Post Smash screenshots.


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Just post whatever screenshot you might wanna share in here. Idk if a similar topic was made, but if not, here ya go.

Also I unlocked the doggo girl and she's great. The problems I had with Villager are fixed with her especially since the specials were something I wasn't fond of, but Isabelle has different specials, including the fishing rod, and her Smash attacks are just... mouaaah! And also if you thought Killager was bad enough...



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Though you CAN get such a screenshot in Ultimate, with all the enhanced camera controls.

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No, it's a modded Wii camera.

I'm not sure you can do a screenshot this extreme in Ultimate though.


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I thought I saw somewhere that you can actually see a huge portion of the track with the...

Oh nevermind, just noticed the fighters there in the background.

Might post one while I'm here. This one is too perfect.


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Still don't have an SD card so apologies for the bad quality.
That's ok! But if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, you can press "post" while viewing a screenshot on your Switch, and it'll get posted on Facebook/Twitter. That way, you can copy the inage's address and post it here!

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First time I played Ultimate, I played as Ice Climbers. I was defeated on the third match but Popo was the only one left; so you could imagine my sadness when I see Popo crying alone on the victory screen.


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Subvert to plant gang.

I also made a reaction image.




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From Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. Donkey Kong's damage expression can be so hilarious sometimes.