Paper Mario: Color Splash

I love SMM because of its accessibility. It takes a lot more work to make a hack, and I feel like designing in SMM is smoother and I can implement my ideas and test them instantly without having to transfer everything to the console and hope it doesn't crash as it boots up. (Keep in mind the only Mario platformer I've really edited is NSMBWii and I didn't do much with it)

Not to mention Nintendo has their own database of user submitted levels that can be clicked and played instantly.

Really not a fan of what they did with the 3DS version though.
Baby Luigi said:
Super Mario Maker can just go die already.

Also, paid online service for an online centric game, whoop whoop whoop.
Nintendo are following PS and Xbox with online.
Anyone else baffled by the decision to not introduce any new species in Prism Island? Even the main series introduces new species when there's a new setting, World introduced Yoshis, Sunshine introduced Piantas and Nokis, Galaxy introduced Lumas and a whole bunch of other space themed creatures, 3D World introduced Sprixies. And the RPGs have done the same in the past, with the Beanish from Superstar Saga, the variety of citizens in Rogueport, the Flipsiders, the Pi'illos, etc. Yet Color Splash comes along with its brand new location populated by... Toads. The restriction is so forced it hurts.

(And yes I realize the majority of Rogueport citizens were existing species, but there were still quite a few that hadn't been seen before)
Not really baffled. Mostly indifferent.
Well, the only reason I remembered Shelltops is because I often forget about them and bring them up how very little they add to the Mario World.

You remember Shelltops? They might as well be Toads.
LeftyGreenMario said:
Well, the only reason I remembered Shelltops is because I often forget about them and bring them up how very little they add to the Mario World.

You remember Shelltops? They might as well be Toads.

That's pretty much AlphaDream's MO for creating a species. Take the concept of toads (basically mushroom people) then apply it to something else.

shells, pillows, beans, pretty much all based around the same concept.
I prefer most Toad "knockoff" species however because most of them look more appealing to me and they don't sound like babies with strep throat.
That's because they never care enough to give them voice actors.

Though their all basically the same thing. All useless people whom the bros gotta save.
Fresh Bowser said:
I prefer most Toad "knockoff" species however because most of them look more appealing to me and they don't sound like babies with strep throat.
That's not a rational argument and it still doesn't solve the problem that these creatures are interchangeable with Toads and are therefore pretty unnecessary.

It's the same problem with the Sprixie Kingdom. It might as well be the Mushroom Kingdom for how little it distinguishes between itself and the levels in 3D Land.
Sprixie Kingdom has more circuses.

I get why they're Toad knockoffs but I still prefer the NPCs who aren't annoying to me. I didn't like how 3D World's plot pretty much substituted the Sprixie princesses for Peach to make her playable rather than making a more original plot, but I have no issue with the Sprixies themselves. At least they're cute.
Nothing wrong with liking it more. Just acknowledge that there really isn't a huge difference between em.

Not that I mind them being similar. The similarity adds a feeling of consistency to the overall world they live in.

Also I want a Paper Bowser rendition of Bowser's odyssey suit.
Someone should draw it
They can make a black paint version of it too for novelty's sake.

Speaking of Black Paint it still amuses me that the black paint was unable to suppress Bowser's desire to kidnap Peach since sending her that folded up toad served no purpose for spreading black paint and in fact ultimately lead to their undoing as it brought Mario along with Peach.
I do not hear of this older version of Baby Luigi you speak of.
According to this game, driving his kart around.
Been playing through this game. Got past Ludwig.

It's a pretty good game marred by absolutely terrible design decisions, which drags it down a lot.
Not bad, don't know if there is a purple thing covering his tail though.
Ok I beat the game. My thoughts are the same as the previous post I made: a pretty good game with terrible design decisions. Graphics and art style are great, music is absolutely fantastic, (most of) the levels are more varied than Sticker Star, and the dialogue is great. Huey is also a great partner with actual meaningful characterization and worth compared to the wretched Kersti whose only characteristic was being a ginormous bitch.

Anyways, here are the 3 most egregious faults of the game (imo) among many (I'll list other things I didn't like):

1) Kamek. Fuck Kamek. Absolute worst character in this game and this is coming from someone who actually likes Kamek and didn't mind him in Sticker Star. In this game he'll randomly show up to just fuck your shit up. There's no indication he's coming either. When you start the battle and hear that terrible laugh, you already know you're in for a miserable time, either by changing your items to worn shoes or hammers or randomizing your cards so you don't know which is which. The fact that he can literally put you in unwinnable battles under certain circumstances is fucking garbage game design and I'm shocked they let swill like that fly. Also he's supposed to be uncommon but I swear I got him 3 times in a span of about 15 minutes. Finally killing him was cathartic. I hope he's dead in Paper Mario games for good.

2) Instant-death sequences. Those are garbage. Period. There is no (and there shouldn't be any) defense for this. The game will randomly throw you into an instant death sequence without you knowing it. Hey shithead, didn't react in 1 millisecond the event started? Have fun dying! What's that, the camera is at a stupid angle during the sequence and you didn't see the crate? Too bad. Seriously, all these do is piss you off. They're not fun and they add nothing to the game unless you're a masochist. After you die you get sent back to the title screen. Like, at least put me back to the save block before? Absolutely atrocious.

3) The Shy Bandit is also awful. It'll randomly spawn somewhere and pick a spot to suck the color out of. If you aren't quick enough, he'll revert all your progress on that. The worst part is, since it's random, you can be on the other side of the map and he'll throw his boomerang one space away from him, meaning you literally have no time to reach him. Another unwinnable sequence. Why do they do this? He can also pull a Jesus and walk across paths you haven't made yourself, so yeah. Failed to get 100% on that level, but were at like 97%? How about starting from 0% again, dork!? Hahaha great game design that is totally rewarding to the player. You can thankfully save scum the hell out of this turd, but that doesn't change anything I mentioned.

Other atrocious things:

-They ruined Sniffit or Whiffit. Now you have to pay 1000 coins for the insta-win (and have 30 slots available). Granted, money is easy to come by in this game, but still.

-Things are literally needed for the boss fights. Lack the thing? Expect an instant death. Unlike in Sticker Star where it was possible to beat bosses without the Thing (though it was still a chore in frustration), you can only win by using the specific Thing(s). Why did they double down on this? Also there are like twice as many Thing cutouts needed in the overworld compared to SS so nice job improving that...

-Not atrocious, but I wish some of the Koopalings got more screen time, if only for the fact that most appear for like 30 seconds and then you battle and kill them (Roy appears for maybe 5 seconds though). Morton and Lemmy got a decent amount (and I guess Larry too if you count certain preceding events).

It seems like I hate this game, but I don't. I just hope they improve on all the stuff I mentioned. It's a step in the right direction after the rock bottom Sticker Star.
For all it's problems it's still the best PM game I've played since 2004.