Mach Speed Mayhem (Superchao 'Shroom Section)

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#18: Beastman - 11 votes
#01: Mighty Gazelle - 10 votes
#02: Jody Summer - 3 votes
#22: Gomar & Shioh - 3 votes
#38: PJ - 3 votes
#37: Lily Flyer - 2 votes
#03: Dr. Stewart - 2 votes
#04: Baba - 2 votes
#06: Pico - 1 vote
#31: Don Genie - 1 vote
#40: Phoenix - 1 vote
#36: Princia Ramode - 1 vote
#34: Spade - 1 vote
#19: Leon - 1 vote

Well! That was bar none, the most exciting Mach Speed Mayhem voting yet. I wish I could just give it to both of you! But Beastman just barely squeezed out a win, so... it's time for his writeup! See you in three weeks with the results!

John Doe

Ace Ice Cream Salesman...?
shoutouts to sgow, mk, pito, star, ice, nex, auburn, mister wu, s2d and smasher (and anyone else who helped vote along the way) for helping make my dreams come true. i literally couldn't have done it without you!
and a round of applause for mighty gazelle's supporters as well, you guys did pretty good and i honestly thought you were gonna win before s2d and smasher came in and saved the day