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I like Super Circuit's doing creative things despite their limitations. The most creative SMK course was Vanilla Lake 2, which kinda sucked as a course.
I also love this one in particular:
I really think Mario Kart: Super Circuit is underrated in general. A lot of its tracks, I want to see return for an update in future installments. Including Cheep Cheep Island, I would like to see Lakeside Park, Yoshi Desert, Sunset Wilds, and Snow Land return. Of course, though, we get the multitudes of Bowser Castles instead, and aside from the Circuits, I find them the blandest tracks in the game.


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Even the DS version of Bowser Castle I prefer over the Wii version. For some reason, the DS version sounds actually pretty chill and the piano part is my favorite part of the music.

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DS is the one I don't have in any capacity, so I can't relate XD
Super Circuit's main problem was wonky physics. It was understandable, but it was still wonky.
I do find it hilarious MK8 treated its horizontal turn on GBA Mario Circuit as some novel thing, when Crash Nitro Kart did it years before XD
(admittedly not the GBA version though XD)


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Hell, the person who made it, BLgotswag, is probably just an alter ego of me, considering that I'm the only Baby Luigi fan on the planet I guess and barely anyone has Baby Luigi usernames.


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Bowser's jaw looks fine here

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How do you know they're not just pretty fish cakes?

(tho they're way too clean-looking to be fish cake)