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I don't think Mario's crotch normally deforms in that manner either. Usually, when Mario lifts his leg, the leg just clips through the body.

Sometimes fanart looks too good to be official art, That's why fanart is made is many skilled amateurs and freelancers.
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Boo J

Always remembering Walkazo
#ThrowbackThursday to my first picture of my OC Siph, which was just a color edit of Mini-Yoshi parts

OC Siph - cropped.png


The Joy and The Laughter

Concept art for Nelvana's DKC cartoon. Originally, DK's animal friends would've existed as characters within the show instead of not appearing due to budgetary reasons. Additionally, Dixie, Bluster, and Klump did not exist at this stage of development, while Candy and Klap Trap look quite different from what they look like in the final show.
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