Rant about bad things that have happened to you today

I feel like $#!^.

I have a huge history paper due on Wednesday.

I possibly have several torn muscles in my shoulder.

So yeah, average day-in-the-life of a highschool teenager.

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I broke my headphones in a fit of rage. It is broken in half, that isn't the only headphones that I broke, my last pair broke by accident. So I have to use the broken headphones that gives shitty audio due to it working for only one ear. Hopefully I get a new pair for Christmas, until then, I'm stuck with the broken headphones.


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My grandmother died.

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All my condoleances go to you McMadness, I too have lost a grandmother this summer.

May yours rest in peace.


The idiot who puts things in the wrong board.
Thanks. I appreciate the sentiment.

And a bit late but my condolences to you as well.

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I got careless and mentioned a troll by name, they found my tweet and now they're going to harras my friend, I feel so bad

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I'm so sorry for your loss McMadness, I know she is up in heaven. May she rest in peace.


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So I found out today that I have some condition in my knee that makes it so my knee cap doesn't slide into place correctly, which makes it hurt on and off. If it gets any worse, I'll have to wear this thing on my knee that adjusts how my knee cap slides into place and from what it sounded like, it might affect my bowling and I really don't want that. I just threw my all time high of 159 a couple days ago, I don't need my really good season ruined by a knee condition.

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I fell ill, I think I have the flu, it is worse than last year's flu season, which I didn't fall ill. I hope I feel better. But it won't affect my posting though.

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Well, this isn't all that bad since I saw it coming, but here ya go:

So we opened presents early (because my dad's working tomorrow) and one of them was the Toynami Robotech 1/100 VF-1J Rick Hunter. The chestplate hinge snapped off after about ten minutes or so of fiddling with it.

I could probably reattach it by dipping the plastic in boiled water so it's softer and more pliable, but like I said, I saw it coming because I knew how shitty these things are.

On a side note, I didn't get the Walmart G1 Hot Rod reissue but last time I checked there were only two of them there anyways.

So it's not all that bad, I'm just very slightly disappointed.

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My computer just doesn't want to work mere moments after boot so I am just stuck here being on mobile and feeling really limited what I can do right now. Sigh. My sister also had a hangover and it's been more than 24 hours, but I'm guessing she's legit I'll and not suffering from an unusually long hangover.


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I try to look at the bright side of today when I think of all the Christmas gifts I got (including Smash Ultimate), but it's hard when I've lost an entire system on the same day.

So I was playing Team Kirby Clash Deluxe on my 3DS, as usual. At this point, my 3DS was very badly damaged; the outer cameras, wireless, and right hinge were all done for. My brother, two of my sisters, and even my dad were passing a ball to each other--and not just any ball; it was a body ball. Why they were passing a body ball, I'll never know. Eventually my brother kicked the ball, but his terrible aiming caused the ball to fly smack into my 3DS, making whatever was left of my right hinge fly off and causing a wire in the left hinge to snap in two. This was probably the display wire for the top screen, as my top screen instantly shut off. Reminder that this was a body ball with a diameter of 65 centimeters. I couldn't continue playing after that, obviously; in fact, I can't play anything on there anymore! Full list of everything broken on my 3DS:

-The outer cameras
-wireless functionality
-the right hinge
-the top screen
-the L button

So yeah, you might as well say it's 100% done for, since you can't really do anything with just one screen (especially if said screen is the bottom screen). I can only hope that I can use my Christmas money to get myself a cheap 2DS and be able to perform a system transfer, somehow, someway.


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Not today, but the days after a Christmas has been an utter shitshow

Had a bad hangover because I drank two shots of vodka too fast. It started on Christmas evening and lasted all day yesterday

Relatively peaceful day I guess, aside from a sore throat.

Came down with the stomach virus, was acting so utterly miserable, vomiting like crazy and having type seven diarrhea with dehydration not keeping anything down and rather unhelpful parents that I took myself to the ER so the abdominal pain would just stop once and for all. Felt like dying that day. It's yet year where another post-Christmas episode where I had experienced food poisoning-like symptoms, this time, not from egg nogg.

Oh and my Budgie had to be euthanized that day because her advancement of her gout condition led her to being barely alive.

That day is utterly FUN I say.

Spent all day in bed, with my phone being the only way I can talk to others, pretty much, post stomach flu still being contagious and having a really sensitive stomach due to it. Now have a swollen throat, find it painful to swallow and hard candy Hall menthos isn't exactly helping.

Still sick today with headaches and a swollen throat but I felt like posting here. Probably still contagious from the stomach flu though.

The worst part is, all of this severely disrupted my plans to work on my Secret Santa. Hopefully I can recover for next week to get started sometime there.


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Today I bought a $20 Nintendo Eshop Card from the Dollar General so I could purchase the Switch online membership thingamabob, but I accidentally scratched too hard and now I cannot read the last six digits on the card. I tried getting a refund back at the store but the manager said they couldn't do it and Nintendo's customer service number currently isn't available due to New Years and what not. So I just filled out a support ticket on their website instead and currently am awaiting for a response.

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I broke my Switch. It wouldn't turn on since it wouldn't get out of sleep mode and I was angry at it. I cussed at it a ton, wouldn't get out of sleep mode. I waited a few minutes, still wouldn't get out of sleep mode. That was my breaking point. I hit it with a bottle of water, then stomped it into the floor in anger. It didn't scratch the surface, but it damaged or destroyed the internal parts. When it got broke I was satisfied... for a few seconds. And now I have to send it for repairs, I was pissed off when it went into sleep mode, only to not get out of it.


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so i took my french listening exam today right? it went well for the most part, but after i was done i felt ike i didn't do very well, so i went to hunt down my horoscope.

JAN 22, 2019: Hold on to your hat, because today is all about speed! Whether you're ready or not, things are going to move quickly. If you want to stay in on the action, you will have to keep up with the rapid pace that others are setting. You can do it easily, though! All you have to do is forgo your usual level of attention to detail - which will probably be a welcome suggestion right about now. Gloss over some of the small stuff, and just make sure you get the general idea correct.
the small stuff is important on the exam. i now have this sinking feeling i failed, but, granted, i didn't have much faith in my performance, anyways.


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My FurAffinity account got suspended for a week just because I aged up Bowser Jr


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HG-The-Hamster said:
My FurAffinity account got suspended for a week just because I aged up Bowser Jr

What is Bowser Jr, who is covered in scales doing in a furry website?