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Wait... shouldn't it be "Baby Dr. Mario", "Baby Dr. Luigi", etc. instead of "Dr. Baby Mario"? Or would that imply that the doctor is a baby, and the baby isn't the doctor? Great, now I confused myself...
Nah, Baby Luigi is his own character, Dr. Baby Luigi is perfect.

Eric B

Monty Mole
Here, I decided to gather together all the "Fuji Mario" characters, and major graphics elements. Fuji Mario is where someone redid the entire original SMB into the SMB2 style. So we see what all the original enemies, from goombas to Bowser, would have supposedly looked like if they appeared in SMB2. SMB2 had been originally commissioned by Fuji TV as "Doki Doki Panic", so then whoever did this named it "Fuji Mario". Someone also did a video of a "Super Mario Maker" hack using the theme.
I think they should have done SMB2J (aka "Lost Levels") like this (And the audio as well, which they for some reason didn't change from SMB in this hack), for it would be a cross between the two different "SMB2" games!

I had wished they used these characters whenever they added SMB2 to SMM, but as we all know, in the recent "final update", they only added the mushroom that changes only the player, and the audio, to SMB2.



rayman!! youu!! thats my friend out there
oh thats the new calendar but its a repeat too? is that it for getting unique art for these if so that really sux i was always looking forward to em for really good new art ...
then again maybe its because of you know what is going on?

Mister Wu

King Bowser
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Two thoughts:

  1. this seems to be Japanese, since Bowser is drinking from the bottle of water (because it's water since it's blue, right?)
  2. this is a neat look at pre-Yoshi's Island Yoshi's four-fingered hand, yup, he was cute even before that game! (after all, it was a bit to be expected that egg throwing more than cuteness was the reason of the redesign)
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Brawl Mario

Super Smash Bros.'s most fearsome Mario
Yup, I am, and I'm kinda far from done. Dunno when I'll release, my attention span can be baddd