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What if they made it so player could take control of them during the cutscene, and it's the most difficult stage in the entire game because the entire boss crew is there, but if you win, you win.
And if you lose, your punishment is to... play New Super Mario Bros. Wii?
Well several games out there have stuff like that as cute little alternative endings.

One of the more notable ones in recent memory is far cry 4 where if you basically just sit there at the table in the beginning and do nothing for a little while you get an ending right there.
You know, I absolutely love it when games let you play the final level from the very beginning, but it's excruciatingly hard and you have to actually play through the game to make it reasonably beatable. Games like Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair.

The closest Mario ever came to actually doing this was Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, which allowed you to access the gate to the final level relatively early on, although you couldn't actually get through the gate early without a certain glitch. (It seemed to be something that could have worked in Paper Jam too if only they hadn't destroyed that blasted bridge...)
I think Super Mario World lets you access the Special Zone levels like Groovy relatively early on.
I think Super Mario World lets you access the Special Zone levels like Groovy relatively early on.
I guess there is that (I believe that lets you access Valley of Bowser early as well?), but that requires a lot of secret goals and completion of secret levels. I'm talking about games that actually give you access to the final level early on as part of the storyline, and yet you can't reasonably beat it without playing through the rest of the game.
feeling like my brain grew a new galaxy after reading this

Tanabe said that any upgrade system wasn't needed. Holliday concurred: "Upgrades and skill trees aren't very Luigi. He is a reluctant hero who already has the skills and bravery needed to tackle any problem. Players are helping Luigi overcome his nervousness to expose his true talents. Cleaning, destroying and collecting are engaging, Zen experiences that everyone is familiar with since childhood. It is compelling even if there is no other reason than the act itself."
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Wow, I simply thought Luigi had minimalist equipment since that's typically the par for spooky games. I am enlightened.

Also, I don't think "cleaning" is something I would describe as "zen" nor "engaging".
It is for some peeps I know. Specifically when it's other people's junk and not theirs.
you uh, gonna link that?
I prefer 3D Mario personally.
I want the Mario movie to be 2D and look like Kotabe's drawings. I find them far more unique than 3D Mario renders and it would stand out more, especially among other illumination films.

And yes I know it won't happen but I can dream.
I want a game like that first :p
3d gorgeous animation can be great honestly it really depends if your movie wants to be in 3d or 2d. that's why studio ghibli animations work in 2d, they are designed with 2d in mind.
Can we get a Mario murder mystery that follows Mario series physics

Someone gets crushed by a Thwomp. It turns out the Thwomp was sleeping and he was pushed on top of the victim. Everyone is suspect. Detective Mario and his new Mushound (Mushroom Kingdom dog breed based on a bloodhound) sidekick named Tracker are on the case.

This is not meant to be taken seriously
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