Paper Mario: Color Splash

ND Cube is pretty much the same development team as Hudson, which key people from Hudson such as the director for Mario Party 6 are working in ND Cube now. I'm not sure about Intellgient Systems management, but ND Cube, it's very similar to Hudson.
shuchiro nishiyia, the current director of the mario party series, has worked on a mario party game since 2 and has directed mario party since 6, not counting ds, advance, and island tour. a lot of the directors in current mario party have a mario party game in their resumes.
Well it's not like Mario Party created a crap load of new characters anyhow. And even ones they did they just stopped using them eventually on their own.
Ninelevendo said:
LeftyGreenMario said:
the stream of original characters was halted at Mario Party games as well
Isn't that because of the new developer/direction of the series though?

Also I wonder if Sticker Star would have been any good from the pre-release screenshots, because it still looked like it had consumable attacks so I think it still wouldn't have been as good but who knows.
Now that's an interesting topic, as an eveolution of the battle system might have happened judging from the screens of the preliminary versions. Here is the old one:





You can see that the eenmy design is that of TTYD-SPM, and the damage indicators are like those of the first Paper Mario, with stars coming from the number. There is also that famous Chain Chomp partner. And consumables as well.

Then these versions came:





Here, the design of the enemies is the final one. The final HUD and damage indicators are also added lately.

Basing on these images, the very first prototype of the game - the one with the enemy design of TTYD-SPM - had conusmables indeed. Since stars were coming out along with the damage number, it might have had smaller numbers than those seen in the final version of the game. I suspect that even the old build shown was already a modified version of the TTYD-ish one.

EDIT: sorry, I had seen an image wrongly.
But the way those consumables (if they even are consumables) in the first few images are placed resemble strongly the placement in the first two games. What to make of that?
LeftyGreenMario said:
But the way those consumables (if they even are consumables) in the first few images are placed resemble strongly the placement in the first two games. What to make of that?
You're right, the first set of images came from the E3 2010 version, let's see what they said about it:
[quote author=Iwata Asks]
At the beginning of development, we were simply incorporating an idea making use of the stereoscopic display function. Then at the 2010 E3, before release of the Nintendo 3DS, we revealed several images.

So why did it drag on until now?

After E3, Miyamoto-san played the prototype and said it was just a port of the GC version.

I had heard that at first Miyamoto-san said that something like an RPG would be fine, so for a while I thought that something like the previous one would be fine.

That must have meant that you hadn't done much that was new.

Right. So we wondered what to do. Then the idea of using stickers came up. Originally, the plan was to use stickers here and there for solving puzzles on the overall map and so forth, but then we thought, "If we're gonna do that, then we might as well use stickers for the whole thing, including battles," and we decided to begin rethinking the game mechanics.
Unless the last image (that with the "consumables" and the SPM Red Koopa Troopa) came after the E3, when they started adding stickers for the battle, the placement was just to indicate what attacks were going to be performed.
Got this game for Christmas, and I love it! I love it, love it, love it!

Color Splash is basically Nintendo apologizing to those who hated Sticker Star, but also not alienating those who liked Sticker Star.

And it did this by fixing my biggest problem with Sticker Star: the soullessness. Color Splash is a lot more lively, thanks in part to the beautiful settings, usually the worst aspect of a Mario game these days.

The story also received a nice upgrade, a return to form without going too deep or overboard. The characters are all likeable and the dialogue is probably the best I've seen in a Paper Mario game, and I've played all of them.

Consumable items do return, but they don't bug me here like they do in Sticker Star. I never really had a problem with them, it's just that Sticker Star was so dull I saw everything as a chore. I'm fine with the new battle style as long as the game itself is fun.

My biggest concern with this game before playing was a lack of diversity. And yeah, the NPCs are for the most part Toads, but that doesn't bother me. Most of them have unique distinctions that set themselves apart from the other Toads. And yeah, it would be nice to see some Yoshis or Penguins, but I don't hold that against this game.

