ice
The floor is slippery
Certain Items may appear in a large amount after a little while
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