Also, the Roshambo Temple is a fun little minigame.

I had faith in this game from the moment I saw the trailers, and it payed off. It's a good thing it did, or else I would have lost all hope in Paper Mario.

My ultimate wish for a hypothetical next title: Take this paper train to Kongo Island. I want to see Paper Mario team up with Paper Donkey Kong.
I got the game for Christmas and I really enjoy it. The game is fun, the Battle system is kind of bleh but battling is fun and I make it more challenging by not painting in the cards and just painting them a little. I love the music (Cherry Lake, Daffodil Peak, Oceanfest) and the dialogue is hilarious. And I'm only at the Mustard Cafe.

I don't mind the Toads because when I read their lines, I just give them different voices. Story is good enough for me because let's be honest, I think PM64 had a more basic story. I might even choose Color Splash over PM64, but definitely not as good as TTYD.
OK, so I was one of the people who obtained this game when it leaked early. By the time it officially released I had beaten Ludwig, but I was worn out of the game and still need to go back and continue from there. I did watch the ending on YouTube and, well...
It actually surprised me. I was not expecting to shed a tear over Huey but I did.

Game is a huge step up from Sticker Star and I might even say it's better than Paper Jam. Though I still prefer the ones with more unique characters. Some things other than characters I disliked were the potential for Kamek to completely screw you and make a battle unwinnable. Example: I was nearly to the boss of Crimson Tower when I had an encounter with Spike Guys. Kamek flipped all my cards and I continued to use jumps until I died. And that's not even the worst that can happen: You can potentially get just hammers against flying enemies. Sorry to say but that is poor design.

Shy Bandit could also use work. The idea is ok, but there should not be a mechanic that reverts progress after it's been saved, which this jerk can potentially do.
Ah good, my request was granted. Welcome back.
Thank you good sir! I did see that thread but did not want to make any assumptions. But seriously I can't thank you enough for this (though I'd rather stay on topic here lol)
No problem. I never felt you deserved the permaban and I knew how much the place meant to you.

Now on subject, my opinion on the game overall is that I think it has more pros than cons. It doesn't create any new characters beyond huey but I feel it makes much better use of pre-existing elements while improving on the various gameplay negatives of sticker star.

I don't think it's better than the first 2 but overall in my opinion it's the third best game in the series.
Fresh Bowser said:
Thank you good sir! I did see that thread but did not want to make any assumptions. But seriously I can't thank you enough for this (though I'd rather stay on topic here lol)

Uh, welcome back to teh Mariobeards.
I dunno what yur talkin bout. I didn't do nuffin.
I guess this game may or may not be ported to the Switch. I think it should be a good thing to have it for those who didn't have a Wii U.
This game did tepidly on the Wii U. I don't expect a Switch port; Mario Kart 8 and possibly Smash have a strong reason to be supported and it's simple: they're hugely popular Wii U games.
Fresh Bowser said:
My most-wanted Wii U port is Super Mario Maker tbh. I feel like that community is too great to just die with the Wii U.
Yeah that too. Super Mario Maker should be kept along.
Super Mario Maker can just go die already.

Also, paid online service for an online centric game, whoop whoop whoop.
Baby Luigi said:
Super Mario Maker can just go die already.

Why? It was a perfectly fine level creator.
I really didn't like how its name was used in taking down romhack videos and Nintendo just being a dick towards the rom hacking scene ever since it was released. Just ask PangeaPanga.

Maybe I'm just scrapegoating. Like I do understand why it's popular but like at the same time, I enjoy seeing all the flaws it has that 10 year old ROM hacks covered.
Eh, it was bound to happen eventually.

Besides, it was never going to stack up to rom hacks, just like rom hacks were never going to stack up to actual game development. It's purpose was to be a simple level creator that even the most idiotic person who has no idea how the technical side of game development works can use.

You know, people like me.
Can I least continue calling it Wuper Wario Wanker?
Only if you ask your mother.